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2014/3/20 9:53:30
New characters and animations chuckles wrote:
In My "Alice In Wonderland" project I NEED The Duchess Character to Hold The Baby in Both Arms.
This action could also be used for carrying large objects, Lifting a Bride over the threshold, Carrying a Carpet, or Disposing of a Corpse !
Also I'm still waiting for the ability to Direct Characters to Appear / Disappear. (Cheshire Cat!)

you can direct the characters to be visible and invisible now, it was introduced in the last update.
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2014/3/18 12:53:28
And the Muvizu Oscar winner is... id like to thank muvizu for the opportunity to make the video in the first place.
thank you to all that voted for me and thank you to the muvizu community for all the kind comments and encouragement on my muvizu videos.
thank you to urbanlamb who unlocked the way of the blender for me to make lovely shiny things.
thank you to me old mum for giving birth to me, get well soon mum
thank you to my dog charlie for keeping my feet warm as use my pc.
thank you to tescos for providing me with the coffee that keeps me up all night muvizuing
and finally thanks to Old Holborn rolling baccy for keeping up my nicotine intake as i beaver away making up nonsense to amuse people.

and do i get a gold statue? Big Grin
2014/3/18 1:48:50
Sketchup into Muvizu???? primaveranz wrote:
SonOfKong wrote:
Hi, I have a 3D model that I've brought into sketchup and assigned textures to it. (I made the model in 3D Max). After exporting the model as a .ase file I then imported the model into Muvizu. This is were it's going wrong. The textures applied (which are just Sketchup standard textures.(ie using the paint bucket) don't appear on the model, the model appears white

Check what Fazz said in this thread. Sketchup colours are not really "textures", you need to make sure you have saved them as textures.
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yep. the muvizu exporter doesnt recognize the colours in sketchup, so you can paint your model with the entire palette and it will only show one colour when you import into muvizu unless you've made them into textures. the older exporter and the ziggymesh one will. and the bonus of using the ziggymesh one is virtually no collision on your models
2014/3/15 12:15:55
New characters and animations What He Said
2014/3/14 16:19:32
New characters and animations some new fight moves would be lovely and some pick up/ put down actions would go down a treat
2014/3/14 16:16:49
Thanks for the advice. At least I can see that there is more than one way to do something in Muvizu. In the end, I've decided it's just as simple to add a blank backdrop and import a tree texture and stick this to the backdrop. I was hoping to send a picture along with this post to show how the trees look in the scene but there doesn't seem to be a way.

urbanlamb has uploaded some trees of various varieties on the the assets page. you should check them out. i highly recommend the birch trees. they are my favourite tree asset on there lol.
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2014/3/14 16:09:45
Coming Soon... toonarama wrote:
Looking great Fazz - have the Evil Dead been put back to sleep???

its still in production mate about 40 odd minutes done and in the bag, im taking a break from it at the mo to recharge my creative juices lol and do a bit of scifi b-movie action
2014/3/14 16:01:35
Ying Tong Song lol the dude with the fat arse cracked me up.
2014/3/14 15:48:23
Coming Soon...
2014/3/9 18:46:30
CREATE A PARTICULAR SCENE that be blasphemy asking if urbanlamb used sketchup Big Grin
i think you will find she used Blender to make her assets
making a skyscraper shouldn't be to hard for you. its basically a huge box with a building texture on it.
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2014/3/7 14:39:16
I do not understand, custom textures for characters and muvizu sets can still be uploaded to the asset page. 3d assets cannot, unless they are in a muvizu set. any 3d assets already on the asset page will be there for downloading, there just wont be any new ones. so if you see an asset in a set that you like. you can copy and paste it into a new set as long as you dont close muvizu in that session. so open a set, copy the asset, load a new set and paste.
2014/3/5 4:51:18
IMPORT????? i think you are having trouble with the toto bmp file. if thats the case then download one of my .ase assets and copy and paste the toto bmp file into your model folder. without it you cant import into muvizu. adding textures and collision is a whole new can of worms but urbanlamb has provided you with plenty of reading material and viewing to keep you busy Big Grin
to start with just try and export a simple cube to sus things out because jumping straight into the 3d warehouse will give you problems and its best to learn the basics first .
2014/3/4 21:23:36
Asset Creation lol
2014/3/3 18:29:55
Asset Creation as the 3d assets are no longer. here is a brief guide on how i do the process Big Grin
2014/3/2 4:24:00
Asset Creation GeneralVeers wrote:
If I may.

But on the other side of the coin....When I first discovered Muvizu I thought it was awesome. But in the past few months I've witnessed the advent of use of other software being integrated into the assets. (like the addition of RL faces and such) I don't particularly care for these assets as it takes something away from the beauty of the original idea of Muvizu. (in other words, why can't you guys just use what they give you, and improvise?)

just curious, what are RL faces and such?
why cant we just use what muvizu gives us and improvise?
we do use what muvizu gives us but sometimes its not enough. so we make or own stuff. theres not much point in having an import feature if we dont use it and if we didnt use the import feature all muvizu videos would end up looking the same. fair enough if thats for you but i dont want my videos looking identical to everyone elses. as for improvising, i would say that most work done on a video is improvising in one way or another. we cant import characters so we improvise using the character attachments to make our own. if muvizu wasnt meant to be used that way then they wouldnt bring in things such as fbx imports, character attachments and so on and when muvizu pro hits us hopefully the entire muvizu thing will be even more customizable. its either that or muvizu stays the same and dies a slow painful death coz nothing new can be done.
2014/3/2 0:29:54
Asset Creation
2014/3/1 21:37:17
Asset Creation lol. it is a shame they want the 3d assets closed for new stuff and call me a selfish "BLEEP" if you want but it doesn't effect me in anyway and i wont be losing out over it. i shall still trundle on doing my own thing and making my daft videos. like me old mucker urbanlamb said if anyone asks me to make anything for them i probably would. im not a complete "BLEEPER" (well not most of the time lol) and am very approachable on such things and if i have the time and the skills you never know what you may get out of me, just dont take the p**s lol
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2014/3/1 16:16:06
Head Attachments? make the most of them coz there wont be any more lol
2014/2/28 11:07:40
Asset Creation What He Said
2014/2/27 20:25:52
Asset Creation why should urbanlamb have to remove her assets? surely thats defeating the object of having an asset page. seeing as she is a major contributor to that page.
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