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2016/9/15 3:36:22
Can Muvizu run using multiple video cards? absolutely!
2016/9/14 21:45:01
Can Muvizu run using multiple video cards? If your PC has multiple video cards installed - can Muvizu use all those video cards or only 1 video card at a time?

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2016/9/1 23:49:39
Render Muvizu using virtual machines (AWS, Azure) Hmp - looks like Azure now supports GPU technology - check out:


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2016/9/1 21:29:54
Render Muvizu using virtual machines (AWS, Azure) Thanks for the encouragement all...

@ukBerty - what do you recommend as the min & max/best GPU for the VMs?

thanks as always,
2016/9/1 15:44:55
Render Muvizu using virtual machines (AWS, Azure) Has anyone considered or actually used "the Cloud" i.e. virtual machine (VM) for rendering?

The advantage would be using a faster, remote resource that allows you to keep working on other projects with your primary machine as well as saving tons of time as you could "spin up" multiple VMs to do parallel rendering of multiple scenes...

Has anyone done this?

Any recommendations?

I guess I could take the MZU specs, map them to an appropriate AWS or Azure VM, remotely install MZU onto the VMs and render away :0)...

2016/8/26 18:39:37
Animating lights on & off without changing values? Ah, the "stepped" is an icon on the menu...

Perfect - that did it! thanks everyone!!
2016/8/23 18:15:57
Animating lights on & off without changing values? MrDrWho13 - I do have the keyframe content pack. Where is the "stepped" option?

thanks everyone,
2016/8/23 17:19:14
Animating lights on & off without changing values? Hi - I'm using a point light to simulate the light of a candle. In my scene, the candle keeps getting blown out by a wind & needs to be re-lit.

I'm using the direct obj. properties, track = brightness, and then recording 4 values:

1 - off i.e. 0%
2 - on e.g. 3.75
3 - off again i.e. 0%
4 - on again e.g. 3.7%

My challenge is, when I set the value #1 = 0, the point light brightness automatically & gradually increases until it reaches value #2 = 3.7% where it's supposed to be re-lit...I don't want the brightness property to gradually increase, I want value #1 to stay @ 0% until it reaches the value #2 ("on").

It there a way of keeping the values set to their recorded settings *or* a better way to simulate a candle on/off/on/off?

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2016/5/20 19:08:32
Muvizu renders "Red/Blue"|Anaglyph | stereoscopic? Around a year ago, I though I saw a Muvizu function as well as a tutorial on how to render Muvizu for 3D Anaglyph (video that uses the Red & Blue 3D glasses...

Was I just imagining things (again)? Can anyone give me a pointer?

FYI - I saw this tut - while extremely helpful, its not exactly what I was looking for.

I thought there was just a option in rendering that could be set to make the Muvizu video output as Anaglyph?
muchas gracias,
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2016/5/12 17:01:05
Black line at top of screen after rendering? Now that I finished the MZU project I was working on (& now on to the next!)..I'd thought I'd share what happened when I contacted support..

Apparently it was the way I was using the DOF (Depth of Field) camera - that was causing the "black lines".

Once I turned DOF off - problem was solved.

Bummer is that I really love DOF - any suggestions would still be very appreciated.

thanks all,
2016/5/12 16:51:19
Work around for the dialog system Ikes - I was using Audacity to arrange my clips - you just saved me HOURS of work - much appreciated!!!
2016/3/10 21:01:01
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? What's "ghosting"?
Is there a way to neutralize it *if* I go the NTSC route?
ty, ty
2016/3/10 4:38:30
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? Sanity check:

Until now, I've been using PAL because that's the source for Muvizu...

In my final burn to DVD, if I'm making a DVD to be played on a DVD player made in North America (vs. the UK), don't I have to use NTSC?

with appreciation,
2016/3/10 3:37:55
Img sequence & wav file audio sync in Sony Vegas? Hesh & ritsmer - thank you for the tips; I'll be trying those in the near future!
UPDATE: So after taking everyone's input & doing some additional testing here's what I've found/resolved:
1 - it's a muvizu issue, not a Vegas issue.
2 - Muvizu can't do marathon rendering - lol - rendering too many scenes back to back causes the Img sequence & wav file audio sync gap. I've been able to do one, long scene output as TGA (more than 8 secs - 1 min) without any issues. Until now, I had set up my work flow to where I would do all of my rendering back to back...once I spaced it out, the img sequence & wav file audio sync issue disappeared.
thanks again to everyone!
2016/3/10 3:28:17
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? ziggy72 wrote:
In DVD Architect the aspect ratio has to be set to 16:9 for the output,....

