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2016/8/22 19:56:26
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers Surely Quad Warp is simpler than you think? You assign 4 tracking points, then in the QW effect assign each point to each corner (with 'Use Layer'). There's not much more to it than that really, is there?
2016/8/22 18:48:05
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers Finished my Monday routine Week 3 done, just off to practice masking together this crowd scene. I'm going to add in some 3d objects too, see how that works. Good course this, isn't it?
2016/8/22 16:24:01
Reincarnation Nicely done, very silly Well thought out too - hiding the line of chickens behind the 'main' chicken is just the kind of simple trick most people seem to miss.
2016/8/21 23:59:07
Walking Could you be a bit more specific? Maybe describe a scenario that you struggle with? There's lots of ways walking can be problematic in Muvizu, so we need a target to aim at
2016/8/21 15:54:02
Heaven Bound Test Render Yeah, make everything the same as your source (25fps) - you can always up the frame rate later, when you're done, but you can't go changing frame rates on Muvizu without problems.
2016/8/21 15:16:24
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers Nice job on the Quad Warp Rocque, takes a bit of work to get that effect going. The Ardington interview was interesting (although I missed the first quarter hour), so thanks for posting, I'm going to go watch the start now.
2016/8/21 15:08:50
Heaven Bound Test Render If moving the audio on the video editor's timeline doesn't give you a decent enough 'fit' for the sync, you need to use the talk/shush commands to clip the points where their lips are still moving - if you have a deep, well recorded voice like you have then Muvizu picks up on everything (reverb and decay) and you get mouth flutter. Another option (which I use) is to make a special version of the audio with every bit of slack space 'between' words muted out. This is used only for Muvizu to get a better lip sync (but will still sync up with your original untouched audio when you bring it into the editor). I did this for my last video because William Burroughs has a deep, resonant voice and it gave Muvizu problems.
2016/8/17 2:07:11
Heaven Bound Test Render Of course, I forgot she also uploaded some assets (back in the days when we still could). I've used those same trees myself, she makes nice models.
2016/8/17 0:51:02
Heaven Bound Test Render Sorry, I thought for sure that winter set looked like Urban's - guess snowy trees at Christmas time look alike anyway! Also, forgot to ask about the strangely slow walk - choosing moods before actions can change the actions and movements in odd ways, and that's a good find.
2016/8/17 0:08:04
Surprise in the park Don't know where it is, but this is the vid Fazz made for it : http://www.muvizu.com/Video/34397/ED-209-the-birth-of-a-3d-asset
2016/8/16 22:44:00
Surprise in the park Over scaling it all, of course, shoulda guessed. Actually Fazz68 did a similar trick with a robot to create ED209, but the jaw movement - wow, hadn't thought of keying the visibility of positioned objects to animate something, that's genius that is Applause

Did you have to offset the axis zero points of the jaws to get them that far away, or is that using the 'tweak' <cof> to move them further out?
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2016/8/16 18:38:47
Heaven Bound Test Render Just call for me for some abuse, I'm here all day Big Grin
2016/8/16 16:21:44
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] The 'surprise 360' is a bug in the program, introduced with keyframing. Still waiting on a fix. In the meantime, I've found that the only way to get it to work (most of the time) is to do all your keyframes and movements in one go - don't stop, leave camera direction and then come back to the timeline to add/edit any keyframes, as this seems to be when the 360s start to happen all the time. Still, even then...

Also, once it starts doing the 360 spin it pretty much means it'll do it for the rest of that session, so restarting Muvizu is recommended.
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2016/8/16 14:35:52
Heaven Bound Test Render @ Rocque Maybe he just liked that watch, maybe it was personal. Or maybe he liked to wear it as a sort of joke on time... No, actually you're right, why is he wearing a watch anyway? Whaaaaa?

@PatMarrNC I think you'll find those are Urbanlamb's sets for the wintertime stuff.

@Robert-J Depth of field looks nice, adds dimension, and covers a multitude of sins By obscuring the hard horizons you get a blended backdrop so people focus on the characters, not 'why is the horizon dead flat?', or 'where are those trees disappearing into?'. If you want a detailed breakdown on what you could immediately improve on (from my beady glare squint ) then it would be this -

Use Hitfilm (always number one recommendation from now on)

Re-record the first 2 mins of audio, stop biting the mic

1:02 When he looks in the water... It doesn't work. Very very obviously. Not working 'a bit' is okay, but not 'very obviously'. People would stop watching here.

1:25 Too much Camera Shake for too long. You can type in decimal values (like 0.5) to lower it right down. Or use keyframes to move the camera around slightly to make the view more of a POV shot from dude to Dad. Also, the fog behind Dad is now obscured by the DoF, so just looks like a big blob of darker nothing. I don't think you need it anyway.

2:10 I'd stop using the fly effect from here, going on a bit long now.

5:13 & 5:33 Lovely shot, nicely executed, completely ruined by the floor tiles clipping through the ground at some corners. Raise then a little and turn off 'Casts Shadows' - they'll still look flat and no longer distract.

5:40 The 'road' is clipping through the base of the structure in an ugly way (screen right). And your backdrop trees are stunted looking.

6:54 The tiling on the texture is obvious on the circular base - maybe try to find a similar golden texture that is seamless.

7:27 The problem with the cloth skirts is the glitching and jumping they do (as well as the characters hands always clipping straight though them), and this is distracting throughout this bit. Try framing the shot differently to keep it out of view. A higher camera angle would also help to flatten her fingers against the keys of the piano.

7:47 Her scarf went back to default colours. Hate it when that happens. Some weird colour shifts from shot to shot here, and layers - ?

8:28 Too many head scratches. He'd have a hole in head by now. Always use the eye and head movements to convey emotion first, then resort to Actions when they aren't enough.

9:33 Her eyes are now green - if fact everything's went green on Mom's side of the window. DoF would help this shot, move the focus away from the guys departing.

11:08 Nice shot mate.

11:30 His idea of heaven is a house built in Minecraft? That's what it looks like. If you need a natural looking hill or something let me know, I'll bodge something together

This is the 'lite' version of what myself and ukBerty do with each others stuff, in order to push ourselves to do it better. Finding a reliable sounding board is a great help if you want to improve, I highly recommend it. I hope my breakdown has been of some help.
2016/8/16 0:45:05
Surprise in the park I think I can sum up everyone's reaction - WTF?! How did you do that? Amazing!, etc. Really impressed by the biting action and whichever devious way you got her into the mouth. Awesome Ikes - see, told you that would be your nickname Big Grin
2016/8/16 0:41:58
FATAL ABDUCTION ( English Subtitles) That was very silly. I like
2016/8/15 20:01:42
Hybrid: Muvizu characters interact with humans What video editor are you using? Unless you already use Hitfilm, I'm going to suggest you switch to Hitfilm Hey it's free and is made to do complex composite shots like this.
2016/8/15 17:26:49
Hybrid: Muvizu characters interact with humans I'm not going to hear a better line today than "I mixed in some asshole as well" Big Grin That's crazy, in a fun way. What's with the jump cuts though? Also, it isn't really obvious that there's any kind of exit screen right, so it kinda looks like he just vanishes into nothing when he walks off.
2016/8/15 15:26:19
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers This week's one is pretty good, and the project files are fun to play with. Got my double layered motion tracking going on here!
2016/8/15 0:19:29
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. Very very nice job Rodrisilva - great use of textures, as well as the transparencies.
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