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2012/7/17 1:56:33
Feedback Thread -v0.21b release (July 2012) One other thing - any chance we can get the UV maps for the new characters? Pleeeeease?
2012/7/16 19:12:12
Feedback Thread -v0.21b release (July 2012) Sorry Marco, but it should be here already

First issue - Beefy's eyebrow location 'both lowered' option doesn't do much at all (although thankyou for finally giving us the 'Roger Moore school of acting' ability!)

Second issue - uh...too much awesomeness?

Will get on with the actions/movements later - working on my own little foray into superheroing, but it's all looking great - loving the new explosive effects too. Thumbs Up
2012/7/16 3:17:38
Pretty COOL!!! First time poster, to a streaming video site - can only mean one thing... Spam Alert!
2012/7/15 20:56:23
apply my face layer to a muvizu custom character Hi Marietto - let's start at the beginning, eh?

First off, the UV map (image 3) is the 3D model shape for textures, so any texture you want to work in there HAS to conform to that shape - your eyes have to line up with the eyes, mouth with the mouth, nose with the nose, etc. So, straight away, what you're attempting wont work because your initial picture is taken slightly to one side, not face on, your mouth isnt open, eyes in the wrong place, etc.

Secondly, the UV map is distorted to wrap around the 3D image, so your face image would have to be distorted to match. It isn't.

And thirdly, if all you want is to map your face onto a character and not have him speak, use the Face Mask option instead which will do exactly what you want (in the character options within Muvizu itself).

Mapping textures onto characters is a bit hit and miss, and mapping your face onto a Muvizu character is not easy to pull off successfully. I'd recommend you take another picture of yourself, dead straight, face on, mouth open, and try again with that. As for the white spots, that's probably because you aren't exporting your finished mapped character as a transparent png file.

Hope that helps
2012/7/14 19:30:22
Banging my head against a wall... Me again - no actual solution I can think of, but 2 thoughts struck me -
1 Your system is much faster than mine, and should handle what you're doing okay.
2 You list your Muvizu version as MZASS-v0.20b - build: 2012.05.10.01R - that's what I'm using too.

HOWEVER... when making my 12 stages video, I could not direct my main character while the theatre was full of people because the audio would not play properly. Then I notice that Muvizu can only use one core - and modern processors are all about cores over clockspeed, so all that i7 power you've got (like my i5) is pretty redundant as far as the Unreal engine is concerned. Hmm...

Try this - save a copy of the main set. Delete all the effects, and then try to Make the video, sound and all, and see what happens. If it's the same result, try it again but without sound. You can't solve a problem if you can't identify it first, so you'll have to do some detective work I'm afraid. You could also post the set on the Gallery, for other people to try and see what results they get.

Good luck! Damn Computer..
2012/7/14 18:44:58
clip Muvizu in Final Cut o Adobe Premiere Hi Niagara - Yes, any video editor should be able to use Muvizu clips to assemble movies. Works for us lot anyway
2012/7/13 0:04:39
Random requests! Door springs! By that I mean that when you animate opening a door (or any object ideally), there would be a check box on the Prepare dialogue to enable the Spring. This would mean that the door would spring back to it's starting position automatically once you let go of the key(s) you're pressing to animate it. This is necessary, I believe, since it is completely impossible to do it manually. You can never get the bloody door to look shut again, it's always a little bit out (at best!).
2012/7/12 21:34:36
A Public Service Announcement! Punny, very punny
2012/7/12 1:50:32
What are teleports (as in:Fix Teleports message) Teleports, as far as my understanding goes, is to do with where a character ends up after an animation is complete - as in, he starts in one location but ends up somewhere else because of the Action, not Movement. Or because it combines with Movement. Iterferes with Movement? Something like that... Anyway, this can mess things up apparently, so the teleport Fix option should stop that from happening.

I'm sure someone at Muvizu HQ can give you a better explanation than that (actually, a dead dog could probably give you a better explanation that that), but all I'm saying is that you're best to just fix all teleports after you're done moving stuff around on the timeline. Should save you issues later on when you come to Make your video.
2012/7/12 1:41:14
Need a model or set made? Oh, that's some really nice work Dylly - lovin' them fancy curves!
2012/7/11 19:48:09
unreal engine 4 I want to Fracture things!!! Now!!! Gavel
2012/7/8 19:33:04
Random requests! On the subject of eyebrows, could we please have the option to turn off shadows on Brows? Pretty sure my eyebrows don't cast shadows over my face... I'll go check
2012/7/8 15:57:42
The 12 Stages of a Breakup And so, after many weeks of heads down no nonsense Muvi making, myself and Thea bring you the 12 Stages Of A Breakup, an instructional presentation to help you get through one of life's most common sorrows.

