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2012/10/18 16:25:26
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! Kimberley228K wrote:
Has anyone tried having a whack at the video competition?

2012/10/16 20:12:45
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! ziggy72 wrote:
(and so that my original response would make now make sense )

Spock <speaking in a calm but puzzled tone> "You expect things to make sense? .........fascinating".
2012/10/16 19:54:21
Smaller set of abstract shapes I understand and if it hasn't been factored in to the original design then I can see how this can cause problems. I don't want to sound patronising but the only other way round it is to have a separate scaled shot ( e.g. close up ).

The idea of more scaleable abstracts is an excellent one but given the heavy workload Team Muvizu have between tea breaks I think we may have to wait a while.
2012/10/16 16:52:29
Smaller set of abstract shapes Have you tried scaling the characters up as well as scaling the objects down?
2012/10/16 16:50:50
Call me Walter "what a big ship I've got" Raleigh Sorry to hear about your Dad's condition Dylly, sounds like he's led a fascinating life. Hopefully the boat trips will help with his condition. I admire your guts in taking on such a big project, hopefully you won't need the life jackets if you are careful with the drills, nail gun and Rioja.

May god bless The Royal Tudor and all who sail in her.
2012/10/14 1:57:43
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! She's HOT!!! Wouldn't want her taking me home for tea though. Great pic.

EDIT: Might be wise to add the logo.
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2012/10/13 22:15:40
Non Selectable Muvizu Objects Make sure you choose a selectable object.
2012/10/12 23:39:35
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! InsaneHamster wrote:
Lol I like what you done WozToons!! Really good made me laugh.

Thanks Dylly made the broomstick, it's in the Gallery.
2012/10/12 23:36:37
Need a model or set made? Dylly wrote:
Hi Guy's, I'm away from home at the moment fulfilling a childhood ambition of mine (more on that very soon I hope, fingers crossed) as soon as I get back home I will crack on with the models!!

From the little information provided I would guess that you are shooting next years Pirelli calendar on a yacht off the coast of New Zealand.

Should we call you Captain Pugwash from now on?

Good luck and have fun.
2012/10/12 17:47:57
muvizu logo out This has just happened to me today. Xvid and Targa export. Will I have to re-install?
I can add logo back in post production for now.
2012/10/12 17:43:26
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

2012/10/10 14:05:28
Guns and Performance In which case I will forward my 365 page critique and evaluation together with my 788 page suggestion document to the relevant authorities by the weekend. To whom should it be sent?

In lieu of the receipt of the aforementioned documents please see below a brief preview.

Headphones, umbrellas, hand held props, the biplane without its propellor, open and closed face crash helmets, objects to match character movement (i.e. set box in ob move to mirror char move), group movement, cheese on toast and automatic spin cycle.

I look forward to all of these being implemented by last Tuesday teatime. If there is any delay I will send the boys round to sing to you.
2012/10/9 23:32:33
Spikes appearing You can cure this by pouring liquid Nitrogen on your keyboard.
2012/10/9 23:29:22
Guns and Performance Muvizu is FREE. We should be grateful and patient.
There is more than one way to skin a cat although I would not advise using a toothpick.
2012/10/5 23:50:03
Shadow Problem Thanks for trying to help.
2012/10/5 23:45:00
Shadow Problem Problem solved...

I set the shadow strength to maximum and used lights to illuminate the shadows to the required shade. As you can see the ground shows through even though the shadows are black. And I still have my windowsills.
2012/10/5 23:23:43
Shadow Problem Thanks for the quick reply, I know I can switch the window shadow off but the I lose the shadow from under the windowsill. I am sure I have achieved this before but I can't remember how.

Now I'm stuck here fiddling with environment settings and nothing seems to work. Even without the window shadow the building has three different shadows. It should be one solid one.
2012/10/5 22:27:56
Shadow Problem Hi, does anybody recognise this particular problem with shadows ....

I want a solid semi transparent shadow of the building only not the windows however I do want the windows to cast shadows. I'm sure it is my inexperience. Hope you can help.
2012/10/3 2:38:27
my latest adventure I love these, well made and very funny. P and D would be proud.
2012/9/27 1:37:47
Sketchup to Muvizu Awesome, I cannot unfortunately help with the collision as my skills are not up to the job. Creeped out

However, after seeing the pictures I do have one question/request. Will the glass be transparent? If not can you include a set of frames without glass if possible?

Glad to hear it will be fiddleable.

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