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2014/4/2 9:59:30
Camera attachment I agree...would also be nice to move the camera in the same way that we move a character.
2014/3/15 8:29:14
New characters and animations urbanlamb wrote:
i still want to be able to bend over and get down on me knees without just using sad and sit on the ground and a few other key things

2014/3/6 9:25:54
Edit Muvizu AVI files in Sony Vegas My current film/animation project involves a considerable amount of work with HD film footage from the bog standard camcorder, production quality cameras and even aerial footage from a drone, high resolution graphics and animation both traditional cell animation and rendered output from Maya and Muvizu. Combining and editing all of this footage had caused some considerable headaches when I started on this project a year and a half ago. I had thought my only solution was to upgrade my editing software from Vegas Movie Studio to something more professional, that was until I started doing a little digging and research and in desperation fired off a good old fashioned hand written letter to the BBC. In return I received a very detailed monograph upon film editing along with a contact for a 'local' (to the boat) expert in the subject. John the 'expert' was good enough to show me around a professional studio and help set up my 'editing' pipeline using the software that I had to get the best out of the various image media I was using. In the process of organising my pipeline John passed on a very handy link to the following YouTube tutorial which has proven invaluable when dealing with all things 'codec' and 'HD'.
2014/3/1 23:17:34
Asset Creation Whaddya mean 'start'? We ARE an old codgers club! Werther's original anyone?
2014/2/28 15:06:47
Asset Creation I suppose there will be no surprise that I would take a break from animating my biopic of Alex Salmond, loosely based on the story of Robinson Crusoe, to stick my head above the parapet on this subject.

There have been one or two comments in this thread that have come as a bit of a shock to Muvizu users...and I don’t really know what to think about them.

As Muvizu users we have all felt the cold draft from the swinging door of recent changes at Muvizu. Over the years we have been given an animation product and asked to ‘run with it’. We've tested it, pushed it further than it was meant to go, quite often we broke it, we’ve moaned about it, occasionally ranted about it, some of us spend more time with it that we do our families, but ultimately we love it.

Muvizu could be standing at a crossroads as Toon says, indeed it could be a bathroom prior to the disposal of baby, bath, water and the rubber duck. Perhaps a better analogy would be Hull City Football Club? What I believe this thread demonstrates is a need for a conversation between Muvizu and it’s users, a two way conversation. Going back to Toon’s reply ‘It really would be useful to provide some information of the roadmap’. Talk to us, tell us the reasons behind something, let us know what the hell is happening, we will listen and then in turn listen to what we have to say. After all we are all aware that at some point we the users will need to spend cash as well as the hours we currently invest in the Muvizu project.

Now to going back to the original post. So the decision has already been made to close the asset library to new submissions and someone is hopping around on one leg whilst bleeding from the self inflicted bullet wound in the other. The alternative that is being proposed is to use Turbosquid or similar vendor marketplace for the dissemination of assets which Muvizu users feel are vital to the validity of Muvizu as a current and future animation tool. ‘Houston we have a problem’!

Ever tried to get a Muvizu ready asset into the Turbosquid Marketplace? I have. Muvizu assets are very different in their stripped down construction to other assets in the Marketplace. To integrate assets into Muvizu we tinker with materials and the colour range, application of maps, scale, collision meshes and topology. All of which mean that a standard Muvizu asset fails the acceptance criteria for other marketplaces. In addition to this, many marketplaces rely on the services of testers who are not familiar with the requirements of Muvizu and dismiss Muvizu assets out of hand. Muvizu requires a marketplace of its own with its own testers and its own certificate of standards for quality to remain viable.

If it is a case that Muvizu users have to organise such a marketplace, I do have the server space and capacity to host such a project. But we would need help from other Muvizu users as testers, moderators, and asset creators. I would also need some support from Muvizu in with regard to information on new developments, tie in with existing and future product, marketing opportunities, permissions for logo use , limitations on liability for both parties etc. Its not a project that someone should consider lightly...but I am considering it as a possibility.

So what does everyone think? Is it a possibility...is it something everyone would like to see?
2014/2/20 10:28:49
classic kirk fights. number 1 Class...class...class...oh and classic! It's amazing to see just how far Muvizu has come in just a short time with the help of talented modellers and film makers!
2014/1/24 23:19:32
Graphic bug (large white streaks) with Play+ Not experienced this bug either on A8 Radeon Dual Graphics.
2014/1/24 17:57:41
Period costumes? SonOfKong wrote:
they could be just stood around on a street talking to a friend

So... not much has changed then over the last century and some? Ooh I'm going to be in so much trouble when they have finished cooking tea, watching celebrity whatever and Coronation Street, put the kids to bed and then read this! Police Never mind!

