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2013/12/11 21:43:03
West-jet Christmas advertising campaign Just thought I might share this with you guys as it's Christmas soon!
2013/12/11 18:27:25
Charactere Not Moving Yeah, this is a common problem, and the only fix is to start again from scratch.
Were you using a set made in a previous version of Muvizu?
2013/12/10 16:05:13
Tips for animating new character Yeah, you could have an animated texture on the wheel, but you may also be able to have one on the face if you wanted to animate features of it.
2013/12/8 20:03:35
Skeleton with clothing urbanlamb wrote:
It has an attachement system to pretty much all the major bones in the characters so you can attach things to each of it they probably should have a 14 day trial of this for users to try to figure out if it fits their needs.

I second this idea!
2013/12/8 16:23:39
Skeleton with clothing No, sorry, you cannot add clothes to the skeleton character.
You could try adding a custom texture to the normal man character.
2013/12/8 16:19:17
Actions for only one character No, sorry, you cannot transfer actions from the new characters to the old ones and vice versa. It's just the way Muvizu was designed.
2013/12/5 18:48:42
Suggestion: Drag from Prepare to Timeline What?

And the award for the strangest way of wording things goes to Dreeko.
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2013/12/5 7:22:54
Suggestion: Drag from Prepare to Timeline Yep, this would be a brilliant feature!
2013/12/4 18:15:04
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! Carole wrote:
They're not! This is purely for your own personal satisfaction and the joy of sharing a Christmas giggle (and how clever and creative you are) with those you care about.

Prize winners names will be drawn from a hat! (or the digital equivalent)

Ah cool!
2013/12/4 17:37:24
Sound mixing issues ukBerty wrote:
We had a screening of the first 15 mins of "Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra" at the cinema today. We were just testing things in front of an audience of around 50. I looked great on the big screen and was quite well received (only 2 walk outs !).

That sounds pretty good! (Ahem, please excuse the pun)
I hope that it went well, I'm sure it looks great on a big screen!

Will you be playing it at a local cinema when finished?
2013/12/4 16:39:47
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! How are the best videos chosen?
2013/12/4 16:02:44
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) yeah, they're just images on a backdrop.
2013/12/3 18:04:20
program freezes That's odd, try sending the set to
2013/12/3 15:51:20
I've been trying something new! Dreeko wrote:
The video shows only one character asset. I have further techniques to show at a later date which no one else seems to have discovered to date...

Ooo! This sounds exciting!
2013/12/2 21:54:32
Composer that just got some free time... That stuff sounds pretty good, shame I don't need that sort of music.

Keep up the good work!
2013/12/2 19:08:19
Dreeko's extra bits WOW! This is FANTASTIC! So many new possibilities with the characters.
2013/11/30 13:03:08
I've had a couple of weeks with the product now... Hello,
Wow, that's a brilliant review!
Here are some answers to your questions.
  • Most of the tutorials are recorded in the beta version of Muvizu, so you have to guess where some of the options may have moved to. Everything is still inside Muvizu, it's just more user friendly this time. The timeline is probably the thing that's changed the most.
  • You cannot change the duration of an action, and this is not going to change anytime soon because it's caused by the way Muvizu has been designed.
  • The capes and other fluid clothes have not been implemented on the cartoonish characters because they're the original bunch with exactly the same skeleton as each other. This means that if you want the cape working for one, you have to get it working for all of them.

I agree with the more subtle character expressions though.

Anyway, I hope this helps,
2013/11/30 9:32:48
Glasgow in mind. RIP, those who were lost.
2013/11/25 15:58:05
Render not working.... It defaults to uncompressed, try rendering with a codec.
Windows does not open files above 2GB
edited by MrDrWho13 on 25/11/2013
2013/11/25 15:57:01
Higher resolution and higher framerates? Muvizu:Play+ can output 1080p footage.
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