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2016/9/23 14:17:52
Muvizu on Steam In case anyone has forgotten we're trying to get Muvizu listed on Steam. Its been pretty exciting there recently with a lot of yes votes but we need a few more to get the final push and get Muvizu listed in the Steam store.

Here's the page again:

If you've got steam vote 'yes' for Muvizu and don't forget to send on the page to your steam friends, lets get Muvizu listed on Steam!
2016/9/8 15:30:27
Muvizu Update September 2016 Hi Guys,

We've released a bug fix update for September.

This patch addresses these issues:

  • Effects not working
  • Objects floating in the air on loading a set
  • Camera & Object rotations when key framing
  • Brightness slider reaching black at 20% when using toonshading
  • Pink dots were disabled on the ground & sky
  • Crash on minimise & restore
  • Camera preview was blank when you loaded a scene

Grab it while its hot!
2016/2/29 15:05:09
Registrations are back Hi Everyone,

We had a bit of a technical hick up this morning - it's a leap year?! - which knocked our new user registration system offline for a while.

Rest assured we've now caught up and everything is business as usual!

Register away.....

The Muvizu Team
2016/1/22 16:57:14
Failed to load object from file We had several reports of the unable to load object from file error and we were able to find a fix for the specific set files that were sent in. Unfortunately due to other business demands we had to delay the release of this fix from mid-December until mid-January.

We are aware of the on going issue and we're working to fix it now, if you have a .set file where this happens can you email it to and we can use that to identify the problem.

We're also working to fix the video import issue and the camera movement issue that has been reported to us.

We are a very small company and we find that dealing with emails on a one to one basis lets us manage and reply to users issues more efficiently than trying to manage several issues from several users across several forum threads. We take the time to read the forum and your feedback regularly forms the basis of our on going development plan, but on the whole the forum is here for the community and we try not to get in the way of the wonderful discussions and creative processes that are beautifully illustrated here.
2015/6/17 16:35:00
Muvizu on Steam Thanks everyone who voted on the greenlight, we're sure there's a few more of you out there who can help us with a YES vote though!
2014/1/14 12:07:07
Muvizu main screen area continuously spinning. Hi smartypants,

Thank you for finding, and reporting, this issue.

We have been looking at adding further joystick and game control pad support to Muvizu, we currently only have basic support for Xbox controllers. Obviously there is a problem with other, unsupported, joystick models affecting control of Muvizu.

While we are looking into a solution to this problem, unplugging or disabling in windows the Logitech 3D pro stick when you are using Muvizu would allow you to progress on any videos you are making. Which, of course, is the goal of everyone using Muvizu.

If this isn’t a realistic solution for you, then you may feel forced to uninstall Muvizu:Play (though we do think a regrettable option! ) If you are subscribed to our regular newsletter, you will receive an email when there is a new version of Muvizu:Play available and hopefully you’ll want to give that a go.
2013/8/19 14:45:08
Forum Update Hi everyone,

We will be making some changes to the forum structure over the coming week - primarily merging similar forums and moving threads to other locations to make it easier to navigate.

The functionality and content will remain the same - but there may be some minor disruption while we reorganise.

Thank you for your patience,
The Muvizu Team
2013/7/31 17:52:13
[?] How is this done? As Urban has hinted at, when we asked for input from our tester group we did explain this particular function was a very early proof-of-concept rather than part of the recent release. Our studio in London (was Zubox now Digimania) is working with us on that proof of concept.

We really do know how much you all want Dreeko's dancing cat to be able to pick up his bag! We appreciate your passion and want to give you the best Muvizu we can but we do have to do that within the restraints of a business.
2013/4/25 7:43:07
FMX 2013 Muvizu workshop The live stream of the Muvizu FMX 2013 workshop is now live at
2013/4/24 15:08:06
FMX 2013 Muvizu workshop Tomorrow morning, 9am (BST) UK time our very own BarryS will be doing a workshop from FMX 2013 live from Germany. There will be a live stream link up on the site in time for the event to start. So, now you've no excuse to stay in bed
2012/11/30 13:58:45
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Welcome to the Muvizu Christmas Treasure Hunt! This year, we’re challenging everyone to participate in a unique treasure hunt, one - that if you follow all the clues – will lead you to your very own desktop animation studio!
From December 1st until the 24th, the Treasure Hunt video will appear on our homepage. Every day, a new link will appear in this video, a link that - like an advent calendar – will lead to a lovely video treat. Most of these videos will be delightful and sweet, but some will be special.
These special videos will be Muvizu videos. Hidden in each of them will be a clue. The clues form a code that you will need to crack to complete the treasure hunt. Pay very close attention to these videos – the prizes are totally worth it.
Good luck!
2010/11/15 16:19:03
New tutorials added Users of the 'Bleeding Edge' version of Muvizu will be glad to see that we've added some tutorials to cover the new features in Muvizu. Aside from a new clutch of Hints and Tips videos we've also made:

Tutorial 22: Working with music and instruments

Tutorial 23: Animating properties

Tutorial 24: Animating/moving objects

Over the next 24 hours our website will also update the following:

Tutorial 06: Creating characters

Tutorial 09: Animation overview

Tutorial 16: Character movement

Muvizu admin
2010/9/3 9:17:16
Upload and account issues Hi Mick - thanks for the report. The problem with your video is that it was awaiting moderation and as you've seen it is there now.

