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2017/2/2 23:24:12
Moving custom characters to new computer This DOES make it easier to move stuff around (and also delete earlier/duplicate versions of characters) however, it sure would be nice to get rid of all the 'Muvizu Favourites' I have to scroll through every time I go to select one of my characters!
2017/1/22 17:15:13
Set won't open As a long-time video gamer I recognize that as a typical error message you get when your game has crashed. So, seeing how Muvizu is built on a game engine. . !

Generally, games crash when the video card is overwhelmed by instructions from the software, or there's a bug, either way there's no warning. It would be nice if you could tell when a threshold is being reached, that all your textures and shadows and movements are becoming too much for the system, i.e. filling up the video memory, but you can't.

My solution is to work in little chunks and always re-size textures to the smallest that they can be while still looking okay.

If you render off your animation as an .MP4 then virtually any device can play it
2017/1/19 23:59:56
Muvizu crashes on my laptop It's no problem to install Muvizu on another computer, just install the basic program and once it's running, under the 'file' menu select 'licence manager' and put in the code they emailed you.

Muvizu will only run well on high end laptops, not mine, and apparently yours either. I would suggest a decent desktop with a okay video card, like a Nvidia GTX 750 Ti or better, especially for rendering.
2017/1/17 0:07:04
Matching Textures with objects PatMarrNC wrote:
theotherguy wrote:
Hi y'all, I have been experimenting with adding textures to walls, etc. I want a special kind of brick texture so I photographed one, opened it in photoshop but then noticed that Muvizu lists the wall texture size as being 1024 x 1024! Is this a constant for all walls? I would like to have some row-houses on one wall as well, it would be tough to make 1024 x 1024 tiles that would look natural, I'd rather just use the actual photo without tiling it, is it possible to make a right-size object to map something long onto it?

you could try using primitive blocks to make your walls. They let you scale the size of your texture

I'm assuming you mean the primitive blocks in the Create/Abstract/Blocks menu. Even when I make the 'oblong' shape very large and try to map an image that's 1600 x 500 I'm still limited to 1024 x 1024
2017/1/16 19:46:23
Matching Textures with objects Hi y'all, I have been experimenting with adding textures to walls, etc. I want a special kind of brick texture so I photographed one, opened it in photoshop but then noticed that Muvizu lists the wall texture size as being 1024 x 1024! Is this a constant for all walls? I would like to have some row-houses on one wall as well, it would be tough to make 1024 x 1024 tiles that would look natural, I'd rather just use the actual photo without tiling it, is it possible to make a right-size object to map something long onto it?
2017/1/11 15:41:52
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price The Muvizu lip sync feature is great in that it works, but some of the more complex characters mouths don't move very much. I'm trying an experiment where I enunciate in an exaggerated fashion, loudly. Once I (hopefully) get the character to open up a bit, I'll use my non-exaggerated audio track in it's place, as I assemble the final work in my video editor.

I used to have a hard time getting two or more characters talking, but I found if you just carefully follow the whole procedure and test the characters once you're done, it seems fine. Maybe an update has fixed what used to be hit-and-miss?
2016/12/24 1:23:30
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price Having (finally) installed all the features and gone through the manual and a couple of animation tutorials, I think it's safe to say that Poser was never intended to be an animation program, it's a functionality that was added on. If you read the forward by the guy who invented it, he just wanted something to mimic the wooden pose dolls that artists use, thus Poser. I remember using it in an art class I took in '97 to generate a figure falling through space, it wasn't easy but it got the job done.

I think Poser will be good for generating additional characters, like their cartoon ones, as 'extras' in bigger scenes. I like the animals too. However it's not something that is critical to tell stories, waiting a year wouldn't hurt although I don't see them doing much with the animation, making more realistic characters seems to be what they are all about - like Daz 3-D - but we'll see.
2016/12/22 21:35:34
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price I guess it's a case of the old . . WHAT YOU THINK IS HAPPENING ISN'T, IN FACT, HAPPENING AT ALL! Whereas in most programs that you download and select INSTALL ALL, things just merrily install themselves, however in Poser you download everything and everything, aside from the program itself, all the extra content JUST SITS THERE waiting for you to install it!

I believe I had this problem once before with Poser, it isn't the kind of thing that endears this type of software to people.
2016/12/22 18:23:33
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price Thanks Pat, however my library's folders are mainly empty, except for a bare minimum (6) characters. I followed the directions to add runtime folders to the library, but the library says the runtime folder is already there, and there is no accessible additional content. I expect it will be an epic struggle to get this sorted out.

I will check out the renderosity videos in the meantime.
2016/12/22 16:38:08
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price Anybody know how to access the cartoon characters in Poser? I forgot just how opaque and needlessly complicated Poser is in regards to getting the included free content into the library, in the SmithMicro tradition there is nothing in the 'Support' section that makes a lick of sense to me.

