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2011/3/2 17:20:44
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! it doesnt seem hijaked to me i am enjoyin readin the comments
2011/2/23 14:21:25
Vengance claireq wrote:
Well done. I quite like that you are using all the different 3d animation packages such as Xtranormal. Which one do you fine easiest to use?
edited by claireq on 23/02/2011

i find Muvizu the easiest to use .. i dont like extranormal
2011/2/23 5:23:20
My First Effort that was your first video? ... wow .. really good work .. i was laughing all thru it .. especially part when u got teleported up .. hahahahaha .. hey ... good work!
2011/2/23 5:16:44

i hope you enjoy .. im new but workin hard at this
2011/2/23 4:23:40

i made this recently ... and ... was hoping it was something some people might like ...
2011/2/20 17:51:03
this Muvizu is AWESOME!!
2011/2/20 17:46:49
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! extranormal could not have had a higher paying customer then i was ... nor any1 more loyal to them ...but ... they lost me ... due to things ill not mention here but ... i was treated prety bad near the end ... ill still stop by and see some of the work they "Might" create .. but when i saw Movizu ... i simply fell inlove ...
2011/2/20 17:23:11
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! I LOVE THIS SITE .. its just awesome here ... fell inlove with it ...
2011/2/18 9:08:11
just wondering if this is good ... i would like to add 1 more comment ... this is the best software i have found ... i have no problem paying for this ... the fact that it is free has shoked me ...
2011/2/18 9:04:14
just wondering if this is good ... no i didnt ....just went straight to utube ... (sorry for the late responce) (um ... by the way .. how do i tell what size is )
2011/2/16 22:37:57
just wondering if this is good ...

some reason its not allowing me to place ny video ...
2011/2/16 22:34:19
just wondering if this is good ... i just made this ... hope it pleases the folks here ...
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