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2016/10/16 9:44:17
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries MrDrWho13 wrote:
tonyob67 wrote:
AllClass wrote:
Congratulations to Artpen, Ziggy and Woztoons.

All great entries. Funny, trippy and visually impressive.

Excellent use of shadows and sound FX. The set design and lighting (in particular the establishing shots for Ziggy) are some on the best I've seen on here

What entries? am I missing something?

The entries of the 2012 competition in my first post.

Ho, those are Just examples, not entries on this competition, am I wrong?
2016/10/16 9:26:12
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries AllClass wrote:
Congratulations to Artpen, Ziggy and Woztoons.

All great entries. Funny, trippy and visually impressive.

Excellent use of shadows and sound FX. The set design and lighting (in particular the establishing shots for Ziggy) are some on the best I've seen on here

What entries? am I missing something?
2016/10/15 20:36:22
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries ziggy72 wrote:
What He Said Good little movie, and thanks for the subtitles. The lighting still needs some work, especially using them to create shadows to define things better - like at 2:22 when we see the house for the first time, it's evenly lit, no shadows, no real sense of depth or menace. The ambient lighting (upper and lower) can be used in some scenarios, but for these kind of shots I would say you need to turn the ambient off completely and use only spots/points casting individual shadows to get the look. And I thought, at 4:18, the photo was going to do something, like their eyes would move or something...

You are right I thought I turned off all The ambient lighting on every set and scene, and I leave it on in that scene, I was trying to be very carefull on following MrDrWho13 lightning advices I new at the end some thing was going to be missing.

The photo scene is the Mexican President, you get the joke? Haha

Thank you for your comments Ziggy
2016/10/15 20:24:38
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries PatMarrNC wrote:
Wow, Tony! That was AWESOME!! I loved everything about it! You put a lot of work into this! Great neighborhood at the beginning.. and lots of cool vehicles that I haven't seen in the store, so you must have created them....

I liked the driving scenes, very well done!

And the costume/head attachment was also very cool.. I'm guessing you made that?
VERY cool house... I liked the texture you used for the driveway... great character development, both physically and also defining the personality through dialog.

And I thought your use of the piano for the closing credits was very clever!

Did that interior come with the house? Or did you create separate sets?

I'm going to go watch it again, I may be back with more comments.... (Great job!)


1) where did you get the car with the hood that can be opened?

2) good use of music when we first see the house

3) I like the lines "Only a witch would live here..." followed by "That's why we brought you..." hahaha!

4) at 4:18, is that photo on the wall significant? You linger on it as though it may be somebody we should recognize...

5) at 5:10 I like the imagination sequence, and the fact that you used different shading to distinguish it from the rest of the video

6) I liked the harp music as a transition in and out of the fantasy

7) I like the way you succinctly make the points required to create the story. You didn't linger on the purchase of the costume, but there was enough shown to get the idea across. I also like the fact that the "I have a plan" music started while he was leaving work and continued through the purchase of the costume. That is good directing, because it leads the mood easily from one scene to the next with music.

8) at 6:01 I liked the headlights!

9) at 7:00 I like your use of music again. It creates the feel of suspense and humor at the same time, which is perfect for the scene

10) at 7:32, again.. effective use of music to establish the mood

11) great use of lighting.. it was appropriate for each scene... darker when necessary, lighter what that was a better match for the scene! Another good example of directing the scene, not the technology.

12) I thought the mother in law character was particularly well developed. Nice job all around! Great contest submission! And thanks for the subtitles! They make your videos so much more enjoyable for those of us who don't speak or understand Spanish.

edited by PatMarrNC on 15/10/2016

Hello Pat, thank you for the comments,

I create a neighborhood around Claysters house,

the costume/head attachment it's a mask from muvizu, the only attachment I imported was the red shopping bag.

I made 3 separated sets for the house exterior, the interior and the grandma room from 0,
The house is made with cubes at the abstract objects, the interior I first modeled in sketchup, but the wallpaper texture looks very bad so I used the backgrounds for the walls instead and almost every asset in the house it’s a sketchup model.