I did set the aspect ratio in DVD Architect to 16:9, that's why I was surprised I still had those black lines......
UPDATE: went through the workflow again & this time no black lines....YEHAW! Ok...the change from my last post was that I used a video converter that I already had (Nero) instead of Xilisoft and set the aspect ratio settings to "Original Aspect Ratio" AND made sure DVD Architect was set to 16:9!
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2016/3/9 21:15:22
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? PHENOMENAL! - thanks to all of you again!!
As I'm testing these steps....SUCCESS! (The true test will be when I take this test DVD and run it on one of the DVD players that froze previously - stay tuned)
Now I'm running into a different issue where when I click "Full Screen" - there are still some black bars on each side of the video?!
I have the settings using 720x576, 3k 25fps 16:9 ratios & widescreen settings.
Other DVDs I have display with "true" full screen...any suggestions?
(So close & yet so far)
with appreciation,
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2016/3/9 14:29:43
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? MDW13 - thank you for the quick reply and continued insights.
Yes - I was judging by the preview window in Vegas.
I personally would love to upload & stream but the people who want my little project only have a DVD player .
ritsmer's advice will only work for running a DVD (as a data disk w/ mp4 video file) playing on a PC & NOT a DVD player - correct?
I now realize part of the reason I haven't been able to completely execute/map some of the advice given: until yesterday, I was using Muvizu (approximately) vers 6.1 (btw - I have the link to the release history but how do I tell from the MZ app which exact vers I have?)
Yesterday I installed in a new directory the latest vers (7.1). Now your references from another thread to png tga files and UHD in your last post here makes sense ;0)! I was scratching my head saying "Hang on, MZU only exports up to 1080?!" I see in vers 7.1 I can export to 2160).
In summary, what I've finally understood (thanks for the patience guys): if I must do a DVD then I must export from Muvizu @ 720x480 (& not 1080p or higher as I have been doing until now) because I'll possibly get playback issues from the DVD in anything higher.
BTW - all of the guidance regarding 1080p & other, non-DVD options will help in some upcoming projects. EVERYTHING shared by all of you has been of great value & will positively impact my upcoming Muvizu projects - THANK YOU!
2016/3/9 5:06:09
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? Ok - so I think I've almost got the workflow:
1 - output from Muvizu in tga
2 - import into Sony Vegas using 25 fps (PAL)
- 2a what should the over all project setting/template be? "Custom (1920x1080, 25.000 fps)"?
BTW - the video looks a bit pixelated using the Custom (1920x1080, 25.000 fps)" template... whereas when I use the "4K 2160-50p (3840x2160, 50.000 fps)" for the project settings - the video looks fantastic! However, since 4K will potentially cause playback problems on DVD, how do I keep as smooth look as possible but have it at the correct setting for DVD?
3 - Make Movie/export from Vegas using which option?
Option #1 = "Save to my hard drive"; then choose the Render Options & Template - which Render Option & Template do I choose?
Then I would take this file from my hard drive and use Sony DVD architect to do the actual burn (so I can add CSS encryption).
Option #2 = "Burn it to DVD or Blu-Ray Disc"; then choose DVD ( I don't want/need menus). Which "video format" do I choose under the "Render Parameters"
I'm not seeing a template with the 6,000,00mbs bit rate....
FYI - I need to produce the video on a disc so an USB stick is not an option.
Much, much appreciate the patience and guidance,
2016/3/8 22:28:08
mp4 vs.image sequence? I installed the latest vers of Muvizu (finally)...
In the previous Muvizu version I was using, I loved the fidelity of the tga that I have a mp4 option - which is better?
Which has better color quality? The png image sequence or the mp4 video? Will both be the same color quality when being imported into Sony Vegas?
Does the mp4 format have the 2G limit issue/bug like the uncompressed avi?
appreciation in advance,
2016/3/8 19:34:52
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? Hesh - what types of DVD playback problems would there be?
thank you,
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