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2015/7/18 19:27:46
Then and now.. No contest really, is there? The definition of the dog is especially noticeable on the new version - the one on the left looks kinda flat by comparison. Just hope it gets fixed soon, I currently don't have Muvizu installed, which is a first for me. Just itching to get back in there now...
2015/7/17 19:41:36
Can you swap props between character types? The answer to both questions is no, not at the moment anyway. Muvizu is not static, so it might happen later, depends on how much you complain Big Grin
2015/7/16 12:14:50
Coming Soon... Nice Fazz, nice! Until the dude walked on, you couldn't tell what 3d package this is shot in - Muvizu has come a long way. Okay, it's rather broke at the moment, but the future is still bright Cool

(I'm guessing the lamposts are separate objects set to not cast shadows?)
2015/7/14 17:52:29
Coming Soon...
2015/7/14 16:36:01
Music Video MrDrWho13 wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
There's a thread on here somewhere about free video editors...

Why does nobody ever check the wiki?
edited by MrDrWho13 on 13/07/2015

Yeah, bleedin' lazy gits not checking... Big Grin
2015/7/14 16:34:14
Kicks the shed door open and coughs Good to have you back on dry land Good time to come back too, or at least it will be in a little bit once the program is fully usable again...
2015/7/13 21:25:44
Music Video This is the point where you realise you need a video editor, so you can match the separate scenes (from separate sets) to the music after you've shot the footage. You can use the music in the set to get the timing right, but the audio in the shots would essentially be there only as a guide to help sync up to the soundtrack in the video editor. This is how I and many others do it. There's a thread on here somewhere about free video editors...
2015/7/11 15:24:59
It's all happening here! Yup, looks good when used in smaller doses - I think you'd have to set it for each shot to get it just right. Some presets or user favourite slots would be useful...
2015/7/11 0:50:17
Sketchup Export 10th July 2015 There was an excellent laptop model in the Assets, but it's gone now. PM me with an email address and I'll send it to you - it's very nicely textured, and designed to be customised. And it's only 4mb.
2015/7/10 20:01:34
cue point name If you mean 'can I name a cue point' then unfortunately no, you can't. I'm pretty sure this feature was asked for before, probably by me
2015/7/10 19:59:50
6/7/15 release bugs Directing Character Properties (Expression/Custom Texture/Skin etc) no longer works. You can go into the Prepare bit okay, and the Initial State works, but when you record nothing happens when you move the slider/click the new texture/whatever. Bummer. Can't use this software without them any more, I find, especially the Expressive slider. Please fix fast
2015/7/9 21:02:01
It's all happening here! To be fair, I don't know how well AO will work with models inside another bigger model, which is what you're seeing in this picture. Also, it is the very first time we've had this in the software, so changes from v1.0 will no doubt be forthcoming
2015/7/9 0:26:13
Need a model or set made? Jure, if the object you're importing has too small a volume, you get that error message. Using the ziggymesh exporter will fix that, though. The image being repeated into lots of tiny images is to do with Sketchup's texture mapping, or rather its lack of it sometimes. You'll have to import an image as a Texture, then apply it to the model. If it doesn't fit first time don't worry, just right click on it, go the the Texture options, and resize/rescale the image to fit the model, then export it as an ASE. Muvizu can't fix texture issues like this, it has to be fixed on the original model itself within Sketchup (or whatever 3D package you use).
2015/7/9 0:18:48
It's all happening here! Danimal wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
the AO is already helping.

I admittedly only played with the new version for 10 minutes tops, but I couldn't for the life of me tell what the A.O. was doing until I got it up to its extreme settings, then everything just looked like one big shadow.

Also, where is this Bloom feature? And though everyone says it's faster, it took longer to load my super primitive sets. Definitely no error messages though!

The Bloom feature should be on the options for each Camera, next to Depth of Field and the like. The AO doesn't look like it does much when you first use it, but it definitely does add to the scene.

The top one is without AO, the bottom with.

It's definitely one that requires subtlety when used or else everything will look odd, but I'd rather have it than not
2015/7/8 15:47:35
It's all happening here! I like MDW13's layout - anything is better than what we have now though, and the camera system has been needing improvement since forever. Having said that, I just discovered Motion Blur in the settings and I'm having fun making things whiz by in front of the camera. I'm easily amused The Bloom setting is a nice addition too - saves me having to fake it all the time with extra lights. The new way of using depth of field is a little more involved than before, but it's better (as far as I can tell).

I actually made a short animation last week, but it's been sitting on my machine while I wait for the Gallery to get fixed. So, while I'm waiting, I'm going to reshoot it using the new tricks and see how it looks - the AO is already helping.
2015/7/7 18:46:01
It's all happening here! ukBerty wrote:
The update has a very specific enhancement that I requested sometime back and I want to thank all at Muvizu for including it as it has made my day.
Mandy's attachment point, by any chance?

Ambient Occlusion, where have you been for the last 5 years? Didn't even know I needed it until I tried it out... wow, what a difference this will make. All the lighting changes are very cool and very welcome. It is most definitely faster as well - did I 'encourage' you to optimize the code because of the monster sets I sent in? Sorry Big Grin

One thing I noticed though - on the update screen, you're still using the old Muvizu logo. It's the only place it still exists, I think. I'm not even going to think about the other changes coming, I've got some lighting to play with...
2015/6/28 22:26:28
Need rollerskates! Scale is easy enough - just select your skate, press S, and scale from the points. Rotation you do by having your skate as a group, then use the Move cursor to highlight one of the little red crosses on the blue selection box - the cursor will change into Rotation mode.
2015/6/28 22:23:28
Assistance Its been interesting watching this thing develop into... well, into a room full of nuts for a start Top job on getting all that to sit in place Rebel, be good to see it when it's all done, and what you guys have come up with.
2015/6/28 18:56:45
Need rollerskates! There are attachment spots for the left and right feet. You'll have to mess around with the scale in Sketchup to make it match Muvizu's scale though, as it's quite a narrow window you have to hit to match the characters scale (I find).
2015/6/28 17:03:32
shut up!!zip it!...shh! April the 20th, that's the last time a video was posted according to the Gallery. It's nearly July. Confused
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