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2013/1/28 16:50:33
More hairstyles and eye styles? I noticed that for all the characters that we only have a few handful of hairstyles. =\

also, for the heroine and the hero models they don't have that much in the way of different eye shapes and styles like with the other cartoony-like Muvizu characters. What if I wanted to use the more "realistic" heroine model to make different characters, and have them be clearly different from each other??

having different eye shapes for that model would be extremely helpful in that regard.

also, is there a way to make our own clothes for the character models? I do know some basic modelling skills in 3d max, and I was wondering if it was possible to make some new conforming clothing for the characters. I was thinking that the characters needed more styles for the pants and a new layered skirt for the females.
2013/1/28 14:47:19
BVH import files I second this!

I have made BVH motion data for many other 3d progams, and I would also like to be able to use it here too as well.

just imagine, being able to use your own custom actions!
2013/1/28 0:24:46
My very first attempt. like the title thread says, my very first attempt. tell me what you think of it. I just used some random Japanese Music I had lying around to go with the dance scene.

2013/1/27 21:16:41
Videos not clear enough.... Sweet, that helped out a lot.

thanks. now to try out my first scene...
2013/1/27 16:26:42
Videos not clear enough.... the character models. I found out how to animate the objects, build sets, etc but for some reason I couldn't figure out how to animate the characters?

sorta frustrating. ^^;;
2013/1/27 7:38:56
Videos not clear enough.... people seem to think that you can just enable automated CC on videos and be done with it. wrong.

you basically have to kind of upload this script, if you will, into the CC thing. so as the video plays it actually plays the right words, and stuff like that. I've watched plenty of videos on you-tube that had this, and it worked great.

the automated stuff sucks hardcore... you really have to tweak it for it to work correctly.

anyway I was looking on information on how to fully animate the models. I've gotten everything else worked out from the lighting to building things... but the animating part befuddles me. I guess I'm just way too used to the "drag and drop" style of the animation/timeline type from other various programs. you know the type where you select an action and then "drag" it to the timeline below. so I'm used to clicking it or moving it to make the animation appear up on the timeline thing.
2013/1/26 23:39:22
Videos not clear enough.... for those who are hard of hearing, those with no speakers, etc.

I'm deaf and while I'm the type who learns by watching videos very easily, I also have to say the Close captioning on the videos kind of suck. it spews out gibberish. so I'm asking you guys to put in some actual CC encoding/scripts so that it actually provides good information as the video plays instead of spewing out gibberish.

alternatively, also put up some how-to articles with screenshots. those can be a very helpful supplement to the videos.

and I imagine that it would also cut down on some of the questions being asked here.
2013/1/26 19:15:13
Hiya! I'm just a newbie who heard of Muviz recently and thought I would check it out.

I'm basically a big fan of creating my own 3d animations, and have used things from IMVU (a 3d cartoon chatting program sorta similar to second life), to The lionhead movies game. I have even tried out Daz studio/poser at times for that.

you can check out my youtube channel here:

Any tips for the newbie here? :P
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