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2022/1/24 23:52:35
Determining Truth During the Dark Ages, a new technology is developed to ascertain the guilt or innocence of an accused man.
2022/1/20 22:55:00
Considerations I didn't make the scenes so there were a couple of reasons for restricting the camera angles a bit. The interior down the hall the other didn't look right and the exterior kept blurring when I made the traveling shots I wanted.
2022/1/17 23:52:12
Considerations When it's time for a guest to leave, a butler helps in a surprising way.
2022/1/10 23:40:21
RESOLVE Dan let's Bev know how he is managing to keep his New Year's resolution.
2022/1/3 23:51:55
Days Yet To Come Early in the twentieth century, a discussion of things past switches to one of the future.
2021/12/29 23:12:15
What To Do Zeke and Kyle head downtown only to become confronted by their boredom.
2021/12/27 23:16:43
If A Tree Falls A tree detective arrives on the scene of brutal decapitation.
2021/12/20 23:24:58
The Unluckiest Elf A heart wrenching tale of a little elf with no place to go.
2021/12/13 23:28:22
The Need An alien spacecraft is pushed to it's limits due to it's commanders urgent need.
2021/12/6 22:31:17
The Realities Of The Season Barry Fenwick faces economic difficulties at his workplace during the holiday season.
2021/11/29 21:46:46
The Adventure Of The Recurring Man Sherlock Holmes returns to 221B Baker Street with information for Dr. Watson.
2021/11/22 21:57:39
Nothin' Doin' When the power goes out during a storm, Zeke and Kyle try to figure out what to do with themselves.
2021/11/15 23:24:18
Research Adoptions When a genetics lab is moving on to another phase of it's research, some of it's creatures are offered up for adoption.
2021/11/7 23:30:00
A Recipe For Disaster Things get a bit hot when Ralph drops by Bev and Dan's place.
2021/11/1 22:05:48
Looking For A Deal On a distant planet, someone needs a new spacecraft.
2021/10/25 22:29:47
Taking Care Of Business Aboard a space freighter, Crewman Hammond manages to kill two birds with one stone.
2021/10/17 22:37:53
Dead Simple In a special Hollowe'en episode, Bev tells Sue how she gets her lazy husband Dan to do so much.
2021/10/12 21:53:05
The End Of Days Everett Bovelle, the only person to survive the ultimate doomsday device, finds something that makes everything feel just that little bit worse.
2021/10/3 22:43:19
A Special Message From Mister Pulpy Mister Pulpy responds to criticisms about his restaurant chain.
2021/9/27 22:31:16
Talking To Aliens 3 Random aliens are asked what their opinion is of human art.

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