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2016/4/20 18:45:51
I'm thinking of buying Muivizu. Hi,
Welcome to Muvizu! Sorry about your post getting blocked, it's a precaution to prevent bots making accounts and spamming the forum.
I'll answer your questions in order:
1. I don't think there's a "best time" to buy Muvizu, they haven't yet charged for any updated versions, so it should be a one time payment for Play+. However, they do sometimes do short sales, but I personally don't anticipate one soon. There are expansion packs released throughout the year, which usually cost about £5 each.
2. I'll assume you're refering to this video:

Apart from the violinist, these are all Muvizu characters. With Muvizu, you get a few base characters that can be split into a few groups:
  • Potato headed ones (Man, woman, fat man, fat woman, girl, boy, blob, robot, and fembot)
  • Newer ones (Mandy, Beefy, Sinister, Heroine, Rosie, and the asian characters)

All these characters can be modified by adding attachments (either the ones built into Muvizu or imported .ase or .fbx files) but you can't really change them overall in terms of body shape or anything. The potato headed characters tend to have more built in attachments and actions, because they've been in Muvizu longer.

In Pat's video, he used the potato headed ones.

3. Your idea sounds possible, you could attach things like the cans to the characters hands, and you could use something like the smoke effect upside down textured blue to simulate water.

I had a look at your other post but it got buried since it was moderated after more people posted and I didn't get an email notification for it.
musiclover wrote:
2 is there a lot of user content available for Muvizu, I do notice that there are some official add on packs, but would prefer if there was user content that is royalty free to use as well.

There is a "store" which has a ton of user created content for free, as well as paid and free expansions from Muvizu:
There are plans to let users sell their content, but I'm not sure how far down the line that is right now.

I also suggest you check out these pages since they cover most of the "how to" questions:
You can also use the site search if you can't find anything in these places, but unfortunately you have to search the wiki separately since those results aren't included in the site search.

If you have any more questions, just ask. We're a friendly bunch, here.
Good luck and have fun!
2016/4/19 22:28:28
favourites suggestion That's an interesting solution PatMarrNC, thanks for sharing!
Of course, as either Ziggy or Berty said (Sorry I can't remember which), if you simply mention this concept on every email you send to Muvizu for a few years, you'll get the feature. Simple!
2016/4/19 19:14:37
Asset library? Ah yes I see the Muvizu car in the background, it fits in quite well actually. Thanks for the tips Ziggy!
2016/4/12 8:05:10
Movie Poster font Rocque wrote:
I have been searching for a way to add a title and credits to an animation here with no luck. Maybe this is it. If you want to point me in the direction to do that I would appreciate it.

You'll need to use a video editor. You probably have windows movie maker on your computer which is quite simple to use. However, if you'd like something more robust then there is a list of free ones here:
If you decide you'd like more features and output options, you might want to look into getting a professional editor like Sony Vegas or coral.
2016/4/11 7:24:58
How do I get the audio to turn out un-garbled? That's quite strange, is the video completely fine on the rendered output? It sounds like you've hit the 2gb avi limit. You could try shortening the section of the video you render or changing the quality down to see if that helps. Personally I'd stick with either mp4 or image sequence outputs since they're more reliable.
2016/4/9 11:38:32
avi import gonzo wrote:

avi import will not work : wrong file format

i use xvid codecs and uncompressed avi but it dont work with any avi file

is there any thing that i can do ??

If you mean importing into Muvizu, you need to do it on a background of some sort. So, for example, you could use a backdrop. Go to create-->backdrop then when you've created the one you want, you need to right click-->edit and click the image box. Then you press import and choose the avi you'd like.
This also works for TVs
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2016/4/8 22:47:59
I'm stumped.... PatMarrNC wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Have you tried exporting an image sequence rather than a video?

not yet... I'll try that right now... thanks for the reminder. I like the simplicity of having one file, so I tend to shy away from the image sequence option... but it's time to try it!

