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2014/6/25 19:04:44
Make Baggy Clothing? Ziggy is right, the shape of the clothes on our characters is actually the shape of their bodies so is not editable. Have you played with the scale function? That will definitely help with trying to make the characters look more child like.
2014/6/25 18:58:20
hello, new here That was a quick turnaround, and looking good too! I'm looking for competition themes and this is helping a great deal, my mind is running wild.
2014/6/24 17:59:34
hello, new here Has anyone tried making teenage mutant hero turtles? Could see that working well.
2014/6/23 22:02:50
Toggle Cue Points in Play+ Hey Judy, press play then space bar to stop when you want to add a cue point then hit the 'Toggle a cue point' button. This button is grayed out when the clip is playing.
2014/6/23 21:58:14
Coming Soon... And I thought Muvizu was all talking dogs and dancing politicians. This stuff is pretty scary!
2014/6/23 21:57:10
rough concert Great start, as Ziggy says try and mix the cameras up an I'd look at creating a crowd in front of the stage if you've got the patience to give it all more atmosphere.
2014/6/23 21:54:57
Wont even start? PLEASE HELP> Hi silas,

primaveranz is right, if you can click the help link above we'll try and do our best to resolve this. It would be great if you could state your PCs spec in the support request.
2014/6/23 21:54:54
Wont even start? PLEASE HELP> Hi silas,

primaveranz is right, if you can click the help link above we'll try and do our best to resolve this. It would be great if you could state your PCs spec in the support request.
2014/6/22 15:50:08
muvizu figure template ideas for use in modeling Of course we would love to be able to constantly release more assets for Muvizu however this isn't always financially viable. Hopefully the limited content available within our software spurs users on to start modelling yourselves and develop even more 3D skills. Let's not forget that higher end software will come with no assets and the users will be expected to create their own so what is provided with Muvizu is a great starting point for you to then go on and customise to suit your requirements.
2014/6/22 15:44:00
A little Star Wars Parody Those Storm Troopers look hilarious, in the best possible way.
2014/6/18 19:35:10
hello, new here Looking forward to seeing some Star Wars Vs Star Trek animations. Keep up the good work
2014/6/17 20:04:10
Fatal Error Message Hey Judy, are there any specific actions you take that cause the program to crash or does it happen randomly. It could be a hardware issue, have you checked our minimum spec?

P.S I am answering support tickets most days.
2014/6/17 19:59:14
New mod! Thanks starlitemoon, make sure you share your game when it's done as I'm sure there's a lot of us here that'd like to see.
2014/6/17 19:42:42
Character Movement If your mouse stops at any point whilst directing this will most probably translate to interruptions in your character's walk. Practice keeping your mouse a good distance in front of the character and making sure your mouse movement is as smooth as possible. Good luck!
2014/6/15 15:22:44
Unable to open the programe Hey dobyone have you checked your system specification against the Muvizu system requirements?
2014/6/12 20:53:03
error messages It should be fine with your original license. If your license is rejected let me know and I will see what I can do.
2014/6/11 18:20:04
error messages Hey there, looks like you have some missing files! Have you tried resinstalling?
2014/6/11 18:18:57
a fake commercial I made This is promising, you've definitely mastered the basics. And we're really glad that our software is more than a bit of fun for you. Any questions on how to improve the audio fire away, myself and I'm sure everyone else here will be able to share some tips.
2014/6/11 18:10:40
advice needed! i changed as public Great work mastymino! The voice is awesome and the animations you've chosen work really well. I'd look at adding some more sound effects for example when the objects appear you could add a ping sound. Also I think you are right in suggesting ou play a bit with the camera, maybe cut to a close up shot when it's just the character talking. Keep up the good work.
2014/6/10 18:08:19
New mod! Cheers for such a friendly welcome (not all forums are so kind). I recognise some of your names from the impressive animations I've been watching in the gallery. Keep the content coming and I'll do my best to promote your work across the web, you never know who might see! And of course I'll try and keep you up to date with any relevant devlopments at Digimania as and when, although I can't promise mocap support
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