However don't forget the age old Western movie tradition (still seen today in Movies like the Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring) where they will stick some bint into a pair of trousers while she inexplicably rides round on a horse, shooting bad guys & defying her father and the social niceties oblivious of any plot context and in further defiance of the classic literature the film is 'loosely' based upon, fearing our colonial cousins will not understand the fundamental tragedy and sacrifice of the female character bound to inaction by the strict social structure of her society.
2014/1/19 19:03:58
Lightweight Laptop Recommendations ? Yup cooling is important with Muvizu...I can run 3ds max, maya, gimp & mudbox all at the same time on my laptop with no discernible reduction in power or performance. Muvizu has to be run all on its own some otherwise the whole thing overheats and it's shutdown time!
2014/1/18 9:23:06
make a jpg of a frame? If its a Muvizu video, simply render your clip out as a targa sequence and pick the image you want. If its any other video drop it into your video editor of choice, even windows Movie Maker has a facility to remove a frame as a still. Hope this helps.
2014/1/17 23:30:29
Coming Soon... Camembert or Brie
2014/1/13 8:06:46
UK Gov investigate YouTube Vid Ratings Article on BBC Radio 4's Today programme about ratings being applied to digital video's and YouTube content. Now this could stifle creativity somewhat! So far YouTube are just 'in discussions', but it's something that needs keeping an eye on. Roll on 2015!
2014/1/13 8:01:29
Delete a topic? I don't think there is a way for a user to delete a topic. The Muvizu staff can remove discussions in moderation as and when they see fit. That is what makes the Muvizu site such a useful, relatively spam free resource with with none of the backbiting & sniping that afflict other forums...and long may it be so!
2014/1/13 2:14:17
another new start checking in.... There are also a wide range of SketchUp plugins to help with the texture process. The TGI 3D SU Amorph is a good one with a free version available however I much prefer Fredo's Thrupaint (bundled with many of his other brilliant plugins) which is FREE & available at www.sketchucation.com. Once you get the hang of textures and want to move on to the next stage then Roadkill is a useful freebie to UV map your exported .obj sketchup model. It's what I used before I moved onto 3ds Max & Maya. Once you have the hang of UV mapping you can start to get those all important ambient occlusion shadows onto your models as well as a variety of other kinds of map.

Texture painting is the bit I like the most.
Sketchup Model

Part Textured using thrupaint, Roadkill UV's, textures created in Gimp & applied with 3ds Max

2014/1/13 1:42:31
Coming Soon... WozToons wrote:

life interfering with the animation process.

That's the trouble with life...its always interfering, yet as soons as it stops... you're knackered!

Nice to see you back mate!
2014/1/10 15:09:41
Urban Lamb? This problem of scale in Muvizu & Unreal units and and...my head is about to explode! Today I decided I would go on the hunt for a definitive answer to the scale question and finally came upon a forum on a site that dealt with just this issue. However all that I could ascertain was that there could be 16 UU's to a foot or maybe 15.24, and that Canada has something to do with the creation of the Unreal Engine...I finally gave up when someone asked the question "What is a Canada?" This may be something Urban Lamb can help with?
2014/1/3 17:49:14
Coming Soon... Yea gods! I don't know about the 'Evil Dead' but I now know why the never screened the outtakes from the David Cameron/Anne Widdecombe edition of Celebrity Wife Swap! Great job!
2014/1/3 17:43:19
Sound mixing issues I once had a cat called Patrick...until I checked its undercarriage...PATSY lived to a ripe old age!
2014/1/2 9:51:02
Happy New Year Ugh, oh my poor head! Cough, splutter....where's those roll ups...coffee coffeee COFFEEE! Ow, shush! Bleah...if the goern...government shot all the badgers what's with all the badger hair on my tongue? s'Funny but that bloke Jack Daniels turns up every New Years Eve, hangs around a bit on New Years Day and then we always seem to have a disagreement... until next year! Slurp umm! Old Brown Java nectar of the Gods! Almost human again!

Happy New Year to everyone!
2013/12/29 8:47:19
Doctor Who? primaveranz wrote:
Dr Finlay.

Ooh now you are showing your age "Och how about a cup of tea Dr Cameron" !
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