The car from sketchup, look for (1966 dodge challenger from Steve S). at the warehouse, he made the car model with separated parts, so you can erase all and leave the hood to import it to muvizu, or the windows etc, I am going to try to make the windows transparent now.

The photo at the 4:18, he is the Mexican President and his wife, the grandma made a comment on the photos haha

Thank you, I am glad you enjoy it ….
2016/10/15 12:10:20
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Hello everybody....

4:00 am my time and just finished my entry...I wanted to make it shorter, but I need all the scenes for the story to make sense...I hope you like it...Good look to all

2016/10/8 20:59:51
3D artists: Chubby bellies (and other parts) ziggy72 wrote:
mindiflyth wrote:
Would these be bellies with navels and stuff, or just belly shapes so they could be part of the character's clothes? I'd love a Beefy belly, but I think chubby bellies for the ladies would open up a lot of story possibilities too. In addition to pregnant ladies, it'd just offer a little more body diversity.

Would these do, Mindi? I can see now why Muvizu didn't want to do it - it's tricky to get the bump lined up because the characters stand at funny angles. Also, you would have to paint the texture onto the bump to match the clothing (for characters like the one on the right), but I have UV mapped the bump so it's easy enough to change. I'm wondering if I should add a belly button as well...

Cool Ziggy..Thank you
2016/10/4 16:13:52
Opaque Parts Of The Galaxy Hahahaha, great finale......spectacular effects and beautifull music...
2016/10/2 17:20:27
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries MrDrWho13 wrote:
It's October already, but there's still plenty of time.
If you've just started with Muvizu, remember your film doesn't need to be blockbuster length!
Here's a very short horror film:

Lol.....Very funny, I will show this to my son hahaha, he is studying to be a lawyer.

I am working on my video...Best regards
2016/9/27 4:38:19
Character walking away during prepare actions harperjdav wrote:
That did the trick! Thanks!

I'm glad I could help, to give back what the good people of this
forum has done for me ... welcome to the forum harperjdav
2016/9/27 2:09:22
Character walking away during prepare actions harperjdav wrote:
I couldn't find this specific issue anywhere else in the forum, so here goes. Whenever I go to Prepare | Character Actions and select an action, the character performs the demo of the action then immediately walks away. Like far away. He just takes off on his own. Baffled. Thoughts?

Hello, That happen to me before, the problem was that I had previously recorded some actions on that scene,the solution was to erase all the actions recorded on the timeline for that character....Hope that is the same problem
2016/9/26 6:24:06
Heaven Bound Test Render PatMarrNC wrote:
Finally figured out how to export 2-sided textures to FBX, didn't realize there was an options button on the export.

can you say a little more about this? I've just spent the weekend beating my head against the wall trying to bring 3DWarehouse models into Muvizu with no luck at all. I can load them into other 3D programs and the look OK, but when I make FBXs out of them using Blender, I must be doing something wrong.

Are you using Blender? Where is the setting for 2 sided?

He most be usin sketchup, and the setting most be the one on the bottom of the import object, the one that says *Dos lados* like the picture bellow..........I think

2016/9/24 20:45:52

unless you already own Adobe After Effects, be aware that it is quite expensive and it does approximately the same thing as HitFilm (Which has a free version)... and even if you eventually upgrade to the full-blown Pro version of HitFilm, its cheaper than After Effects.

From the standpoint of getting help on the forum, there are more people here using HitFilm than there are using After Effects.

(But, if you can afford it, I understand that After Effects is quite awesome... )

About once each year (maybe twice) HitFilm has a sale and the upgrade price for people already using their free version is better than the price for the general population.

