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2011/7/24 12:30:48
Glamorous WASP Fashion EXPO 2011 great New Fashion,
hope you enjoy ...

2011/7/21 18:43:32
Character Texture maps yes it is working ... all you need to do is this
1) go to the picture or immage
2) right click the immage ... and choose "open with paint"
3) open you character map and click on the "immage" icon and choose "immage properties" (for me my character UV map is 2048H X 2048W)
4)go back to your "paint program" or where ever your picture / immage is .. and REscale its size (in my case i needed to calculate 1/4 of the image i had and rescaled it to 875H X 350W)
5) save your new REscaled picture of the clothing in a new file
6) now go to that new picture (REscaled) and right click it again (this time choose the "copy" option)
7) now go back to your character UV map and click "Edit" and choose "Paste"
8) and you will now have your clothing allready drawn for you and scalled to fit! hahahahaahaha all that is left now is to line it up to the correct body part
2011/7/21 17:39:39
Character Texture maps wo wo wooo wait a minute .... i just had a thought ... i trid to "copy" "paste" a clothing item from a picture i had ... however it .. failed ...but..
my intention was to "copy and "paste" a picture of clothing to the character UV map .. it failed i am guessing because the image i coppied was simply too BIG ..
i was wondering however if this would be possible to do with ANY picture and simply scale it to fit our character map and we would NOT have to draw our clothing but we could simply align and copy paste?am i just dreaming or is this a reality we can do?
mayb a request or a "how to" is what i was actually asking for
2011/7/21 17:13:40
Character Texture maps nice work Dimension_five ...
i have found muvizu tutorials are simply a god send and a blessing to us all
2011/7/21 6:12:46
new WASP outlet WASP has decided to make a new line of Biker Leather available for the public ... i decided to make as many people as possible aware of the new sale ... Link below
2011/7/19 5:27:34
v0.16b Feedback wow ... impresive update ... very nice work and hats off to the staff say the least
2011/7/16 21:48:05
2011/7/14 21:42:39
Second Muvizu project. hahahaha ... your videos are great
funny also ... i liked this 1 too ... had me laughing pretty good!
this your best video right here below

your work had me laughing pretty good
2011/7/12 17:23:08
YouTube Tips & Tricks Very helpfull for us all
thankyou for this Post and information Emily
2011/7/12 17:12:28
YouTube Tips & Tricks
I tried the yt:stretch=16:9 option first, but the results weren't appealing at all.

Wizaerd if you dont like help then why did you ask for it? Emily was simply trying to help us to learn more about the available options on youtube ...
2011/7/7 7:01:54
The Garage Band Blues Episode #1... i saw this on utube, Loved the work
and commented but its worth saying again
Not even a mistake ... wow .. and the details .. lighting , script , music ... everything fit grandly

2011/7/4 18:44:59
Release wasp release

2011/7/2 23:55:38
Cries of the Dead - song video from MCS enjoyed this ... was good stuff!
smoke em if u got em
2011/6/26 6:43:47
Anchors Away enjoy ...

2011/6/17 5:46:38
WASP ch12 may you be forever blessed

2011/6/17 5:44:52
wasp ch11 hope you enjoy ...

2011/6/8 16:47:17
A tutorial vid from Dreeko very helpfull ... brilliantly simplified .. and easy
i thankyou
2011/6/5 22:53:27
Muvizu and mice nice to meet you Dimension_five welcome aboard
2011/6/1 21:26:35
WASP Immortality i hope you guys enjoyed this work
2011/5/31 12:28:39
WASP Immortality wow kool ty much
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