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2013/12/29 2:33:48
Doctor Who? ive always liked Doctor Jimmy by the Who
2013/12/29 2:26:29
My second effort very nice mate and a good song to boot
2013/12/28 17:51:31
Uploading Failed yep its the holidays. all videos,assets,sets and textures have to be moderated by the staff before they appear on the site and they are all away getting drunk somewhere for the duration and wont be back till next year
2013/12/26 2:45:09
Can't find muvizu.dll no problem, glad it worked but it was this muvizers solution
so cheers Homemade Toast
2013/12/26 2:38:56
Climb stairs yeah thats the huge problem merging two objects with collision. they really dont want to be there and shouldnt be there, so any movement at all and they jump apart. so placing them can be very tricky. ive only ever used this method using ground planes a few times when i could find no other option. sorry it didnt work to good but short of making models of the building from scratch with no collision i dont see any other way of getting a character up them steps and into the building. maybe some close up shots and some different sets of just the doorway and a bit of fancy editing.
2013/12/25 13:48:42
Climb stairs hello mate, i probably didnt explain it to well but it will merge.

set the plane here.

animate it up to the building.

move it so the plane is at the start of its movement up against the building.

now let the animation run

one platform for your character

like i said, it will work on any object in muvizu

have a good christmas mate, im off for dinner
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2013/12/25 5:20:00
Climb stairs do you mean the bottom of the building object with the small stairs leading up the front? you could set the building so the character cant stand on it. use a invisible ground plane at an angle to get up the stairs and another really small ground plane flat leading to the door. but you would have to move it into position by animating it a bit away from the building. then position it after you have animated it up against the building so when you let the animated ground plane run its animation it will sink into the building. so you will have a platform for your character to walk into the building.
did any of that make sense lol. it sounds more complicated than it is.
any muvizu objects will merge into each other if they are animated to. you just have to have them apart when you animate them. then bring them together and when the animation runs it course they will merge. just dont try and move them if they are merged because they will jump apart.
it is a method of beating the collision in muvizu objects like that. i always start a scene 10 or so seconds along the timeline so if anything like that needs to be done it doesnt interfere with the actual scene itself.
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2013/12/24 20:42:03
Play+ - Hand Attachements it will always grip the object no matter what. there are about five different grips to choose, fist,phone,wrap,whistle and splay.
and you can choose how much you want to grip the object. so a fist grip could be tightly gripped or loosely gripped depending on where you put the slider.
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and pencil is another grip.
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2013/12/24 20:15:11
Play+ - Hand Attachements the attachments wont interfere in any way with actions you choose.
2013/12/24 14:59:00
Can't find muvizu.dll Dunno if this will help
i had trouble installing muvizu on my windows 8 laptop and tried the solution in the thread ive linked above. i found the directx sdk on the microsoft downloads web site and installed it and muvizu runs ok now. like i say dunno if it will help but its worth a try.
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2013/12/22 15:43:32
Fatal error when I choose the action of a characte ziggy could probably help you out better as it his set but im sure there are a few imported objects in there somewhere which is why its taking longer than a normal muvizu pre loaded set. unfortunately theres not alot you can do about the load time apart from deleting any imported objects and just leaving muvizu objects. totally your choice mate
you can tell which ones are imported if you bring up the Show scene window menu and all the imported objects will have a thumbnail pic of what looks like half a table.
edited by fazz68 on 22/12/2013
2013/12/22 14:55:29
Fatal error when I choose the action of a characte i cant help you with the crashing, thats the muvizu tech boys department and they are on their holidays till the new year. there might be some more muvizu crash savy member here that can help. as for the set loading taking 2 mins. how big is the set? the more you have in a set the longer it takes to load. especially if theres a lot of imported objects. some of my own sets can take up to 30 mins to load so 2 mins is awesome lol
and merry christmas to you too
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2013/12/22 13:18:35
Issue with Commercial License im getting the wo error too trying to activate + on my laptop. i was so looking forward to being a lazy sod over christmas... oh well back to the desk top and bad back and flat arse city for now
2013/12/20 11:54:43
Coming Soon... thanks ziggy,urbanlamb and Dylly now back to animating to bring this fella and all his chums to life
2013/12/20 2:28:38
Coming Soon... it does look quite comical running about the place Big Grin
my inspiration was Bernie Clifton
i remember watching him running around like a madman in his ostrich costume on the TV when i was a kid. A total loon Big Grin
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2013/12/19 23:59:08
Coming Soon...

yee haaa ride em cowboy...
2013/12/16 5:20:27
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time!

merry christmas
2013/12/16 0:34:01
Hello All Hello
2013/12/14 15:57:45
how can i upload my video into the gallery????? its been a long time since i linked to you tube through muvizu but im sure if my memory serves me right.... when you click the upload button above you will go to the upload page. click upload video.... and im sure it will tell you to link your muvizu account to your youtube account and follow the instructions it gives you. the video wont show up on the gallery until it has been seen by the muvizu staff and they ok it for the site which wont be till monday when they are back at work
2013/12/14 14:07:09
how can i upload my video into the gallery????? upload it through the muvizu site. big red button above. you have to link your you tube account with muvizu. all will be explained along the way.
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