Of course my previous account I had for Anime Studio no longer exists so I had to go through the registration process again, and I sent a support email, but I seem to remember getting a reply like "Read the manual" (!) before. Needless to say there is no manual included.
2016/12/21 2:52:34
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price Eventually they will reply, Smith Micro isn't known for their customer service.
2016/12/17 17:27:20
If your computer has multiple graphic cards I haven't even tried to run Muvizu on a laptop, even one with Nvidia graphics would be incredibly slow to render anything. Any reasonably speedy desktop with a Nvidia GTX 750 Ti or faster is the way to go, unless you are extremely patient.
2016/12/16 21:26:36
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price That's just what I needed to see, thanks Pat. I think I will get a copy of Poser, I'm sure it's a beast to work with for complicated things, but for the stuff I do it shouldn't be too hard. I don't have a problem with combining different software (and games!) to tell my stories, so it could be quite helpful.
2016/12/16 16:28:30
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price I agree that Poser has one of the weirdest interfaces and workflow around. I think it's a case of one person setting out to build a program, and making up the rules as they go along. I've never understood the emphasis on 'super realistic' characters either (you ain't foolin' no one!) There is a similar program, Daz 3-D, that seems to specialize in fetish-wear models (?), and, if their email can be believed, are going belly-up.

I would like to have backdrop characters standing around, chatting, sitting at tables etc. Right now I'm recruiting live characters for my next episode, but it's a big hassle. Would poser cartoon-y characters, with in-library movements, be applicable for that? How about having the same shadows as Muvizu characters?
2016/12/10 17:22:16
WHERE ARE YOU? I am in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (home of 100 waterfalls!). I'm a writer, photographer and videographer who also writes a bit of music. I've been (trying) to learn animation for the last 6-7 years or so with Toonboom and Anime studio, I've basically figured it out and realized it's way too much work, I discovered Muvizu and haven't looked back.
2016/11/30 23:26:03
sale on Silo 2.3.1 Those are very good, Pat, it was beyond the call of duty to figure out how to do that, thank you.

In regards to " The beauty of Poser is that its characters are already rigged and ready to animate. You just create you animations in that environment,export to video and combine it with your other stuff." the problem is I'm too lazy to make my animations from scratch, the most I'd want to do is stack 'actions' like in Muvizu. It would be great if someone wrote 'scripts' for Poser characters which you could apply to your own characters.

Maybe that would be a lucrative sideline for someone?
2016/11/30 17:02:51
sale on Silo 2.3.1 I'm trying to get my head around exactly how I would USE software like silo in Muvizu, at least in as far as my storytelling goes. I imagine any character one could make would essentially be a statue, unless it could be animated with something like Toonboom, but then, how to have it interact with Muvizu characters?

I can see using Silo and similar software to make buildings and the like, but importing them into Muvizu seems pretty technical to me. I've had the most success storytelling-wise by importing Muvizu characters into 3-D sets and real environments, but the ultimate goal would see things they could interact with, or characters with scripted movements to use in a backdrop i.e. people working at desks or someone sleeping on a park bench.

I keep getting offers to try/buy the latest version of Poser, and it would seem to be possible to make animated characters you could have Muvizu characters interact with, but nobody seems to be interested in doing this, just making realistic looking characters seems to be enough.

Any ideas as to making additional animated characters or content Muvizu characters could interact with?
2016/11/20 14:53:53
New multi-media Muviu episode! Thanks Pat! I'm afraid the birds flying overhead will soon be consigned to the past, unless it's looking out a window or it's a static scene, filming a dynamic scene in a videogame is simply too tough. I'm thinking of trying Exterra or something similar - NOT lumberyard as that is mind boggling! - it's really critical to be able to sync the Muvizu cameras with the virtual cameras, and it's frustratingly hard in a game.

Hopefully Muvizu sets will continue to expand and get more sophisticated, as it's way easier to use overlays and layers with things within the program!
2016/11/19 23:47:14
New multi-media Muviu episode! It's been a while since I published anything, I wanted to have my Muvizu characters in the 'real world', and to interact with 'real people' this proved tougher than I thought (naturally) so to save time I used some 'stock' Muvizu characters and user-created sets and blended them with my own backdrops and overlays, and this is the result! (PS, My cousin suggested I might want to advise people that there is some COARSE LANGUAGE because, gangsters.) You've been warned..
2016/11/13 18:48:02
Pivot while sitting on an office chair Thanks Ziggy, that would work for one camera angle, however I have 4 cameras in this scene. 1. From character POV working at a desk, co-worker enters. 2 Co-worker POV sees desk worker turn to him. 3 Med camera sees them talking in close proximity. 4. Other med camera sees item sitting on other desk.

Anyway, I tried having the desk worker stand, pivot, and sit down and it doesn't look too bad after all, I'll probably go with that.
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