It should be fairly straightforward to import, but make sure you've set it to 25fps.
2016/4/8 22:40:46
I'm stumped.... Have you tried exporting an image sequence rather than a video?
2016/4/4 15:32:30
Camera Cuts Rocque wrote:
Once again thanks for all of the help. I am amazed by everyone taking the time to share with me. I will get into key frames tonight since I tried last night but could not get them to work at all.

I am looking forward to more experimenting tonight. Stay tuned for more questions.

To enable keyframes you have to go to file-->Licence-->activate (or something like that)
Then you have to go to prepare-->Camera/object movement. Select key-framed movement, then switch to direct. This works differently to other aspects of Muvizu since you're not working in real time, but pointing out when you want certain positions and letting Muvizu do the tricky bit in between.
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2016/4/4 10:30:41
Camera Cuts I'll point you to this part of the wiki which has all the links for the "how to" guides:
The camera movement guide is here:

The keyframe expansion will make object and camera movements much easier.
Here's a tutorial since there isn't a wiki page just yet:

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2016/4/3 9:13:28
Camera Cuts Is this written guide helpful for you?
So you go to direct camera cuts in the direct menu at the top, and then hit the red record button on the timeline. After the little countdown, you can click the different camera previews in the window the appears in the top left of the screen. This switches to each camera in real time as your scene is playing. Once you're done, you should see the cameras section at the top of the timeline where you can move markers, and right click to change the camera.

Edit: having re-read your post I noticed why you might be having problems. You need to start with more than one camera. Go to create-->camera to create a new one. You can have up to 9 different cameras in a scene.
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2016/4/2 9:30:35
Move an attachment? When you go to the section in the character edit menu where you attached the cigarette. There should be a little window on the bottom right of your screen with sliders to adjust the position and rotation of the attachment.
2016/3/30 12:40:25
Super Large Backdrop ? Wabby wrote:
Indeed Pat,

And one last possibility is to use green screen. I mean : turn your sky and ground to a basic color (green, blue or what you want... depends on your set. This color must be different). And after that : use a post-production software (like Hitfilm, Sony vegas...) to add your background set in another layer below your scene (with a chroma key filter on your main layer).

It's the most difficult solution, but the most powerful too... sorry for my bad English, I hope it helps.
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This tactic also works with the render layer tools in Muvizu.
2016/3/25 5:28:22
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs Maybe. It's worth checking I suppose.
2016/3/18 18:53:07
Great expectations, what can be done & what can't There are new features coming soon. (I'm not sure what, but Muvizu seems pretty active right now)
That's an interesting discussion, although I'm not exactly sure what he meant by the "heavy lifting phase".
From what I understand, actions have to be painstakingly created, frame by frame, in several pieces of software before they're anywhere close to what we can use in Muvizu. The same goes for allowing users to create new characters, which would be a massive headache for the Muvizu devs. (They have to make the skeletons with rotation points, textures, fluid materials, and then add all the actions, walk cycles etc - you get the picture)
What movement are you talking about? I'm pretty sure you can use WASD to move around the skydome and to animate camera movement, but I'm not sure about anything else.
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2016/3/15 21:54:18
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs I'm not sure what would cause these problems, but it's worth un-installing and re-installing to see if that helps:
2016/3/14 13:46:52
More camera tracking experimentation That looks brilliant! It'd be interesting to see how you continue with this idea.
2016/3/10 7:25:10
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? CloudNinja wrote:
Sanity check:

Until now, I've been using PAL because that's the source for Muvizu...

In my final burn to DVD, if I'm making a DVD to be played on a DVD player made in North America (vs. the UK), don't I have to use NTSC?

with appreciation,

While I'm not 100% sure, I think you should stick with PAL because the source (Muvizu) exports at that and if you switch to 30/60fps you might have ghosting issues.
2016/3/9 21:19:32
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? I've no idea how you would do this, but google says it's something to do with anamorphic encoding. If you can find something in the settings of the software you're using that says this you might have it solved. A temporary solution is to manually force your tv/projector to go 16:9 - it should be in the menu somewhere under image.
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2016/3/9 17:09:47
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? The preview window is probably giving you a downscaled version of your video. If you want to see how sharp it is really then you should export the mp4 and watch that.
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