Last year the regular price for their Pro version was $350, and the upgrade was $250... buy once, own it forever

After Effects costs $240 per year, and you have to keep paying that every year. You never actually own the license

Thank you Pat,

I already have Hit film, but I am at the beginning of the learning process, do you think I can do scenes like the lake scene with hitfilm
2016/9/24 20:24:26
Doris - The whole story PatMarrNC wrote:
WOW! Ikes.. that was every bit as good as I hoped it would be!

So many cool extras that you built into the scenes... great pickup truck model! I liked the dust when the truck backed up on the dirt road after knocking out the old man.. and the rain drops on the trucks side window as he scored some drugs in the rain...

and you even gave Jimmy a belt! I love it!

All the stuff (music, sound effects, visual effects etc) that you added to the story above and beyond what was in the original radio clip... it was all so tastefully and artistically done.

I'll probably have more comments after I watch it again.. I didn't take notes and I have a short memory. ;-)

But I remember that its awesome... great job!

-------------more comments---------
6:22 I liked the suitcase full of Doris's clothes in the motel... except from a continuity perspective, she had a backpack in the first part, not a suitcase

I notice you eliminated most (but not all) of the clipping in the motel room. The thought occurred to me that once you get it reduced to that small amount, it might be practical to edit individual frames to keep fingers visible. Assuming you export to a series of PNGs, you wouldn't have too many individual frames to edit, and any artifacts would be far less noticeable than the clipping.

7:11 the movement of the vehicles in this second segment is every bit as good as in the first one... the approaching truck as it drives into clarity within the Field of view.. very well done! Likewise later in the film when the police car does the same thing

7:56 I also liked how naturally the truck turned off the highway and onto the dirt road. And you included brake lights! How cool is that??

8:24 the opening of the truck door was cool!

8:36 Transferring the wallet from Jimmy's hand to Doris's hand was pretty slick!

8:42 the DOF here is particularly effective at focusing the viewer's attention on what's important to the scene. Good job finding an action that works for hitting the old man on the head with a gun

8:49 the combination of camera movement, object movement, dust from the road when the truck backs up and depth of field all works together to create an awesome scene!

8:54 I like the way the light interacts with the truck's windshield as it changes angle relative to the sun while backing up... very cool!

9:00 all the drive-by scenery starting at this counter really looks good!

9:19 Twenty dollars in the wallet... Not a reflection on the film , but this line really makes me shake my head at the travesties humanity is willing to impose on itself for almost no reward at all. When you consider the inherent value of personal integrity and realize that people will trade their integrity for a couple of dollars... wow.

10:45 the drive-by scenery looks good... apparently true 3D based on the way it responds to camera angle.

10:50 windshield wipers! You da MAN!! I'm curious to know if the sound of the wipers was in the original clip, or did you add it?

11:00 the whole drug transaction was very well done and well lit! Again, the water droplets on the side window are such a good touch! Let's hear it for Hit Film!

11:30 throwing a brick through the door and breaking the glass.. very cool! How did you do that (the breaking glass)? I like the way the brick transitioned from being held in his hand to flying through the air.

11:32 good job finding an action that approximates opening the door

11:35 Good job with the glass in the store.. it's cool being able to see him walking inside the store through the window and lettering on the window

11:41 excellent scene framing with the car's dark interior and view of approaching police car... especially as the FOV changes to clearly show the police car

11:54 very cool the way you depicted her flashing the headlights to warn Jimmy!

12:07 Nice police car model!

12:12 very nice drug store interior! Did you make that? If so, you put a lot of work into a scene that last just a few seconds! (but it looks great)

12:13 I like the view from behind the policeman

12:28 nice combination of moves to approximate Jimmy's decline and fall after being shot

12:34 I like the angle and framing of this scene

12:52 I like all the attention to detail with background activity that is blurred but still there for context

13:26 good job assembling the actions required to suggest she's being handcuffed

13:36 interesting conclusion passage, especially with the music.

14:00 I even like your credits! The font is appropriate for the story and visually full of impact

edited by PatMarrNC on 24/09/2016

What He Said

And yes...How you do to open the car doors?
2016/9/24 19:57:32
MASTER PEACE Rodrisilva wrote:
tonyob67 wrote:
Great, I will continue in English as a form of respect to the other forum members.

