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2013/12/14 14:36:06
Charactere Not Moving Hi guys,

The character not moving is getting bad. I create new scenes and half the characters don't move.
It seems like I am fiddling more trying to get the characters to move than directing a video.

The scenes have many objects and many characters.

Is it possible I am using too many 'things'?

Any hope in sight?


P.S. All new scenes with the latest Muvizu Play+. Windows 7 64 bit.
2013/12/11 23:16:43
Charactere Not Moving Thanks MrDrWho13.

As long as I know it is a known problem, and not my installation, I will work around it. Just a note. My scene is created new. However the characters are favorites.

Thanks again

2013/12/11 18:11:13
Charactere Not Moving I have the latest Muvizu Play+. I create characters and give them movement. When I move the timeline manually they move. When I run the scene or make a movie they do not move. Not every character and not all the time.

If I recreate the characters with their motion, more often than not they are OK.

Windows 7 64 bit.

2013/5/4 23:02:03
Muvizu Play, dialog and timeline hi

Thanks to all.

I will be trying everything tomorrow.

2013/5/4 21:24:20
Muvizu Play, dialog and timeline Hi,

I always thought one audio track, period. Live and learn. I`ll give a try. If each piece of dialog was loaded as an effect, like music, is there a limit?

2013/5/4 18:59:37
Muvizu Play, dialog and timeline HI,

Using 23B will work, and I probably will use it.

I do have the dialog split by character. How do I load each for a character. Is this a special effect?

2013/5/4 17:57:42
Muvizu Play, dialog and timeline Hello,

I've been playing with dialog and the timeline all day. I must say, a real bear. It's better with cue points and re-syncing, but I have lots of dialog to sync. 5 characters. Much better in the old version.

Lots of time and effort.


Not part of this thread but.....

As an aside. In the older version, when I edited audio (prepare) and emptied, then imported again it retained the starting position and character sync. It also showed the percent of audio. The audio edit dialog from the timeline is much better than the import audio dialog.

Also, is it possible to right mouse menu (add character to timeline) or right mouse menu (remove character from timeline). The time line is much better than the first version, but when you have many many characters, and wish to match one character's actions/dialog to another character's actions/dialog, scrolling up and down can become tedious. I see the timeline filters, but they really do not remove full featured characters from view.

When I do an object search for patio, as in patio doors, it does not find it?

Or am I missing something or somethings. Which, by the way, would not be rare in my case.

2013/5/4 13:43:12
Muvizu Play, dialog and timeline Hi,

OK, I'll give it a try for a few days and see how it goes. I'll let you know.


2013/5/4 10:25:23
Muvizu Play, dialog and timeline Hi,

I don't have a section marked out, so I have a total timeline problem. This scene, 'unfortunately' is 5 minutes of dialog between 5 characters. I will mark sections to limit my sync time. As long as I know this is still a problem, I can work around it. Thanks for steering me in the right direction.

2013/5/3 22:38:28
Muvizu Play, dialog and timeline Hi,

I've been using Muvizu Play this week, and I am having a good deal of trouble with dialog and the timeline.
If I move around on the timeline using the mouse, to adjust dialog start/stop, the timeline does not seem
to re-sink with the dialog audio. Does anyone else have this problem?

2013/5/1 0:36:56
Newer Version, same problem I just downloaded the latest Play version. Nosed around a little. NO problems.


2013/4/30 17:48:52
Image Size, Importing floor tiles etc... Hi,

Thanks a lot. I am filing this information with the other responses. I suspect one day soon, like the day after tomorrow, I will spend all day trying to create floors, carpets, skies, walls etc. Most of my 'creations' :-) are indoors with people talking. Having a little variety should, 'I hope', spice things up a bit.

Thanks again. And I do mean thanks to all.

2013/4/29 21:40:00
Image Size, Importing floor tiles etc... I hate to say this, but my wife hates me. She goes to few forums
and gets 10℅ of the info I get here. And not always civil.

merci beaucoup

2013/4/29 19:55:16
Image Size, Importing floor tiles etc... Hi,

I suppose everything. I was hoping there was a magic size,
like 256, 512...

I will expertiment a lot to fnd what works for me.

Thanks a lot for the info. This is why I love this forum, real people
with real ideas and information.


2013/4/29 19:17:43
Image Size, Importing floor tiles etc... Hi,

I would like to use floor tiles, carpets etc. What is the optimal image size so the images will repeat properly.

2013/4/29 18:14:06
Newer Version, same problem Hi,

Any progress on these problems?

2013/4/22 18:45:38
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion Neil, I'm happy to hear this 'hopeful' resolve. I will wait for the fix, I am now so used to the French, I'll leave it and try the fix when it is available..

Thanks Again....


P.S A quick thought. When I install Muvizu I select English, although the PC, Windows O/S etc. is all in French ( the native install for France).
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2013/4/22 15:44:15
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion Hi,

Yes I have been getting this since the first update of Play.

I ran a dxdiag...How do I upload it to you.

Directx 11
Windows 7 64 bit

I did uninstall everything.

Downloaded Muvizu again, refreshed MS stuff, .net C++ runtlme etc...
2013/4/22 15:15:49
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion Hi Neil,

I opened Muvizu Play and downloaded the latest......

Open the latest
Loaded a set
Opened the camera Window
Right mouse edit and .....


2013/4/16 19:50:55
Newer Version, same problem I downloaded the update and I still have the same problem when accessing the camera Window. Edit, click etc...
I think my codecs and drivers are up to date???

Any suggestions?


Windows 7, 64 bit
Service Pack 1
CPU i7 @ 3,40
RAM 16 Go
lots of disk.....

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