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2013/3/7 15:53:08
What's on the Pig? Does it only show Kevin Bacon movies and ads?
2013/3/5 15:20:52
To the community at large That's all very nice if you have the money but $200 would price me out of the market.
2013/3/4 14:39:02
Batman Begins ... with a B! Beginning brilliantly, bonkers barnstorming best blue batmovie busts bowels, boosts binternet, bashes Bieber, begs BAFTA.

rock on
2013/2/27 19:22:51
Batman _Fear of the Bat Great, the Batphone. It's all in the details.
2013/2/24 18:20:53
Google http://www.sketchup.com/
2013/2/19 23:57:35
Batman _Fear of the Bat Good question!!
2013/2/17 0:29:47
To the community at large I am on a very tight budget due to ill health. ( No job ).
I would like at some stage to make money in the digital world.
I would just like to thank the wonderful people at Muvizu for making it free which means that folks like me can "afford" to pursue their dreams and release their creativity.
The problem lies in the fact that I have no funds to contribute "up front".

If there are any spin offs I would be grateful if you could consider their affordability for people with very limited incomes. I can afford to spend approximately £ 40 - £ 60 maximum on software per year. Perhaps a small monthly subscription is worth considering for any "Premium" features.
2013/2/14 18:06:49
Oscars Hi, all,

I thought you may find these Oscar nominees interesting.....
2013/2/12 0:53:56
dialogue The way I do it is to have one audio track for each character and assign them with the Prepare>Dialogue option. You don't have to worry about talk and shush then. Just set it to talk, click direct and sit back and watch the fun.

If all your characters' dialogue is in one sound file you can split them up into separate tracks for Muvizu using an audio editor like the excellent free Audacity http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

With music you can either record yourself singing the words and set the Lipsync track to silent in Muvizu or edit out the gaps between vocals with an audio editor and use that as a Lipsync track. Remember, they don't have to sound good because you won't hear them. They just have to make the lips move in the right places.
Let's say we have two characters singing to music. The audio tracks would be.....

Character 1 Lipsync: Silent.... Set char 1 to this track, talk and direct dialogue
Character 2 Lipsync: Silent.... Set char 2 to this track, talk and direct dialogue
Music Track: Normal volume.

Just make sure all the tracks are the same length and start at the same time to avoid mistakes.

Hope this helps.
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2013/2/11 16:42:10
comic book effects/layout Marco_D wrote:
Thanks Aurora, I've bought Sony Vegas a while back, but never tried it!!
it was a nice Amazon promotion, so I just went for it.

Marco, glad you took advantage of that offer. If nothing else it enables you to render from Muvizu as a Targa sequence and then quickly assemble the frames into a video. My favourite method of rendering. That together with easy fades and soundtracks is why it has become indispensable since I got it.
2013/2/10 22:03:51
Birthday Videos urbanlamb wrote:
haha they are cute the bottom one is a bit scary though

Thanks Urban, what's scary about it?
2013/2/10 19:56:09
Birthday Videos ziggy72 wrote:
Who needs birthday cards when you can have a birthday movie?! Nice work Woz

Thanks Ziggy. They went down well so that's the main thing.
2013/2/10 16:45:24
Birthday Videos Just a couple of birthday videos I made for friends yesterday. Two videos in one day. I ♥ Muvizu.

Bottom one, Lynne's, all one shot and render from Muvizu. No post production.
2013/2/8 19:46:29
Silvery Moon. A Valentine's Day Treat. mysto wrote:
Nothing like a little gas to set the mood! Nice work WozToons!

Thanks. If all else fails return to the tried and tested.
2013/2/8 1:17:57
Silvery Moon. A Valentine's Day Treat. After four evenings/nights slaving away, here is another offering from me to you with love.
Happy Valentine's.
Will hopefully appear in the gallery tomorrow but patience never was my strong point.

2013/2/8 0:38:41
Sitting to standing and idle guitar urbanlamb wrote:
I dont know if this breaks the guitar animation but its possible to have a character move from sitting to standing or visa versa in muvizu

you set up the animation menu that pad and there is an option to add the sit and stand default positions to the pad so you can select them during running the animation portion

For some reason I have missed this, thanks. Could have done with it 24 hours ago before finishing "Silvery Moon". It will come in very handy in the future.
2013/2/7 20:01:02
Hide walls Dreeko wrote:

I know what you mean by planning ahead Woz. It is hard to be so disciplined though. I always try and create the set to as near finished as possible before I begin to direct the action where as I really should do the opposite for a number of reasons. If I animated the characters before anything else then my computer wouldn't have to struggle as hard to display the motion correctly where as usually with all the textures and effects to contend with it can be a bit choppy.


Good points well made. Big Grin

@Urbanlamb. I tend to build everything from scratch so my workflow has to be organised or I end up in chaos and redoing stuff 100 times. I see your point for pre designed sets though.
2013/2/7 19:44:23
Coming Soon... WozToons wrote:
Coming soon for Valentine's Day..........

A fascinating study into the complex interrelationship between genders in a romance based investigative dialogue delving into the deepest recesses of the human psyche.


Just got to knock up some credits and upload when I get home tonight.
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2013/2/7 16:23:33
Hide walls wdeprospo wrote:
Hi, Is there any way to hide a wall. If I have a closed room, and I want to work inside the room, is there any way to hide a wall or two while I modify the rooms interior, or manipulate the characters inside the room? wdeprospo

A lot of these little niggles can be avoided by the order in which you do things. A little bit of planning goes a long way. I always leave one wall and the ceiling until I have finished the animations and then add them in. The earlier you can get all the character actions, movements and other fiddly bits down the better. Leave making things look pretty until the end of the process.

Hope this helps

2013/2/6 16:12:15
Top 3 improvements 1: Holding objects
2: Vehicles, ( cars, buses, etc ) with insides as well as outsides and transparent windows, see helicopter. Please can we have the helicopter with no rotors as well.

3: Copy and paste action timelines between characters.

I agree with the other posts so apart from holding objects which seems to be on everyone's list I have tried to find the ones that would make my life a lot easier.
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