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2016/9/8 17:55:20
The Motherland Calls Using 3D Coat and patience
2016/9/7 23:59:15
The Motherland Calls

And she's done. I will be making a bronze version too, so you'll have a little desk version to match the much bigger granite version.
2016/9/5 22:41:16
More characters and actions You can fake a lot of this using my dummy arms : http://www.muvizu.com/forum/topic5734-tips--tricks.aspx
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2016/9/4 15:53:44
The Motherland Calls Thanks Urbanlamb - the retopo is going slowly I cut her up into sections and did each one separately, then set about stitching each section together at logical points along their contours (and snapping to the complete base figure all the while). I've been removing as much topology as I can to get the size down, but it's tricky. But, like I said, it's good practise. Still amazed I managed to preserve her 'flying folds' - there were holes and scrambled bits of course, but I repaired them and they look quite good. She'd make a great hood ornament
2016/9/4 14:33:47
The Motherland Calls She is yer standard Muvizu Girl character posed (in blender), imported into 3d Coat, then I added the clothes and stuff. I would like to make a series of sculpts based on famous statues, using the Muvizu characters as the base figure. It's good practise.
2016/9/3 21:06:13
The Motherland Calls

This is a statue I'm working on in 3D Coat. This is the finished sculpt, and I'm now in the process of creating a useable model out of it for import into Muvizu (or anything else). It's based on the Motherland Calls statue in Russia.
2016/9/3 20:33:47
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Nice job Tony - I especially liked the 'reveal' shot, nicely done! Good to see the blobs getting used well.
2016/9/2 17:41:48
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers Dreeko wrote:
Take a breath Zig...

In and out,

That's it...

You know what really grinds my gears, D? When I think back to posts like this one (which I made on the 13th of June, before v1.8 came out). I posted it in Zuchat, because I didn't want to say it here :

Any update would be good news - as long as it doesn't follow the normal routine... (new version, new features, old features now broken, wait for months for fix).

And where are we at now? When it gets this predictable, I've got to question why I'm even here. I wouldn't put up with this from any other software I've got, and yet from Muvizu I've actually come to expect it...?! I still have faith in the program - it still isn't anywhere near it's full potential, and you can do amazing things with it, but I fear for it's future when it's left to limp along on 3 legs with more and more saddlebags thrown on for effect.
2016/9/2 15:46:06
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers Hey Dreeko! Long time no post You're dead right about the keyframing - just a pity it doesn't WORK!! It randomly flips the camera through 360 degrees and has been doing so since it was released along with v1.6, as well as 'removing' an axis of movement - we are now at v1.8 and it's still broke. If your software is fundamentally broken, you can't sell it. If you keep updating the software with progressively more broken versions (like v1.8), you're not only not going to sell it, but people will want their money back, or just abandon the software and go use something else instead (something that works!). If you have a flat tyre on your car, you don't add a fifth wheel to compensate, but this is exactly what Muvizu has been doing. Enough already.
2016/9/1 18:53:52
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers He ain't wrong you know.
2016/8/30 11:31:56
placard or sign It is ironic that they have signs as attachments, but no action to wave or use them without them clipping straight through the character. I'd recommend you get a hold of my arms here http://www.muvizu.com/forum/topic5734-tips--tricks.aspx and attach your own sign to one, then attach that to a character's attachment slot.
2016/8/30 11:29:26
The End of the Chase LOL good vid, the lightning flashes were nicely timed too.
2016/8/30 1:04:58
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers Doing week 4's bit, then got stuck doing this all day. It was fun

I used Sinister for the end bit.
2016/8/29 14:24:21
Heaven Bound Test Render That's nicely done, but wouldn't it be better to have the laser beams coming from above, so you can't see them erupting from nothing behind her? The upward snow is a nice effect too, but you can replace the white ball with something else (and it won't add to the CPU load). Maybe try a little star or sparkle-type PNG instead. You might also want something between the stage and the stands, to fake a bit of depth/distance - you don't want it to look like she's a giant performing to midgets! Also, the central 'screen' cylinder is grey - the videos are always going to be washed out looking anyway (due to Muvizu's mishandling of AVIs) so maybe make the cylinder white instead. Or do it in Hitfilm
2016/8/29 14:10:39
Reworked my minions animation... I never work with multiple cameras open - never. One camera at a time or everything grinds to a halt on a complex scene (even on a fast machine). I never use the active cameras window (I think that's what it's called) - I just open each camera from it's edit window. What I've always wanted, and have asked for before, are check boxes along the top of the UI that let you toggle the visibility of each camera (so you don't have to go through yet another window to operate them).

Nice vid, the lighting does work better, and everything gets banned in Germany. I think they have giant fans along their border blowing the corrupt non-German air back into the surrounding countries. There's something wrong with Germany...
2016/8/29 14:02:41
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 That's a pretty good cat! Fat little bugger though Big Grin
2016/8/28 20:55:19
Lip Synch Problem With Singing, Song, Music, Sync You know, that is a very interesting test (the first vid) - I don't think anyone's ever quantified the lip sync mouth shapes before, so it's very helpful to know what works best. Thanks for posting.
2016/8/25 23:18:52
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 That technique doesn't get used much because of the (relatively) low resolution on the face mask, and the odd way it reacts to light (as you can see in your vid, it goes very dark off to the edges). I think characters can 'wear' movies as skins too, but the same problem applies. Regardless, you got it working quite well there Pat, nice job. If you over-lit the sides of your face when filming yourself, it might counter the shading effect - or masked off your face in HF and used an effect to brighten the surrounding footage, that could also counter the darker edges.
2016/8/23 19:07:18
Animating lights on & off without changing values? When you set up the initial properties for your light you choose Keyframed rather than the normal Directed. Once in KF mode any changes to the light brightness at any point in the timeline will be recorded - just move to the time and set the light value.
2016/8/23 14:18:28
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] After Effects would be your best bet, yes. There's no way I can think of to create a translucent pillar of light in Muvizu other than creating a big semi-transparent tube and moving it around, which would look rubbish anyway.
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