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2014/9/24 14:01:49
is there anybody there? muvizu dudes sort out ya spam Big Grin its taking over the forum....
2014/9/23 12:55:02
And the Muvizu Oscar winner is... lol. the first time ive been quoted and used as spam Big Grin

i feel all violated.....
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2014/9/21 13:31:40
Coming Soon... in pre-production.... Old Lady 3.... Codename - Awesome gun arm ninja revenge.
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2014/9/19 7:58:21
looking for ideas? looking for ideas on making a muvizu movie?
the editing room has some pretty good parody scripts for movies tucked away in the archives. im sure with a bit of creativity and work they could be adapted for a muvizu movie or two. the faq's say they are all free to be used as long as they are credited and linked to the site. might have a bash at one of these myself.


warning.... some of the scripts do contain swearing. you have been warned !!!
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2014/9/18 21:34:59
Features 2014 breathing doesnt turn off.
sinisters arm attachment points dont work
rosies hair attachment point is all messed up.
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2014/9/18 21:32:58
Getting characters to text and use mobile devices the typing animation can be found in the boardroom bit.
2014/9/18 16:46:22
New Forum this topic was about starting a new forum for muvizu and has morphed into the end of muvizu. Big Grin my post above still stands. there is no need for a new forum. this one works fine. theres a need for certain changes to the site i.e the comments system. and maybe a change of video on the featured videos once in a while Big Grin
what you read here is just peoples frustration at no information for god knows how long. i know we had the info from muvizu_chap a few weeks back but that told us nothing (no offence muvizu_chap )
myself... im still holding out for a mocap feature so i can really give them muvizu characters a good kicking and sword fighting (cant finish me avengers serial without it) oh and drinking a cup of tea.....and sitting on the ground...... and......and.....and.....Big Grin oh and chainsaw wielding....... just imagine..... the muvizu chainsaw massacre...... now im in heaven
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2014/9/12 7:11:25
New Forum do we need another forum? less and less people use this one already. everything is set up here for users already and its their choice not to take advantage of what we have. im not sure a new forum would solve any of the problems of nobody commenting on things. after all you don't need to use youtube to post a comment in this forum.
it seems to me the problem here is not the forum, its the gallery and only being linked to youtube. how easy or hard an independent comment system would be to set up i dont know or even allowing the embedding of videos from other sites. would that solve the problems here at muvizu i dunno. would setting up a new site solve the problems? if no one is using this site why would a new one be any different?
fixing the software would be more of a priority for me and it doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon if ever.
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2014/9/6 8:32:47
Need A US Male Voice for a few (important!) lines i would offer my services but i have the acting skills of a plank of wood and my repertoire of voices is confined to cockney gangster Big Grin
2014/9/4 23:16:35
Import a Sketchup object (with his textures) i may have confused the issue by talking about blender Big Grin. forget about blender. everything i did was in sketchup.

(apart from the fbx version)
2014/9/4 15:52:29
Import a Sketchup object (with his textures) the only plugins ive ever had are the muvizu exporters. i'll give that one a go if it saves re-naming some textures (anything for an easier life Big Grin) i very rarely use the 3d warehouse so ive never needed anything to get textures off of models. i find theres a serious lack of the type of asset i end up making in the warehouse Big Grin.
i do like the collada route because it goes straight into blender where most of my texturing is done now for fbx assets and if i have used sketchup to texture anything its all in its handy folder when i export into blender. quite why it renames some of the textures and not others i dont know.
2014/9/4 2:31:25
Import a Sketchup object (with his textures) you have to lift the textures off the model and make a copy in the folder for that model. as that model has been properly mapped the easiest way is to export from sketchup as a collada file. that will copy the textures for you into a folder. discard the collada file unless you want to use it in blender or somewhere else. then use the muvizu exporter to export as .ase. put that in the folder with the textures. import into muvizu. i just tried and it works but i had to rename the textures.

but to save you the trouble ive popped it in a dropbox for you

i'll leave the link there a couple of days before deleting it, as dropbox space is precious
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and a shiny fbx version if you have play+
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2014/9/2 23:40:27
The Future of Muvizu revealed! ziggy72 wrote:
...aaaand breathing out again. You know, it's not really that we want the program to be improved as much as we need it FIXED. Y'know, just working with no movement bug, breathing option working, and double-sided character attachments. And that attachment slot on the Sinister Character (ahem) which Fazz68 has just noticed. Not development work, just a patch or two, so we can get on with stuff.

What He Said

especially the breathing part. my corpses are stacking up now and having them breath is a bit of a sod.
2014/9/2 13:58:58
sinister attachment points he doesnt have any on his wrists or arms. the box thing is there but doesnt allow you to attach anything.
2014/8/31 13:21:23
The Future of Muvizu revealed!
2014/8/31 13:15:42
Muvizu Versions same here. still on the old version. i wonder why that sneaky update went by without telling us? but does it fix any of the problems?
2014/8/24 13:33:48
how to save a character for use it in another set? you can copy your character and then load up the set you want to use and paste the character there or save it in your favourites. click on the edit character and click on favourites and in the bottom right corner is the save button.
2014/8/18 10:07:46
prelude to axanar as you may guess i do love a bit of star trek Big Grin

sorry its not another muvizu animation by me but its a short independent movie thats been made and hopefully a feature length movie will follow.



looks good to me and about time a decent independent star trek movie was made.

enjoy !
2014/8/14 0:07:42
what are those twitter feeds
2014/8/13 21:08:50
what are those twitter feeds ziggy72 wrote:
I wouldn't have clicked that - the URL has 'dodgy as f*ck' written all over it Big Grin

i know mate, i should have known better but my curiosity got the better of me Big Grin
we need a twitter user to get rid of the last offending link from the feed...... urbanlamb we need your twitter skills banish the nasty link from here
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