How you did the flying leaves and birds at the begining of the alone in the crowd video? they look so real and the small lake to with the falling leave floating in the water

You can answer when you have time Rod....Thank you in advance

For flying leaves and birds I used two different approaches. Flying leaves are in fact one leaf multiplied and animated using Adobe After Effects. Then I superimposed it over Muvizu lake clip during video edtition. Small lake is an animated clip made in after effects with three layers: 1- grass and bottom lake (designed by me), 2-animated fishes movie, 3-Water waves. I put final clip on an horizontal backdrop and "voilá"!
Flying birds is only a movie clip with transparent background projected over a backdrop (RGBA video).

Did I mention that your videos are great? hahaha

I can see you know how to use a lot of different animating softwares, I am going to dedicate time to learn how to use Adobe After Effects, and sketchup so one day I can do great and realistic scenes like yours.

Are you working in some project now?
2016/9/24 19:48:42
Doris - The whole story ikes wrote:
tonyob67 wrote:

Great movie.....How did you hold, and then throw the news paper?, and how you pass from hands the wallet?, I have to watch this again SUPER!!!

Thanks very much Tony!
I did that with keyframing the visiblity of the newspaper. Both the one he is holding and the single paper which movement is also keyframed. The same with the wallet. I imported it into their hand and keyframed the visibility.

Cleverly done, I love the toyota truck scene, and the one with the gun fires...ho, and how you do the moving backgrownd on the inside the car scenes?
2016/9/24 18:43:18
Doris - The whole story ikes wrote:
Make yourself comfortable, this is the whole story about teenager Doris. I have removed part 1 and just made one movie out of the whole story.
At 6:14 min the story continues where part 1 ended.

Enjoy and please let me know what you think of it.


Great movie.....How did you hold, and then throw the news paper?, and how you pass from hands the wallet?, I have to watch this again SUPER!!!
2016/9/24 17:46:45
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? ziggy72 wrote:
So, freedom of speech = trolling? Okay, if I'm a troll, I invite Muvizu HQ to throw me off the site ASAP.

You did not offend anybody, I think this is a forum with adult people and we all respect eachother, and I thought that your comment was funny to Ziggy.

I wont never be ofended by any comment on this forum, , I will try to let it go, becouse maybe I misunderstood the meaning or intention of the other persons comment, maybe he is on a very good mood....unless they insult me directly of courselol hit
2016/9/23 19:58:41
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? Hard to imagine, but I had never seen the acronym SJW until today, and I had to look it up.

Welcome to my world Pat hahaha

I wont do that we said...dont mess with the boss
2016/9/23 19:04:38
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? MrDrWho13 wrote:
tonyob67 wrote:
Yes, It sounds like the Mexican Government, they own the media and they censure everything bad that people say about the President ...there is no freedom of exprecion, the only way we have to express is youtube and other social networks, and they want to take that away from us to? sad

Contrary to what many people on YouTube are saying, they're not actually censoring these videos. All they're doing is not allowing you to make money off videos that are against their guidelines. (Nothing's actually changed, they just re-worded it)
It's still a scumbag move by YouTube, but not quite as much as people make out.
edited by MrDrWho13 on 23/09/2016

You are right, If someone wants to express his ideas, there is no need to make business or receive money for that
2016/9/23 18:46:24
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? ziggy72 wrote:
...aaaaand just when you think Google's moral faggotry can't get any worse with what they're doing to destroy the Youtube community, this happens...

Bad enough that YT are now punishing anyone who expresses an opinion they don't like (by removing the ability to moneytize that video), and trying to phase out subscriptions (so you only see what THEY recommend), but now there's this nonsense...

Yes, It sounds like the Mexican Government, they own the media and they censure everything bad that people say about the President ...there is no freedom of exprecion, the only way we have to express is youtube and other social networks, and they want to take that away from us to? sad
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