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2011/10/25 14:14:07
Jumping Cheers Marco. I know that some moves can be used in 'alternative' ways. Take the breakdancing move, catch the end of it and you have a perfect pose!
2011/10/24 15:58:50
Newbie.... Wizaerd wrote:
Marco_D wrote:
Hi yankiankit1,

Welcome to Muvizu.

Unfortunately our characters cannot hold weapons or objects.
Holding objects is something that our team is thinking about, but as for weapons there are no plans to add that feature.

How would you amke that determination. How will you differentiate the character is holding an apple v.s. holding a gun? Holding a fork v.s. holding a knife? Holding a spear v.s. holding a rake?

Actually, one minor point here...

If you have used the singer then they hold the microphone, the drummer holds the sticks, the guitarist holds the guitar.

It's just not easy to set up the ability to do this kind of thing I suppose.
2011/10/24 14:58:43
Jumping I've seen a whole caboodle of new features appearing in the character animations recently - all of them excellent! However, one thing I still can't find is a sensible way to have somebody 'jump' (or hop or leap) from one ledge to another.

In my case, I have a young lady who is sat down and I want to hop down to the ground, but just walking forward looks wrong. It would be great if there were such a function, so someone could jump to the ground, jump down from a seated position to the ground or hop along from tree to tree - the mighty lark, the- no, sorry, getting carried away.

Is there a function I've missed please?
2011/9/21 17:20:41
Skin Editing Just a tip for the skin.

There is a pack - free, of course - called Pixlr which is great with layers. You can have a set colour beneath, the skin map next, then your detailed layer. When colouring the skin grid, set the standard to 'All Layers' and it will fill in that section of the 'grid'.

Worth a nose I feel.

2011/9/21 17:13:17
Stickman Skin This isn't a technical hitch, more of a complete and utter curio.

I was wandering through the various skins (as one does...) and noticed that one of the legs is noticeably longer than the other (I assume it's a leg and not an arm - they're all sticks to me!!!)

Any reason why? Is the poor oik just lop-sided?

Else, I'm back to trying to get this skin thing sorted!
2011/9/19 12:10:47
Sorting out my skin All much appreciated.

The fact that invisible can be used too is absolutely brilliant, so you can have whatever colour you choose fade to, say, a spot like a belly button.
2011/9/9 11:44:11
Sorting out my skin The new ability to change the individual skins is brilliant - I love it! But I need a hand.

When I have the map for, say, the lady, it is neatly marked as a grid. This would be perfect to fill in the individual fingernails (4 squares each roughly) and a nice shade of pink - or whatever the current fad is. However, I don't know how to remove the grid afterwards, and the poor lady looks like she's been run over by 4 million ants on bicycles...

I have tried layers, but the paint function on one layer fills that entire layer, not just the one nail section.

The only tool I know that can do polygons is Microsoft's paint, but that can't do layers. I also won't do Photoshop... because you have to pay for it.

I've tried (not a bad one at all actually) but still no bananas.

Any advice please? Wave

2011/9/9 11:30:33
Can character actions be copied and pasted? Agreed. It would make synchronised dancing much, much easier...
2011/3/25 11:01:05
Camera Order Thanks gents, that is much appreciated and I'll give that a shot.Cool
2011/3/24 14:53:56
Camera Order I was sorting out a bit of filming with my Muvizu characters and 4 cameras. In my set-up the first camera to be used was camera 3, however camera 1 came to life. I went through and ensured that, by using the time log and items and all those gubbins, all camera selections had been removed, but it insisted that camera 1 was the first to be selected.

Am I doing something daft or does camera 1 have to be the first camera to be used please?

Many thanks,
2011/3/22 11:13:32
New character?

Jim, I always thought it was spelled with an apostrophe - C'thulhu.

How are you going to rule the universe if you can't spell it right?

Zaphod would be soooo miffed...
2011/3/18 17:06:48
Straight lines A lot of people (well, one or two) have had complaints about making their characters walk in a straight line. It's tricky with the mouse.

Would it be possible to map keys to the character movements so that moving forward or backward or sideways or whatever was also possible with the good ol' keyboard? This way walking forward in a straight line would be a doddle - and to run you could just press Shift.

Any good?

2011/3/1 10:10:01
Camera Actions Much appreciated Jim, and thanks for the picture. I might well just print that out to remind me all the functions!

Shame you're jumping the main ship too. It's an amazing gizmo you folks have here, and far, far too addictive...
2011/2/28 12:53:37
Camera Actions I was noting down the camera actions (there is no way I can remember them all!) but one thing puzzles me a tad.

Would I be right in thinking the W and S keys do the same as the Up and Down arrows? Both seem to do a zoom in or out, and I can't see a difference.

Many thanks in advance,
2011/2/27 16:57:19
Walls Actually it's because of characters in 'rooms' in a setup.

The rest of the setup has a blue, moonlight backdrop but the characters in the room would not have this blue effect.

Make sense?

(Probably not, knowing me!)
2011/2/25 15:01:42
Walls Very much appreciated, Neil. I'll try that.

Is it worth creating a composition without the "Individual Shadows" options on and then turning them on for all the lights for the video creation? As you say, heavier load, but should be worth it I'd have thought.
2011/2/25 13:52:47
Walls Maybe I'm just not looking in the right place, but can you get true, opaque walls please - and a ceiling to match?

With some of the given ones, if you pop a light in and turn it on, it illuminates things outside the house!

2011/2/25 13:50:12
Batdork completed Now that was a true use of Muvizu! What a hero, what a guy, what a... well, dork...

Please do develop him more. Doesn't deserve to be wasted!!!

2011/2/17 13:32:18
Multiple Sounds I know that the system has been set up with only one backing sound line and one vocal line, which means that if you are insane enough to try animating a vocal quartet, the mouths will be a real mess.

Would it be possible for a 'workaround' by having the different sound lines (alto, bass, backing and lead) recorded one after the other in the spoken track and then to select where you wish the character to start singing (or speaking) from? You then mute this whole section and just 'pump up the volume' on the main track, which is the full quartet.
Any good or too tricky?


PS. Copeland did a Barbershop Quintet, so consider yourselves lucky... Whaaaaa?
2011/2/17 13:22:06
Walking in a straight line I like the ruler tip - thanks lchicker!
My PC desk looks more like my old school desk every day...

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