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2015/8/6 22:31:10
Character Proportions and a spider.... or ant..... i could do some good things with an ant.... or a spider..... or both.....
2015/8/5 17:08:09
Today's Download no if you want to use layers dont use directx 9. it doesnt work in 9. i think layers be broke till further notice. they will probably patch it in a day or two when they have sussed out the problem. maybe.... but what do i know about the workings of muvizu HQ Big Grin
2015/8/5 16:59:07
help me please you only need one code. you can use it on 2 computers if you want. have you checked your junk mail?

also you are shouting at the wrong people. we are not muvizu. we are just users like yourself.
2015/8/5 2:14:13
Today's Download wdeprospo wrote:
OK, No Video with any codec?



switch to directx 9. rendering works fine in that. well it did for me just now. you'll lose the new layers function but hey you didnt have it yesterday so no biggie.
2015/8/4 23:19:39
Today's Download urbanlamb wrote:
hurry up get your new computer before you are locked out of the internet :P

yeah any enhancements are probably gonna be dx11+

soon mate i'll just plod along with the old craptop till then. even if i pulled the old beast out of storage it wouldnt be any better thats even more ancient Big Grin
2015/8/4 21:23:21
Today's Download MrDrWho13 wrote:
View-->show layers window


found it but had to switch to directx 11. so i take it layers dont work in directx 9 (which i have to use coz directx 11 crashes muvizu for me when i go to make a video)

oh well wont be using that function then lol

still the extra cameras are cool.
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2015/8/4 21:10:46
Today's Download ok this may seem like a stupid question but where are these mythical layers to be found? im either going blind or missing something coz i cant find it anywhere....
2015/8/4 11:03:06
Assistance good stuff
2015/8/2 16:49:06
multiple characters; not working well no worries mate
2015/8/1 6:05:31
multiple characters; not working well you dont have to delete anything. click on view at the top of muvizu and click unlit mode or press the F12 key on your keyboard. that will turn off all the lights, remove shadows etc. you only want them off while you work if your puter is struggling. then turn them back on when your done. or whenever.

any effects you use in muvizu are animatable (dunno if thats a real word) click on prepare object properties and you will find the animatable bits, intensity (what you want), texture, colour etc.....
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2015/8/1 3:13:07
multiple characters; not working well blickfang wrote:
Please tell me I'm wrong

you are wrong....

is your computer struggling to run muvizu? try working with the lights off (in muvizu not your house lol )
it might be a memory thing? im no expert at what specs you need to run this software but its quite a memory hog. the more complex your animation the slower it will become unless your computer has the power to do what is needed. turning off the lighting will make a huge difference while you are working on a scene.
2 characters together shouldnt make much of an impact on the way it runs though.
2015/8/1 1:02:48
Ant music for sex people a quick animation to get my brain back in the game.
two evenings and a few early mornings to make. all muvizu except the vivienne westwood costumes. music taken from an old bootleg adam and the ants demo album " ant music for sex people " before they went mainstream and down the tubes IMHO.
hope you like

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2015/7/27 15:06:11

Can i have my videos returned to my profile page now please muvizu dudes
2015/7/24 19:12:54
Underground Characters bug click on view at top of screen. click on show scene window at the bottom of the dropdown menu. you can see everything in that scene listed. choose character. copy and paste.
you only need the bounding box to be around the character to copy and paste. you dont need to touch it. click edit at top of screen and copy and paste from there.

in fact if you've just spawned the character it will already be chosen so you only have to use the edit at the top of the screen.
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2015/7/21 16:45:19
How do I copy my license key to the clipboard? have you actually spoken to muvizu about this?


it might be a bit late to get an answer today because its almost clocking off time here in Britain. at the end of the day all and any problems that cant be resolved by help on the forum should be taken up with muvizu themselves. they are a pretty friendly bunch and can usually sort out your problems pretty quickly.
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2015/7/20 16:47:07
FBX import errors (of course errors) same here. everything ive done in the last year (not a lot i know Big Grin ) has all been 99% fbx. with the odd ase here and there.
2015/7/17 22:49:29
Help moving a ball into the air imyourda wrote:
Thanks for the advice!

I ended up making a character invisible, attaching the ball as a hat, used the "blast from the right" animation to get it to move through the air.

ingenious workaround
2015/7/17 4:24:56
New Chick in + version...No Mic??

click on this one. they both say hand in the left hand box but the first one is for replacing the whole hand (which doesnt work ) another bug for muvizu to fix. second one down is for objects in her hand which does work.
2015/7/16 19:44:57
New Chick in + version...No Mic?? yeah poor old mandy has all the moves but no muvizu musical attachments like the others. you'll have to import one yourself im afraid. along with any other instruments you might want her to play with.
2015/7/16 13:00:45
Coming Soon... yup ziggy is correct about the lamposts. with the AO switched on it makes just enough shadow at the base i think. i do like the bloom feature, gives the lights a bit of boost .

you never know i might even make a proper animation soon Big Grin
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