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2017/3/19 23:05:02
From the Mind of Some Guy Named Rob V So this time around I decided to do one in my own voice since I'm starting to feel better in terms of how raw my throat has been lately.

Not sure I'm liking the mic sound on this one. I think I need to tweak my recording settings a little bit.

Also, changed the avatar to one that looks a lot more like I do since I'm using my own voice and all.

And added a little intro and outro. Nothing fancy, and can be improved on, but wondered what you thought of the concept.

2017/3/17 18:02:23
Creating A Cartoon Voice Another decent voice altering solution is Screaming Bee's MorphVOX.
But I agree with PatMarrNC, you should also be varying your vocal delivery. Try to imitate a funny voice you heard from a co-worker or celebrity. Even just delivering something in a monotone can have a huge impact when running through pitch shifting.
2017/3/15 19:38:20
From the Mind of Some Guy Named Rob IV It's amazing what kind of thoughts can cross your mind while waiting to order lunch. Now featuring backgrounds!

2017/3/11 4:30:59
From the Mind of Some Guy Named Rob ]I[ So I've been working on adding a little more variety into things for my micro video blog.

Threw in a third camera angle, and a couple cross fades to mix in with the hard cuts.

Let me know what you think

2017/3/8 22:52:35
The Grand Bastardo presents: #askabastard Something I posted a while back to try and drum up some audience participation. Let's see if it'll work here...
2017/3/8 18:18:23
From the Mind of Some Guy Named Rob II I think the whole point is to come at a "heavy" topic like this admitting that I'm not really sure what's going on, but here's how the optics read from my own limited point of view, and let's open up an avenue for discussion.
Although, a couple bits of levity were needed to fit the motif of what I do, and so that it's not an entirely jarring transition from my normal brand of humor when looking at topics.
I'll probably slip these more serious ones in from time to time, but the short vignette style of things will likely be my signature style of animated blog-ness.
2017/3/8 13:38:07
From the Mind of Some Guy Named Rob II A somewhat topical video for International Women's Day.

Possibly NSFW (Language)

2017/3/7 16:32:28
From the Mind of Some Guy Named Rob PatMarrNC wrote:
LOL! You and I both seem to think the same way... except that you have a better way of couching your thoughts in clever phrases! There were several lines in this brief narrative that made me laugh, but I won't quote them here for reasons of propriety.

In my opinion, you are illustrating one of Muvizu's key strengths: it's ability to bring current events to video while the story is still fresh in peoples' minds. When I tire of making assets for the store, that is how I plan to use Muvizu.

You have all the ingredients here for a daily VLOG that can be monetized. Make yourself a clever intro and a standard ending that asks people to subscribe to your channel. They say the magic number is 150,000 subscribers in order to see cash from the endeavor.

Best of luck, and I look forward to seeing your next VLOG!


I actually used to do a full live daily vlog from my car, but prefer to use Muvizu to quickly whip up short vignettes. And I fully agree that the biggest strength going for Muvizu is how quickly you can go from an idea to a fully realized video, complete with multiple camera angles. The keyframing and layers tools are also amazing to work with, and I'll likely be incorporating more of that into my work as I get more comfortable experimenting.

I have another one in the works for tomorrow actually, and I'm about to get back to work on a series of darker comedy shorts I was working on in Muvizu soon.

Now to work on that intro/outro... Big Grin
2017/3/7 14:35:47
From the Mind of Some Guy Named Rob A quick little video based off of an event that went viral last week in the news.

May be NSFW (Language) - discretion advised

2017/3/3 14:57:54
Thoughts From My Car - The Hole Truth PatMarrNC wrote:
LOL! Very amusing short video! Great job holding my attention for the whole presentation!

It may be worth mentioning that sphincter muscles make it possible for some holes to have both open and closed states. Just sayin'. ;-)

edited by PatMarrNC on 03/03/2017

"All holes are equal, but some are more equal than others."
- George Holewell
edited by sgnrmedia on 03/03/2017
2017/3/3 13:59:36
Thoughts From My Car - The Hole Truth These are the kinds of thoughts that make my passengers nervous.
My voice is raw as all get out, so I used a TTS for the voice.
2015/2/25 14:11:11
Background Just need to make sure the resolution of the jpg isn't too high though, I think higher than 4 MP the image won't work. Simple resize can fix that.
2015/2/25 14:05:20
Can someone recommend a program to create titles? InsaneHamster wrote:
I have to agree with Ziggy.I don't know any video editor that takes muvizu videos without them being converted.I really like any Video converter.

With the K-lite pack I can open all videos rendered in Muvizu directly into Sony Vegas 12.

ALthough if I plan to do post work, I'll render as a targa sequence and use that instead. Much better for post work in that format.
2015/2/21 13:02:38
Quality Snapshots of JPGs What size do you need your thumbnails?

Typically, you're not going to get a higher resolution image than the resolution of your video. So if you're exporting as 1080p, your biggest thumb size will be 1920x1080 - about 2 MP.

If that's the size you want, then export your movie as a targa sequence and you'll have a still for every single frame in your movie.

If you need bigger than that, and have Photoshop, you can enlarge multiple times in very small increments (like boosting to 101%) until you get to the size you want. Boosting the size many times in tiny increments seems to work best for enlarging to help avoid image degradation.
2015/1/6 1:35:44
New to the 'Zu Thanks!

I've really been enjoying your Mysteries of Science series.

Also had a look at the So You've Been Dumped vids as well. Great stuff.
2015/1/5 2:37:08
New to the 'Zu Hello all.

Been lurking about for the past little while, but thought that join the community of Muvizu users here in the forums. I haven't really dipped into custom textures or mods, but have been using Muvizu in more or less stock form to produce my weekly web series called The Grand Bastardo.

For anyone interested in having a look, here's the link to the playlist:

Apologies if this comes off as spam. It's not intended that way.

Can't wait to poke about more around here and learn what I can from all of you.

- Robert
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