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2015/8/9 12:16:11
Question about FXB import I believe this cropped up before when Urbanlamb was playing around with FBX a couple of years ago (But I can't find the specific thread). I suspect you're right and it's a very early underlying system for importing characters.
However, it's worth sending in a support ticket about this just in case it's a bug:
2015/8/8 21:04:04
I'll be better in the Morning Looks good!
2015/8/8 21:01:15
Eye blink in eye control panel braj wrote:
I thought you meant in the 'edit' view 'expressiveness' setting. Turning that down helps get rid of the over-enthusiastic smile while laying down at least

I think this is what he's referring to.
2015/8/8 20:42:22
Eye blink in eye control panel You can delete in the timeline by right clicking but you can't copy and paste actions.
2015/8/8 19:52:13
Eye blink in eye control panel braj wrote:
Yeah, this morning with some clarity I saw that slider, it doesn't quite do blinks, and recording it is tricky, but it is almost there, and definitely gets the squints in. I wish there were something similar for mouth shapes. It would be nice to have the option to use the non-extended number keys for triggering actions as well.

You might be able to trick muvizu into the mouth movements with some audio files.
2015/8/8 19:16:27
I'll be better in the Morning The video is private at the moment.
2015/8/8 10:27:05
Eye blink in eye control panel In the animate eyes and head control panel there is a tab that says "eye size". You might be able to do a blink by sliding this up and down quickly, and you can definitely use this control for squinting.
You may have noticed that most controls end up in a 3x3 grid. (Direct actions, camera cuts etc) this matches the layout on the numpad on you keyboard, which you can use to trigger actions. (You can find all the keyboard shortcuts in the question mark menu)
Edit: I misread your post. Since you don't have the numpad I'm not sure if you can use these functions. I shall look into it.
If you really require these functions you could always get yourself a cheap usb numpad:
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2015/8/7 21:27:53
4/8/15 Release Bugs urbanlamb wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Ah yes, sorry, I'll move it here:
Bug 1:
Got this error when opening an old set:

Bug 2: I also managed to freeze it by selecting everything in the layers window. (although it could just be me being impatient)

finally got to updating the muvizu i got one but it said "droopy" I have no layers or anything it was simply an old set so I am assuming this is a compatability issue.

Looking at that again, it seems like it might have been the skirt of one of my characters - maybe there's an issue with the sort of "flowing" (or whatever you call it) attachments

But, yes, some sort of compatibly issue it seems. I haven't got this message since saving the set in the newer versions.
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2015/8/7 21:25:34
Update my copy of Play+ braj wrote:
ukBerty wrote:
Save all your characters as favourites. Then create a new set and import all the characters. Save this set as "Characters.set" or something.

Then when you re-install Muvizu you can load this set and save then all as favourites again.

I hope some improvement to this is in the works, it would be best to have the app update over the older version with everything in place. I just updated and am glad I just got started with the app so I didn't have to try and remember everything to back up

It does (or it should), but sometimes there are bugs in the newer versions so it's best to keep a copy of the second most recent version as well.
2015/8/7 19:17:36
Character Proportions Dylly wrote:
You see...we had spotted the concept drawings of horses which were pinned to the back wall...

I believe I found the drawings showcased on the digimania site:

Looks like it might have been their plans to start RenderDigimania.
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2015/8/7 18:30:04
4/8/15 Release Bugs I've never heard of that one before. The error codes W0, W2, and E2 and their solutions are listed here:
2015/8/7 18:07:31
4/8/15 Release Bugs Clam wrote:
I've been updating Muvizu with each new release and yesterday's is the first one that rejects my s/n.

Do you know what the error code was?
2015/8/7 12:03:50
4/8/15 Release Bugs As long as it's not alt-F4!
2015/8/7 11:50:34
4/8/15 Release Bugs Neil wrote:
How about this?

That looks like a brilliant and logical solution - yes please!

Edit: Does F10 do anything at the moment? I keep closing the cameras window by accident and a shortcut would be helpful to toggle it.
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2015/8/7 11:31:31
4/8/15 Release Bugs Dreeko wrote:
While your "on it" could you pick another button which will "hide all" to hide cameras, effects, objects etc(whatever we select in "hide all" check box style) too?

All cameras/effects/objects/characters? You mean the exit button?
2015/8/6 23:30:00
Character Proportions Oh yes, I absolutely agree with urbanlamb (interesting to hear about your background by the way).
Sorry if my post offended you cperg - I was really just thinking out loud about the easiest way for them to implement this. (The talk of dragons is a sort of inside joke/tradition started by Dreeko)

On a related note- I'm sure the ability to either create or import characters is coming, but it is probably at least 2 years away.
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2015/8/6 21:22:59
New Guy Welcome to Muvizu!
The community's in full swing at the moment, so post any questions you have here, and someone will come to your aid.

Have fun,

Edit: Removed all the patronizing links because I just realized who I was talking to - you're pretty much one of us now!
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2015/8/6 17:54:44
Character Proportions shhhh, don't mention dragons.
2015/8/6 17:53:37
4/8/15 Release Bugs ukBerty wrote:
What would be really useful is having F9 to toggle between "view all layers even the invisible ones" and "view only the ones marked as visible".

What He Said
2015/8/6 17:20:29
Character Proportions I believe this would be easier to implement for the new characters because the older ones are made of one whole mesh, whereas the newer ones have 3 separate meshes (Top, middle, bottom).
That's just a guess, so I think this is one of those cases for muvizu where creating a new realistic character would be easier than re-engineering the older ones.
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