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2011/10/7 13:17:27
Switch Layers for textures? Yes, an extension to the object animation, and also it could be applied to a
Characters action window selection.

It would work the same way you select an action, with your imported texture maps to choose from, basically another ACTION but a switch layer action, changing the characters texture map, and showing up as keyframe on the time line.....

I Thought of this after watching Dreekos ( I'm Sparticus ) and Hexslayers wonderful portrail of Terry Thomas, and thought the only way to achieve
Easy eye and facial animation with 2d images is seperate images used as switch

If we can get this into Muvizu I think it would open up Massive interest.
2011/10/7 12:17:45
Switch Layers for textures? Hi team, Muvizuers, do you think switch layers could be great for Muvizu?

I think it would be great for use with Textures, body textures.
The switch layer system would solve a lot of problems for facial animation.
What I have in mind is something like Anime Studios switch layers?

An example would be you could make different facial expressions on your texture
Map, and switch accordingly.

Another example would be Blood splats, or wounds, again, switching to that
Texture map when the blood needs to appear.
Any thoughts?
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2011/10/6 12:31:21
Steve Jobs sad loss I would just like to say rest in peace Steve Jobs, you saved Pixar and kept the 3d
Dream alive, a good visionary, 3d animating owes you everything.

Long live Muvizu,
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2011/9/30 9:31:20
Import more than 1 dialogue audio file? Hi, you only have one audio track for characters to lip sync to.

The trick is make one clean audio file with all of your voices mixed and timed how
You like it, think of a radio drama for example, with out music, just the voices only

When you are happy with your voice over file, whack it into muvizus dialogue setup then direct the character to the voice you want by clicking on ( Speak )
then ( sssh ) to stop.
That's it really, follow the tutorials here for better instructions.

Ooh, a good way to mix up your audio is to use the free program (Audacity)
Remember, nice clean audio.
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2011/9/29 10:17:09
Bat Manuel (first Video) Like your style
2011/9/28 12:43:49
Newbie Introduction Welcome, you will have a great time here

All the best, artpen
2011/9/28 11:23:59
New character? Hi team, muvizuers, just had a little thought....

Do you think a talking mouth on its own would be a good idea?

Think about the possibilities, a taking car, a talking cup, anything you want!

The mouth would be great, also eyes like dreekos horse...
2011/9/27 17:59:15
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Hi Neil, thanks for your reply

The main problem is the fine tuning of small animations, head moves, eye moves, or just trying to get your timing just right The Wave

The timeline works, but if you have a small head turn for example, it shows up like a Teeny tiny slit on the timeline.

The problem is that trying to click on it is dead hard...

I used the old timeline a lot for this because these small animations showed up as small blocks, great, easy.

Thanks again Neil, looking forward to the new timeline

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2011/9/27 13:16:04
On the News Nice vids dreeko
2011/9/23 8:01:28
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Hi team, just to keep you updated, ok, the patch has worked, sets loading ok for
Now, thanks HQ.

Having played around with the new update And all the new features I must point out
the only thing that is crap is the timeline... sorry for being blunt..
I've tried to like it, work with it, but but but NO...
Sorry but the old time line for fine tuning was perfect.
This new one is soooo hard to fine tune your small animations like head turns ect.
Its hard trying to click on an animation, its hit or miss most of the time.
This is the only fault I can find with the new update, everything else is perfect.

Oh, love the new Farm and Science objects, great stuff!!!
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2011/9/21 9:22:14
Tinker, Tailer, soldier Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Went to see Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy last night.

Wish I took my sleeping bag.......
2011/9/13 12:14:57
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Just to add to this,


1- more in air flying poses, turns ect ( Iron man, Superman )
2- The Hulk or Superman pick up Heavy object above head animation.
3- Spiderman web cast animation.
4- Spiderman, Hero, clmbing, swing animation.
5- Shoulder charge, or push.

Need a new walk?, what about Captain Jack Sparrows Jolly Gay walk, run?

Thanks, artpen
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2011/9/13 11:49:03
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Yes, agree, we are short on Hero animations...

2011/9/11 19:36:42
Extras!! Yeah, like it, anything that helps save our life force is indeed good by me.
let's hope it makes it in the next update.

2011/9/11 19:04:41
Extras!! Sounds good for a few random extras in a big crowd to keep things real, but I also
Think a static extra, or static puppet prop model will help with system memory

I have seen what can be achieved with the transparent video texture by toon,
Wow, why don't we all help each other out here?

Why don't we, or anyone who has a poweful pc do a large crowd scene?
Do it with a chroma blue or green, whack it through Vegas to make it a transparent, upload it for everyone to use, yippeeee!!! Problem solved?

we could do this special effects, animated props, daz models, just about anything!!

I think this could work the same way Fx home have done it on their website.
If you look and log in to their website you will find lots of useful stuff with chroma
Backgrounds, props, animations ect...

So, to help us in the short term, I think this transparent video texture could be the key.........

Cheers, art
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2011/9/9 10:59:55
How to change body type?? Yes, Barry posted them on the movies, events, comp forum, under Teeth fixed
2011/9/8 15:30:58
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Thanks Team

2011/9/8 10:44:36
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) I don't mind re changing the colour of the object but the colour sliders have gone!
2011/9/8 7:59:05
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) I know how you feel, this is the same thing that is happening to me.

It happens when you re save and re load an old set with sketch up models.

I might have to go back to the last muvizu beta to finish my project... sob sob...
2011/9/7 9:07:31
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) I'm having a similar problem but with sketch up models.

The old sets load up no problem, but when I save them again it gives me a error
Message telling me the object will not display properly when I try to re-load the

The set loads, but with no colour sliders for your object, with the object set at its
Default colour?

I was going to get a haircut on Friday, no need now...

Peace, artpen
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