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2012/10/20 16:58:25
Difficult to align objects You could also use a chessboard as a temporary texture for the floor.
2012/10/4 10:34:57
Rendering time I use a laptop with intel i7 (4 cores - 1.6 GHz), 4GB ram and nvidia chipset GForce GT230M

The rendering of 1 minute Xvid 1280x720 is around 9'30" for a movie with ligths, fire and 9 characters like :
2012/9/18 0:25:55
Feedback Thread - v0.22b release (September2012) I have no problems with the menus in English but in the future, I would be more interested by a French translation of the Character actions.

Menus are in usual technical English but actions use a more difficult vocabulary.
2012/9/18 0:15:19
Eyes wide shut I installed new versions in new directories like:

C:\Program Files\Muvizu19
C:\Program Files\Muvizu20
C:\Program Files\Muvizu21
C:\Program Files\Muvizu22

As a miracle, all was OK with 4 muvizu
Then I uninstalled v19 & v21 and as a new miracle, all was OK with 2 muvizu Toast
2012/8/10 14:27:19
Feedback Thread -v0.21b release (July 2012) thank you.
That's good code optimisation and great new features.
2012/8/10 14:14:29
I can't install Muvizu For the 64 bits 0.21b version, the size of the download is:

457 538 630 Bytes (436 MB)
2012/8/10 13:20:33
Feedback Thread -v0.21b release (July 2012) hello,

why the FULL 0.21 exe is smaller than the 0.20 exe?

v0.21b : exe = 436MB ; program directory = 765MB
v0.20b : exe = 830MB ; program directory = 2GB
2012/8/9 0:18:51
insert video in my scene Thank you Ziggy.
I got some problems with xvid. In my Muvizu install, Xvid works fine for the final rendering but not for the imported AVI files (the video is flashing). So I used "DV Pal" codec720x576
2012/8/8 12:11:44
insert video in my scene Hello,

What are the correct settings for the imported AVI files in Muvizu?

(pixels, codec, sound on/off, mp3/PCM, duration, weight of the file...)
2012/7/24 12:08:11
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... nice baby ! boink
2012/7/24 12:05:45
Help me, pls you don't pay for Muvizu, so there is a logo on the screen. Cool

about easter egg, you could try 22AYM389
2012/6/30 22:04:57
Sony Vegas Bargain!!! For edit in Vegas platinum, I use in Muvizu 64 bits the HD720 "ffdshow video codec"

MJPEG 1 pass quality
quality 100
min quantizer 2
max quantizer 4
2012/6/25 22:18:49
equip objects Sometimes, you can use a trick. For example, when a man is walking, you could move an object near his hands. You should use the option "floats in the air" of the object, then the "object movement" menu.
2012/6/17 23:24:16
Add custom trees! Did you insert HSKP2UNR.rb or in the folder?

folder = C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins
2012/6/14 20:30:10
Angles & Measurements & Stuff You could get other images with the keywords "rapporteur carré" in Google Images. I don't know the english terms.

It's not easy to measure the angle without knowing the center of the circle. Whaaaaa?
2012/6/14 17:56:13
Angles & Measurements & Stuff For the measure, you should import an exact square with angles on the floor

2012/6/12 9:30:24
KISS Masks...Help?... I uploaded Paul Stanley 's makeup for the Muvizu boy.
It should be available soon at:
2012/6/10 10:40:00
Flying Space Truckin', a great rock song !
2012/6/10 10:28:27
Help with making custom character texture The tutorial is in menu "How to":
How to \ Characters \
Tutorial 11: Characters: Painting custom skins
2012/6/9 22:21:46
Help with making custom character texture You can download examples of painted textures here :

and tutorial here :
pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9