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2014/10/10 15:50:47
Features 2014

can we have this in muvizu...... Big Grin
2014/10/10 12:54:18
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
fazz68 wrote:
...a star trek and classic horror movie psychopath mashup. in the style of fazz/gene roddenberry/john carpenter/tobe hooper sort of thing (if that makes any sense Big Grin )

I can see it now - "Old Lady Chainsaw Massacre - In Spaaaace!" Big Grin

ol leatherface is ready and waiting

2014/10/10 12:14:59
Coming Soon... Dreeko wrote:
What are you up to Fazz, are you redoing some old episodes or are you creating some new ones?

these sets are for a kirk Halloween short. a bit of a star trek and classic horror movie psychopath mashup. in the style of fazz/gene roddenberry/john carpenter/tobe hooper sort of thing (if that makes any sense Big Grin )
2014/10/10 1:51:54
Coming Soon... recreating the original enterprise isnt to bad as its quite sparsely furnished Big Grin kirks quarters is pretty much done. a few more sets to make. the transporter room, the mess hall, a few corridors and maybe a turbo lift. then i can start animating.
2014/10/9 13:02:21
Copyright filchers! ha youtube copyright filchers !!!

they tried it on with my old lady video. cheesy machine (who?) claiming i stole the life call advert from one of their songs.....

never heard of them or the track commercial breakdown and told em so. if anyone owns the rights to that advert its probably the original makers of the 25 year old advert. funny enough the claim vanished over night. greedy bleeping bleeps.......
2014/10/9 12:26:57
Coming Soon...
2014/10/5 22:51:19
Coming Soon... that is a seriously large cast there mate Big Grin
Will we be seeing the final movie before the end of the year?
2014/10/4 15:47:19
The Old School guy very well done, excellent editing and a lot of effort used making the video which really pays off.
2014/10/3 22:48:24
Eggs? yes indeed mate that has come out brilliantly top notch stuff
2014/10/3 0:33:21
Coming Soon... nah mate just a one off halloween special to pass the time Big Grin

but you never know........ Big Grin
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2014/10/3 0:17:04
DreamWorks competition congrats william well done mate

@muvizu_chap why haven't there been any other entries? me personally haven't had any time to do my own projects let alone a competition. maybe the lack of interest is down to losing a lot of the people that would enter a competition through no communication with its user base for months on end and this is the result. nobody comes here anymore. theres only a handful of us left that seem to use this forum.
there's nothing wrong with the prize or the brief.
what can be done to make people interested again? dunno....
i think its all part of the same problem thats been building here for a long time. and from other threads recently muvizu should see what that problem is.
myself i shall keep churning out cheesy movies till i can no longer make them through my hands dropping off and my eyeballs burst Big Grin
2014/10/2 23:59:37
question about imported hand objects im not quite sure what you are asking but if you have imported an object you have already got it somewhere on your computer if you have downloaded it from the asset page or somewhere else. the only objects inside muvizu are already in the edit character bit.
if you are asking can you save a character with that object in his hand so you dont need to keep importing that object, then the answer is yes. you can save him in your favourites but i wouldnt advise it because the favourites has a bug that will more than likely mess up any textures on that object. so either save your character with his object in a separate set for your characters and copy and paste him when you need him or keep importing the object into his hand.

dunno if thats any help at all to you sorry.
2014/10/2 13:41:05
Coming Soon...
captain kirk watch your back coz michaels coming.....

classic kirk fights 3 round about the 31st ish Big Grin
2014/9/30 22:47:24
Buzzball excellent stuff mate looking forward to day 2
2014/9/29 16:26:18
animated sky / ground? you could use an .avi file of sky or ground as a texture but a better way is to use a backdrop with a sky or ground texture and set the backdrop animation so its moving. stick a camera in front of the backdrop and set the sky or ground texture as that camera.
like here....

an animated sky.....
2014/9/28 9:55:02
Coming Soon... your vid is set to private mate but that lion looks awesome Big Grin
2014/9/27 21:24:34
Can Muvizu fill the gap? whether its built into muvizu or not makes no odds. there is a way of making animations for muvizu. open up that doorway for us. we know they were experimenting with it because of the error messages that would appear on fbx files. if it means learning blender or whatever to make the animations then so be it. you know me im willing to learn new things.
2014/9/27 12:33:12
Can Muvizu fill the gap? being able to make my own actions whether through some sort of puppeteering and/or mocap would suit me fine. that is really the only thing that gives me problems. no actions for what i need. theres only so much you can do with whats there and im running out of ways to make do. importing new characters doesnt really bother me as i tend to use only the original potato heads anyway and with a bit of creativity you can make all sorts of weird and wonderful things with attachments.

although having a few animals with four legs would be nice Big Grin
2014/9/26 1:16:54
Coming Soon...
Super Human Intervention and Termination Enforcers
2014/9/25 11:52:15
is there anybody there? well the cleaners have been in and swept away the rubbish
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