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2015/8/3 20:35:25
Fix this problem? Your code will be the same, so you could search your emails for "licence key" or something like that. If you can't find it then you'll have to wait for them to reply in the morning.
The email you just received is automated, they'll read your request tomorrow and reply accordingly.
2015/8/3 20:19:04
Fix this problem? TheBankser wrote:
Thank you.
So do i have to wait until tomorrow before i can get my code now?

TheBankser wrote:
i've already been provided with a License Key

If you already have a code, no, they don't have a 1 hour activation window or anything like that, they're valid for a few computers in order to make sure you can keep it if you get a new pc or anything like that.
You just have to copy the code and click "enter code" after pressing upgrade in the file menu.

If you want to buy a new one, then I assume the process is automated so you should just be able to buy it and get the code.
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2015/8/3 19:56:24
Fix this problem? Your clipboard is where anything you cut or copy goes on your computer. So you just have to highlight the whole code, right click and copy, then click 'enter code' in muvizu.
2015/8/3 18:34:32
Fix this problem? The .set files will stay, I'm not sure about favourites though.
2015/8/3 18:29:19
Fix this problem? Try uninstalling and re-installing - this will certainly fix the problem
2015/8/3 18:02:15
Fix this problem? TheBankser wrote:
Is that the "Muvizu.exe" file?

Sorry, I meant to make that clear.
2015/8/3 16:22:41
Fix this problem? Go to C:/program files/muvizu play/binaries/ and open the Muvizu executable file - this should open the latest version on your computer.

If that doesn't work you should try sending in a support ticket:
2015/8/3 16:11:51
Copying and pasting character movements theotherguy wrote:
It sure would be nice to have more than ONE time-line open though

There are some buttons on the top of the timeline to show or hide anything that's been recorded, so you should be able to show other character's movements at the same time.
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2015/8/3 15:33:19
Fix this problem? Last time someone had this problem, they had 2 separate versions of Muvizu on their pc and the shortcut took them to the old one.

Your default shortcut location should be c:/program files/muvizu/binaries/muvizu.exe or something along those lines
2015/8/3 15:30:08
Copying and pasting character movements Currently there's a page that has all of them on:
However, a store is coming soon.
"we are currently working on some new assets for the content store and a great expansion pack. The store should be ready by the end of August."
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2015/8/2 22:17:18
Copying and pasting character movements ziggy72 wrote:
Been asked for many many times. No harm in asking again though

And again, and again.
"See folks, you only have to request something repeatedly, on every single email you write, for 2 years, and then as if by magic..." -Ziggy72, March 2015
Still my favourite Muvizu quote.
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2015/8/2 9:53:50
Collision still a smash? I believe it's the same as before, we're all still using the ziggymesh exporter to fix our problems.
I think he's working on an fbx ziggmesh exporter but there are a few more hurdles to cross with that.
2015/8/1 17:29:53
Update my copy of Play+ If you can't find your code it's probably best to ask the staff what it is:
2015/7/30 15:03:01
Mandy and Beefy aren't talking Oh yes, as berty pointed out I was getting mixed up between Rosie and Mandy. Doh!
2015/7/30 11:54:35
Random feature requests Been meaning to ask for these for a while but wasn't sure where to put them - so I'll put them together:
  • Background opening - when opening Muvizu, it keeps forcing itself to the front which is problematic if you're typing at the same time
  • The ability to zoom out of the timeline further - it seems a bit limited at the moment
  • On the site search, could the wiki results be included as well because there is some useful information there that rarely gets looked at.


2015/7/30 11:39:09
Coming Soon... These look pretty good, buy perhaps a little over exposed? It might just be the screenshots but it looks a bit too bright.
Of course I'm just picking at small details, the sets look top notch.
2015/7/29 20:57:33
Mandy and Beefy aren't talking I'm not getting this error.
2015/7/27 22:56:27
Collision in Muvizu aka What buttons to press Ah yes I forgot the uploads were back. It's a shame the wiki results don't come up in the site search. Perhaps I should put in a feature request for it.
2015/7/27 22:48:49
Collision in Muvizu aka What buttons to press Placed in the wiki so it doesn't get buried like it would on the forum:
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2015/7/27 14:55:07
Youtube have changed things which has caused Muvizu HQ problems which is why no one has been able to upload any vids through the site for a while now. They said it would be fixed last week, but... dunno

I just managed to get to the upload section and re-connect my youtube account so I think it might be up again.#

As for putting it on the site after uploading - I don't think it's possible without re-uploading through Muvizu - sorry
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