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2016/2/23 7:13:22
HD outputs look like this: Hi,
You've hit the 2gb file size limit with the avi version Muvizu uses. To solve the problem you either have to cut up the video into small ~20 second sections (sometimes longer depending on the codec) and then put them back together in video joiner or windows movie maker; or if you have a fairly decent video editor, I'd suggest you use the image sequence output since you won't have this sort of trouble.
2016/2/22 20:04:53
Make a character PARTIALLY visible? CloudNinja wrote:
Much appreciated MrDrWho13...
BTW - am I out of luck to be able to do this if I don't have Vegas or Coral? (still saving for it ;0))........

You'll need a video editor or compositor that can overlay one video over another. I've no idea if virtualdub can do this but I'll install it and find out. You can get it here:

Edit: I can't find the tutorial and I'm having trouble finding compatible files for virtualdub (It doesn't like mp4).
I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 11 which is £20 on amazon:
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2016/2/22 19:56:44
Make a character PARTIALLY visible? There's a tutorial around here somewhere, maybe it's one of dreeko's that have been deleted. Basically you have to render the exact same scene twice, once with the character, and once without. I'm not sure about the specifics, but I think you have to use the layer with the character as a mask in a video editing program such as sony vegas or coral. I'll edit this post when I find the tutorial.
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2016/2/18 8:59:12
Shadow sharpness and performance I'm not sure who else does this, but I tend to whack up the sharpness then just use f12 to toggle the lighting on and off. On for seeing how it looks, and on for actually working on it. As you said though, you could use simple shadows then change everything at the end before you render.
2016/2/16 7:46:25
Black line at top of screen after rendering? My guess is that the codec is causing the problems. Have you tried rendering uncompressed?
2016/2/15 10:57:45
Muvizu not working after latest Windows 10 update? The best option would be to ask support about it to see if they can fix the problem:
2016/2/14 20:45:22
Pause/ slow direct character actions theotherguy wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
I used to use Muvizu on a really slow computer, and the 321 was helpful since that's the amount of time it would take for the computer to unfreze after hitting record.

Muvizu is a lot closer to being a game than an animation program. I have two computers running Muvizu, one is considerably faster than the other CPU and memory-wise, however I use the slower computer for Muvizu because it has a much faster Video Card - Nvidia GTX 750 - than the other. I imagine that unless you have a really old computer buying a new video card would make Muvizu run way faster, and the 3-2-1 business is simply annoying anyway.

It's probably just something I've become used to now really. :P
It reminds me of the time when Muvizu made a whip sound effect every time you created a new camera. Annoying, but you get used to it.
Although I agree that you should have at least an option to remove the countdown.
2016/2/14 7:38:30
Pause/ slow direct character actions I used to use Muvizu on a really slow computer, and the 321 was helpful since that's the amount of time it would take for the computer to unfreze after hitting record.
2016/2/11 7:04:49
Shush/Talk Broken? I can't remember which, but one of last years 1.6 releases had this issue. To fix the problem you might want to update it to the latest version or get a link to the October release.
2016/2/9 18:48:12
You have to pay for anything PatMarrNC wrote:
Good marketing is based on good psychology. There are scientifically proven ways to influence human behaviour, and that is essentially what marketing does.

One principle of human behaviour is "positive reinforcement", which states that behaviour that is rewarded is likely to be repeated. This principle works only when a behaviour has already been acted out, and THEN rewarded.

Rewarding behaviour that hasn't happened yet is not positive reinforcement... it is bribery.

Bribery yields much less predictable results, because once the reward is received there is little incentive to perform the behaviour; And that's the key problem with giving the product away in hopes that the recipient will pay for a few more features.

This is different than having free accessories available to people who have paid, because that really does provide an extended and continuing reward to everyone who has bought the premium product.

The way positive reinforcement manifests when you give stuff away is that it rewards people for NOT spending money, and it reinforces in their mind that begging for more free stuff is what gets results. This logical death spiral is what undermines the financial stability of companies and governments.

Indeed, I fear the world is already so submerged in debt that was accrued in order to give things away today in hope of a future payoff that will never come... well.. that's a whole new rant. Time to stop.

In summary, there's a reason why most software companies offer timed demo versions that stop working after a while unless the product is bought. A timed demo lets people see if the product is compatible with their work style, but it doesn't undermine the company's sales by giving away the product. And it makes a huge statement about the perceived value of the product.

Its a variation of the old saying "Why buy the cow if you are already getting the milk for free?"

standard disclaimer: This is all presented as my personal opinion, not as universal truth. Your mileage may vary. I'm a grouchy old man. Get off my lawn!

What He SaidGood Posting
2016/2/9 16:33:51
lines For the screenshot, upload an image to a site such as imgur, right click, copy image URL(or address).
Have you turned down the scanlines slider in the TV settings?
2016/2/9 16:23:41
You have to pay for anything drewi wrote:
I think the options for the free version have been curtailed rather severely recentlyWhaaaaa?.
The only positive for those who economically struggle is the price of play + on occasion has been reduced even further to £12.50p which is an absolute steal.
Keep your eyes peeled around holiday times.

You have just sparked an idea for me. How about a small £5 or £10 play+ which has object importing object abilities for ase like it used to. Hmm... There are a couple of problems with this idea but I'll report back if I consider anything that doesn't have these flaws. Interesting....
The idea of a modular programming brought by the content packs has slightly broken the concept of play+.
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2016/2/9 9:09:47
You have to pay for anything You can do everything you used to be able to do, except import objects I think. Is this correct?
It's a one-time payment of £25 to support the small team that make this software so you get unlimited object importing and watermark-free rendering as well as a few other improvements. (A significantly lower price to other similar animation systems)

Sorry if this to too much to ask,
2016/2/8 11:18:12
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? Wabby wrote:

@ukBerty : Hitfilm is a fantastic tool, thanks for the tip ! I'm using the free version now (because Sony Vegas is not working on my Windows10).
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Which version of sony Vegas? With all these windows 10 problems I'm not convinced I should upgrade.
2016/2/7 18:37:07
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? Rebel made a pirate ship set with moving backdrops which you might want to look at:
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2016/2/7 17:57:31
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? braj wrote:

A little note to people trying to download this: right click and save as since opening the link brings up the document in text format.

You've a lot in common with Dreeko; he tried out the source filmmaker and other such products. He's currently focused on Dreams as far as I know, so you might want to check that out if you want to see some other software:
2016/2/6 8:36:25
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? braj wrote:
Part of what I'm asking for is what makes Muvizu hard, it doesn't complicate it. It makes it much easier.

The scene window does the camera docking thing I think,but I like the idea of having the option to dock the timeline to the bottom of the screen. The other things have been asked for many times.
2016/2/5 7:15:07
From the Wabby's Land Very nice Wabby, I might try them out.
2016/2/4 20:47:04
Keyframe camera and rotation endes wrote:
I would suggest that i could tell something like use "left rotation" or "right rotation" for every keypoint.

Yeah, or maybe a similar curved line/gradient for rotation along with the existing movement one. Perhaps, I'll suggest it to them.
2016/2/4 20:27:54
Keyframe camera and rotation endes wrote:

when using keyframe animation for the camera, the camera makes useless 360 turns.

How can i make the camera move how i want to move?

It depends how you move it between keyframes. Try deleting what you've done so far, and moving the camera between keyframes without rotating it any more than necessary.

I'm happy to make this clearer if you don't understand,
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