You can also find it on the soyouvebeendumped.com website, as well as my favourites list on my YouTube channel.


2012/7/8 12:41:43
Sketchup to muvizu That Gile is a neat little program, and it actually likes .ase files (unlike everything else) - good stuff, thanks Tripfreak! Thumbs Up
2012/7/8 12:24:07
Object Creation. Kreator01 wrote:
if I do an ambient occlusion map how does muvizu recognise the map ?

When importing an object, one of the options is 'Has Object Occlusion Map' which is by default set to none. Change that, and the ao file should be recognised automatically - seemed to work with your loco anyway.
2012/7/7 12:39:57
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... Yes, congrats on the grandkid - now you can watch her grow up until she's old enough to play in the garden - and then you can tell her to GET OFF MY LAWN!!! Toast
2012/7/6 23:02:49
Object Creation. Sorry Kreator, but transparency and opacity don't mix in external models in Muvizu. They can internally, as shown by the dome on the helicopter, or the lenses in character's glasses, but as yet we can't import anything that mixes transparencies. Still, we can hope, and badger the devs... poke

As for animating the propellors - very very tricky. For all kinds of reasons, but principally because you can't animate objects in groups, only individually. You can have them overlap, or run in sync, but how would you recreate an organic movement like your aircraft test vid? You'd have to do it once for the plane, then once again for each propellor, and then make them all sync together to appear to fly in unison. Wouldn't fancy even attempting that one! Character animation is Muvizu's strength, but object animation will get better. Someday...

Also, the 'outside the world' message is because the object your importing is scaled too big (anything above 30 meters long in Sketchup, for example) or you're too close the edge (of the 'world'). Make sure there's plenty of unoccupied space in front of your view point before trying to import. Good luck!
edited by ziggy72 on 06/07/2012
2012/7/6 19:06:32
Mapping Characters & the issues that ensue... Now that we're all familiar with how to map characters...oh hang on, I feel a disturbance in the Force, like a thousand Muvizuers howling in the dark...

I was about to start doing some sort of tutorial on how to map characters successfully when Dingobronze uploads his Napoleon texture (for Boy). Very nice it is too, very sharp...too sharp, as it happens, because of a line that appears across the character's waist.

You can see it on the left boy, but after a bit of painting over the lines (extreme right) we have the corrected character in the middle. The edges (as defined in the UV map supplied by the good folks at Muvizu HQ) is a guide, not an absolute.

So, helpful hint number one - When painting a character, always go over the lines and never assume it will line up exactly as it shows on the UV map.
2012/7/6 18:15:47
Object Creation. Okay, I'll give it a go...

Error on loading - can't find the texture files. Quick check on the .ase file... ah, you've got the original .tga names on the textures, but .jpg files saved with the object. Easily fixed, just change that name there to the .jpg you've included...

Lower section okay, although the mixed opacity stuff in Muvizu is kinda broke so not worth trying to implement into an existing model - you'd have to really have no window glass at all, and then add a second glass model which then could be semi-transparent. That's what I'm doing anyway.

Changed the texture names in the other .ase files and they all looked good. One problem though - the telescope (by itself) can't be put inside the empty dome because of the basic level of collision detection of objects in Muvizu. You can try and reshape it (there are tutorial videos in the help section for this) but I'd recommend ignoring the collision completely and apply my (patented) ZMB collision technology, which you can find here :

Also, I'd reconsider the lens on the telescope - be better just black and let the user decide what to show. Hope this is helpful to you
2012/7/5 20:39:42
Why are Character Actions Grayed out sometimes... The problem, it seems to me, is just one of information. We need more regarding restrictions on what stance can be used with any animation. How about, for example...

The random poses and Happy > Me graphic are as usual, since They can all be used while standing or sitting. But the Conversation acton has the standing tag, since you can't use it while sitting. Likewise, Knee Slap can't be used while standing, so has the sitting tag. Too simple?
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