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2016/3/7 17:45:01
intro to one of my new series.... "ILLUMINAUGHTY" Nice monopoly set! That is a cool setup you've got there, look forward to seeing where this goes
2016/3/5 17:31:10
Use Mandy for animal heads That is freaky - but in a good way
2016/3/4 14:14:52
Update on Star wars Spoof I like that MFalcon model, very well done. Where did you get them from?
2016/3/4 14:10:02
Experiment in motion tracking using Hitfilm HF is awesome, and that cat is scary - excellent job emergencysquirrel!
2016/3/3 17:33:48
A good Muvizu werewolf? That's a good werewolf - it's been interesting to watch his development. Look forward to seeing what you come up with next
2016/3/1 22:15:41
Importing FBX with doube-sided polys? Nice, really nice. The water seems a little colourful though, might want to try it desaturated (if possible).
2016/3/1 22:14:00
Global scale option You can't turn the clipping off on the skydome - that's the edge of the (Muvizu) universe. You can reduce collision in the models to allow you to poke them through the skydome - for backdrops close to the edge I sometimes just a low collision cube, stretched out like a backdrop, with only one face showing anything. I can poke it through the skydome up till I hit the collision box.
2016/2/29 16:17:06
Sheep? Braj, your sheep are funny, and that's good The werewolf looks good too, and as Mindiflyth says you could just use different heads for different shots, you just have to be a bit clever about how you frame them (to hide the limitations). Does kinda look like you're remaking Lord of the Rings or something though...
2016/2/27 20:42:27
The Conspirators Excellent, although I think you'll find that they're spraying nanobots that the elite have immunized themselves against...at least, that's what they don't tell us... or do they? Whaaaaa?
2016/2/26 18:22:02
Muvizu is a joy Nice trees braj, nice vista overall. I'd recommend a bit of depth of field to lessen the sharp edges on the distant buildings, but it's looking good.
2016/2/24 4:35:01
Dark TGA output & recommended Vegas render setting I didn't mean you could sort them on import, just that you could fix them. Vegas brings them in the way it brings them in, you can't really do much about that, but at least you can correct the problem after import.

Sorry, just read my first post, and I realise what you mean - I meant to say 'export' at the end, my bad.
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2016/2/23 23:41:52
Dark TGA output & recommended Vegas render setting Just had a thought - another issue with importing from a CGI program is corrected by using the Levels fx on a clip, and selecting 'Studio RGB to Computer RGB' (from the presets) to correct for Vegas messing with your levels on import. Sometimes the reverse option works better, it depends on the source really.
2016/2/23 23:37:50
Dark TGA output & recommended Vegas render setting ...and ironically, Vegas always seems to look too light in the preview window (inside Vegas) compared to my originals... I've seen this reported as an issue with vegas a few times, no idea why it does it. At least if it's consistent (for you), you could make a brightness/contrast preset and apply that to each clip as you import it to 'normalise' it.
2016/2/23 20:20:33
Quickest Muvizu output type & Vegas editing? 1 - Doesn't seem to make much difference.

2 - Yes, this is what I do. TGA into vegas as an image sequence, then you use it just like any other clip.
2016/2/16 23:50:38
Moscow Assets Muvizu's premade objects have collision that can only be turned off for characters, but not other premade objects. As for your model, I only know how to remove collision with ASE files, not FBX.
2016/2/16 16:21:13
Moscow Assets Before you export the model, make sure to right click on the whole model and Explode any groups. Sometimes that actually messes up the model, but that's why we have undo Explode it as much as you can, is my point. You have to export each texture used individually, so that you can reload them back into their appropriate slots in the model once you've got it back into Muvizu. Or you can use the Raylectron texture exporter to do it for you with one click, and you can find that plugin here :


This is for Sketchup 8, no idea if it works with the later versions.
2016/2/16 16:13:39
Black line at top of screen after rendering? Been there, had that - it's not codecs or file types, it's the latest nvidia drivers. Remove all your video drivers and let windows download it's default version, that will cure it (353.06 is what my Windows 7 is currently using without any problems).
2016/2/15 23:11:20
Moscow Assets You know, you could probably cut that model up into smaller sections (in Sketchup) and be able to import it that way. You'd have to make sure to remove the collision, but it's doable.
2016/2/15 23:08:48
Head attachment/ face mask Actions/Dialogue ??? braj wrote:
My issue is how to get the materials between a character and the attachment looking proper. Does anyone have any tips?

Your final lighting will decide what colour you have to set the character to in order to make it blend better. Muvizu characters 'absorb' light differently from objects, so you're best worrying about it in each shot as you do them, rather than trying to find that elusive perfect setting (you'll be there for a long time...).
2016/2/15 11:02:53
Muvizu not working after latest Windows 10 update? Isn't this the issue with DX11? I seem to remember you have to force start Muvizu in DX9 mode to get it to work with Windows 10 (I wouldn't touch it myself, I like things to work). If you search the site you should find that thread.
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