We are having a problem with the new site logging users out (including ourselfs!). We're trying to find the cause of it right now but the point you've raised (logged out when uploading an image) is useful and we'll look into it now. Cheers.
2010/7/30 13:15:55
video hey toonarama,
Ah yes, the magical projection tool. Well it's fairly easy. Just follow these steps (you will have to choose what you want to project on though):
  • set your scene you want to project
  • get your camera in place on the object you want to project
  • select the spotlight option from the lighting menu
  • position your spotlight to where you would like to project the image/film
  • right click on the spotlight. you'll get the usual menu.
  • within the menu and under the 'softness' option there is a thumbnail titled 'image' - click on the edit link
  • a dialog box titled 'textures' appears. Select the 'cameras' option.
  • select which camera view you would like to project
  • click OK and Viola!
Good luck and enjoy the feature

2010/7/14 9:20:51
Project Assets - video Thats it now Mick! We havn't been able to find out what the exact problem was - our best guess is that the gremlins were pretty busy just at the time you first uploaded it.
2010/7/13 10:49:36
Project Assets - video Mick,

Once the video finishes uploading there isn't anything more that needs to be done on - its just a case of waiting for the video to come back to Muvizu's moderation system from youtube, this normally takes about 15 minutes.

We've just ran through a test upload of a video and everything worked fine here - so we're really not sure where the problem is coming from.

The duplicate video does show up in our moderation system but since its a duplicate on youtube we can't play it either This would suggest that everything will work fine if you delete the original and duplicate (waiting an hour or so for youtube to completely clear it's records of your videos to prevent it being marked as a duplicate again). Once you've uploaded it again through we should see it in our moderation system within 15 minutes.

Thanks again,
The Muvizu Team
2010/7/13 8:54:38
Project Assets - video Hi Mick,

Thanks for getting back to us.

The tags we refer to are special behind the scenes tags that are put on to the video uploaded via the application or our website ( You don't need to worry adding them yourself.

We will take a closer look into this situation and see if we can find the problem. In the meantime could you try uploading your video again?

The Muvizu Team
2010/7/12 11:29:52
Project Assets - video Hi Toonarama,

We operate a moderation policy to display videos on - just in case someone uploads inappropriate content. This means your video can be available on youtube and not show up on and since this is a manual process videos are only moderated monday to friday 9am to 5.30pm as we don't work outside of those hours

However your video does not show up in our moderation system, although we can view it on Did you upload it directly to youtube? If so our special muvizu tags won't be applied to your upload and our system can only bring back videos that are tagged. If you have uploaded directly to youtube what you need to do to have your video show up on muvizu is to 1) Link your muvizu account to your youtube account and then 2) Upload the video again but this time through - it will still show up on your youtube page but it means our tags will be added to it so we can retrieve it.

If you have already done this then thats another matter, let us know and we'll look into it further.

Thanks for getting in touch,
The Muvizu Team.

P.S. Is this your video?

2010/7/8 15:15:19
Problem hi arkos,
thanks for your enthusiasm for trying out Muvizu - it's really exciting to hear from our users!

now, down to business: i can see from your screengrabs that the reason Muvizu isn't running on your machine is that your graphics card is less than the minimum spec required to run the application. The minimum graphics card spec for Muvizu in the nVidia range is a 7800 GTX, which is a Shader Model 3 card. Your grapchics card is an FX 5200, which is a Shader Model 2 card.

we would recommend you upgrade your graphics card if you would like to use Muvizu - as most games and applications such as Muvizu rely on more advanced graphics cards (and as Muvizu is constantly increasing in it's offering to users - more effects, more cool things to come) it's well worth the investment in a more advanced graphics card.

hope this helps you out and doesn't put you off sticking with Muvizu! if you need any more help or information, please feel free to get in touch.


the muvizu team.
2010/7/8 10:23:06
Impossible to login hi diwani,
thanks for downloading muvizu and taking the time to try it out! i'm sorry you're having problems logging in - but from your message below i'm not quite sure what you're trying to do and what is going wrong.

are you trying to upload your clip via the app using the website log ins? if so, i can see your problem. we are utilising youtube to transcode and host clips made in muvizu for many reasons, but primarily for a quick turnaround for users to see their videos online. when you upload via the app, you have to use your youtube account log in.

we switched over to this method a few months ago for various reasons, and utlising the youtube api we made it possible for users to connect their muvizu accounts with their youtube accounts. to do this:
  • go to edit profile
  • there will be a link under your username encouraging you to link your youtube account to your muvizu account. click on this
  • you will be asked to link your accounts. please note: we do not have access to nor will we store your youtube/google account details. the api allows us to connect them but we do not store any information
  • don't have a youtube/google account? create one free of charge at - then follow the above steps.
i hope this helps. if you're still having problems or if i've not addressed your main issue above, please feel free to get in touch.


the muvizu team
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