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2015/8/21 21:57:19
Loser ( 3d animated short ). JB it's been ages! Good to see you back

(little mystified as to why I'm credited though, what did I do?)
2015/8/21 14:13:11
Windows 10 Update Issue HELP! MuvizuPlay+. @ Dylly - LOL Big Grin One thing about W10 though - you still have a proper start menu, and the tiles can be turned off, so it's not like the disaster of W8.

@ Brian Gray - the movie is proceeding slowly. I can't use the new version (and I would really like to) because you still can't render out anything in TGA with DoF enabled in the cameras, so I'm stuck using 1.3 for the moment (no layers!). My sets make Muvizu creak at the seams, unfortunately...
2015/8/21 14:07:48
How do we save attachments? JanT, if you want to give a girl blushing cheeks wouldn't you be better just painting them onto her Custom Texture? No models involved that way, just a little photoshop tweak.
2015/8/21 14:06:27
Can't keep this old animator down! Get well soon BW - we want to see Nick Danger (and you) back in action ASAP!
2015/8/20 21:13:51
Windows 10 Update Issue HELP! MuvizuPlay+. So obvious when you see it written down... Good one BG!
2015/8/17 18:32:23
4/8/15 Release Bugs MrDrWho13 wrote:
You can see why we might have issues:

I'm not sure what Ziggy's after, but perhaps the option to group items so this would say "Bending tree (200)" or something like that. I was going to find out how many exactly but Muvizu froze when I tried to select all the trees.

What I'm asking for is this - see that the header box at the top that says 'Layer'? I'd like to click that and, like Windows explorer, Muvizu would sort the layers into alphabetical order.
2015/8/17 18:30:16
4/8/15 Release Bugs ukBerty wrote:
Layers were going great - but now they've sort of stopped working....

When exporting TGA sequences they all seem to have a reduced opacity so are useless. I'd say 30% opacity.

Anyone seen this before - I've not used TGA much before.....

Exporting AVI are fine, but there's no transparency..

This is exactly my problem too - semi opaque output from TGAs if you use ANY effects on the camera output (in DX11).
2015/8/16 12:33:15
4/8/15 Release Bugs They are, aren't they? Still can't use them with TGA output in DX11 though (unless I don't use Depth of Field, which just isn't gonna happen, I love my DoF) but once that's sorted it will be great. One thing though - it would EXTREMELY useful if we could use the headers on the Layers window to sort them by type (what we named them), so we can find the ones on the same layer a bit easier. When you've got several hundred objects listed, finding the 3 or 4 on the same layer can be tedious... Just sayin'
2015/8/10 20:28:30
Dog really needs new muzzle and new tail Okay, so it was actually Sketchup that was the limiting factor here, but yes, do it blender and you'll get your curves nice
2015/8/10 20:21:51
Dog really needs new muzzle and new tail To get the tail to match the way the characters handle light you'd need to make it as an FBX type object. ASE is too simple a format to handle reflectivity or anything like that.
2015/8/9 18:44:08
Coming Soon... Dude, that's some fancy batgear you got there

Lighting it? If it were me, here's the procedure :

Delete all existing Muvizu lights
Set Shadow Mode to Custom - Ambient Shadow OFF! Zero! Individual Shadows 100% Shadow Sharpness 100%

(Now at this point your PC might grind to a halt, so bring back the Shadow Sharpness down to a level that just allows you to still navigate around with the lights on.)

Adjust the ambient light to near zero (or zeros if using the new version with 2 sliders).
Create a Spotlight - edit it, and set it's Shadow properties (Merge) to Cast Individual Shadows. Normally you should set all lights to Cast Individual Shadows initially, until you see how it works out. Adding to the Ambient is useful sometimes, but never for your main light sources.

Now you can begin lighting it. No obvious light sources in your shots, so you'll have to decide what they would be, where they are, and what they're pointing at. Or you can do what Hollywood does and just slap lights everywhere until it looks pretty. Lighting it the same way as the films is something you could emulate, or just play with the spotlights until you get something that makes you happy (that's kinda what I do ). Stick some spots in, see how it looks in the cameras (coz that's all that matters) and go from there. Hope that helps some
2015/8/9 15:11:10
4/8/15 Release Bugs Same here - everything glows in the dark otherwise.
2015/8/8 15:49:29
copy and paste character actions Neither. Both been asked for many, many times...
2015/8/7 18:51:50
4/8/15 Release Bugs So, tried the new version and now when I try to render out TGA sequences I only get the Layer 0 depth pass - nothing else. I haven't even ticked Depth Pass, so I dunno what's going on there... Works fine in DX9 mode though (in terms of TGA output at least).
2015/8/7 18:43:16
Coming Soon... Don't you ever do anything with fluffy bunnies and kittens, Fazz? Big Grin
2015/8/5 14:06:06
4/8/15 Release Bugs ukBerty wrote:
I can confirm that using directx 9 you get an AVI out and it looks like your camera windows.

Can anyone remind me if we lose anything with Directx 9 (apart from layers of course) ?

The shadows in DX9 are a bit stripey and 'coarse'. The lighting is not as good - you'd have to have both movies side by side to really see it though...
2015/8/5 1:30:57
Today's Download Only TGA sequences work at the moment, no video formats, even uncompressed. I'm still using 1.3 alongside it - I think its the best version for stability until this new one settles down a bit (as in, no major bugs).
2015/8/4 21:32:26
4/8/15 Release Bugs Supposed to be a summer's day, not a Siberian winter

Also found that you can't actually render video with v1.5 - it just produces a 1k blank AVI, although it LOOKS like it's rendering it.
2015/8/4 21:08:48
4/8/15 Release Bugs I'd better put this here as well : Rendered movies are dark.

All saved sets do this, but sets created in 1.5 are not affected.
2015/8/4 17:28:22
Today's Download claireq wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:

And what's the deal with the TGA depth pass? I'm sure it's a nice feature, but without any kind of change log <cough> it's kinda hard to work out why it does what it does, or what we'd use it for. It is kinda freaky though

TGA depth pass is for anyone who would like to be fancy and do the depth of field in a post processing package such as after effects or nuke, although Muvizu cameras do a decent job of it anyway Big Grin
edited by claireq on 04/08/2015

Ah, now it makes sense! Thanks

Any idea why my set (saved in 1.4) is being rendered so dark in 1.5? The cameras don't match the output at all.

I turned off AO (first suspect) and it made no difference - it doesn't do this when you create a new set, just if you load an existing one (I've tried a few, no difference).

PS I now know I'm a veteran of Muvizu since 0.12b thanks to the wiki - and it was crap back then compared to now, you lucky things!
edited by ziggy72 on 04/08/2015
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