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2017/2/20 14:02:38
Invisible layers. the making of Nice tip! Thanks.
2017/1/30 12:10:27
DK Animated Movie series Right, Pat. It's why when I would write a fractured fairy tale, I made certain it was in no way connected to the Disney version. It's funny that Disney built their empire using public domain material and then helped push through more stringent copyright laws.

As far as music goes, I try to avoid music when possible for reasons you state. I'm not as familiar with the laws. Like you say, you can use them but you need to be certain the arrangement isn't one that has not reached copyright status. I think if I got a copyright infringement to a video I put up with music I would likely just take it down unless I was 100% certain it was in the public domain.
2017/1/29 16:36:50
DK Animated Movie series It should be noted that there are plenty of Youtube users who claim copyright to videos when they have no right to. I work with public domain material and I have put up public domain videos more a a way to get people to visit my blog on public domain and because I honestly feel these videos should remain in the publics eye.. I received a notice from Youtube of a copyright violation made by another Youtuber. I disputed it and noted that public domain material cannot be copyrighted unless significant changes were made. They put any earnings on hold for 30 days and release them to the winner (for lack of another way of saying this)

The person had claimed copyright and was allowing the video to be used but would claim any earnings. Now the most I've ever made on a video is 23 cents. lol So it was matter of principle to me. The claim was dropped.

I've seen others say a copyright claim was made on videos they have made with no music or anything even remotely delving into anyone elses material. Apparently certain keywords trigger an automatic response to copyright. People are complaining to Youtube as they make it the responsibility of the person to prove it's not copyrighted and automatically allow the person making the complaint to do so with no penalty if they are proven wrong and did so knowing it was not copyright by them.

My point is if you get one of these notices, don't panic and look outside for a swat team. Review your video and if there is no possible way that anything you used could be considered copyright by anyone, dispute it. It's easy and doesn't hurt your account.
2017/1/6 23:50:32
WHERE ARE YOU? BrianGray wrote:
Welcome to the Neighborhood comictude. Sorry for your loss but happy your staying. There are more than just a couple good people here. You'll see as time goes on. If you need help just ask. Patience and kindness go a long way in this neighborhood.


Thanks, Brian. This group is the reason I decided to stick with this. Hopefully in the future I can contribute with some help as well.
2017/1/6 13:18:08
WHERE ARE YOU? What types of stories did you write Comictude?

I wrote scary stories, fractured fairy tales, and more. I did manage to finish a book I started before my wife passed but right now I just can't get my mind wrapped around it anymore so this is the next step. I think I didn't want this to be frustrating but this forum made me decide not to drop the program and glad I didn't. Maybe at some point combining my story telling with this will get me back on track.
2017/1/5 13:20:40
WHERE ARE YOU? I live in Ohio and my grandson is my best friend. I coach youth ball - baseball and football and previously basketball and girls softball. I started writing after I retired to help supplement social security. I wrote probably 2 dozen or more books under a pen name but lost interest when my wife passed away in 2015. Recently got into cartoons as a means to help in the grief process when my grandson and I aren't doing sports or fishing or hunting and decided to try my hand at Muvizu. I actually was going to drop it but decided to keep at it because I'm impressed with this forum and the people willing to help.
2017/1/3 13:00:16
Lip Sync Nightmare I understand the Talk and Shush and don't use Shush at all even though it seems some suggest its use as a fix.

I did have a question. Breaking down scenes makes sense but how to you keep the last scene in your clip? In other words when you finish playing a scene the scene shifts back to the original. Characters may have moved and if you are splitting scenes you want to start the next scene in exactly the same spot you ended the previous scene. I don't see anywhere where it says how to do that.
2017/1/2 23:37:51
Lip Sync Nightmare Thanks, Rocque,

I think it's irritating because of their description as much as anything . . . excerpt ; animation libraries and automatic lip-synching makes it easy to create compelling animations in minutes.

I know some don't see this as a problem but obviously a large number of people do and have for some time. But it is what it is. I suppose if they don't issue a refund I'll put it aside and keep an eye on the forum to see if they ever fix this. :-)
2017/1/2 18:37:03
Lip Sync Nightmare I tried all these solutions. Just bought this a few days ago but this lip sync problem is way too frustrating. I don't even care if the mouth matches but want people to at least know who is talking. Reading into comments it seems like this and other problems have been discussed for a considerable time with no solution so I'm gonna try and bug out and ask for a refund when these guys return. It's a shame because the possibilities are terrific but it is what it is. Not sure they offer a refund but I can't take it anymore. :-) I guess it's time to see what else is out there.
2016/12/28 22:45:15
Character sets old and new Thanks. Gonna take some time to wrap my head around all this.
2016/12/28 19:52:04
Character sets old and new I just bought this program 2 days ago and made a couple very quick videos for fun and loaded them on YouTube. I'm confused on these sets. You say they will be in the store when staff returns. Are these what you see when you go to import a scene and check Online? Then you save each character you want as a Favorite? I just found that a couple hours ago and was surprised at all the new scenes.

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