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2021/9/20 13:40:18
Derange and Sons Knives The cutting edge in carving technology!
2021/9/19 14:07:14
Hard Coffee The all night party solution!
2021/9/13 22:51:01
Something In The Air The call of duty could cost Officer Ed Swine his doughnut.
2021/9/7 8:51:26
The Mutiny An alien commander isn't pleased with the destination.
2021/9/5 13:08:28
Slightly Off Course Ship board radios are just so very helpful.

2021/9/5 13:07:21
Making video in 9:16 Aspect Ratio If you have the full version, you'll get multiple resolution options when you render your animation. Do it once and it will default to that next time you use it.
2021/8/30 22:49:32
The Time Contraption Oliver Strickland trades the immediate future for the distant future in "The Time Contraption".

2021/8/16 22:38:52
Ricky the Traffic Pylon Dies In my latest cartoon, thanks to a drunk driver, Ricky the Traffic Pylon is no more.

2021/8/9 22:14:52
The Oil Slick Bev has problem with oil and Dan has a problem with Bev having a problem with oil.
2021/8/4 22:48:32
Some Shitty News The 6 O'Clock Report let's viewers know what sort of **** is going on.

2021/7/12 21:32:58
Your Feet - Some Tips My latest cartoon is an old-timey PSA with tips for foot care.
2021/6/29 2:20:01
Substitute Ingredients A question put to a kiosk worker gets an unexpected answer.
2021/6/26 12:22:58
Sounding Off A young boy interrupts the family's TV viewing to show off his best effort.
2021/6/25 22:47:39
A Matter Of Taste In my latest cartoon, when a customer is over sampling the produce, the grocery store manager seeks help.
2021/6/22 23:23:59
Blend out possible at end of film? As I'm sure other people do, I use a separate program to edit different scenes together and it also comes with many effects including a transition like you mentioned. I use Roxio VideoWave but there are many others out there of varying prices and abilities. Unfortunately, the video program that comes with Windows doesn't do transitions.
2021/6/21 15:22:33
Can't Sleep? Can't sleep? There's always Brackish Brand coffee.

2021/6/14 22:34:22
Talking With Aliens 2 Random aliens are asked what their opinion is of human food in "Talking To Aliens 2".

2021/6/7 22:28:07
The Long Shot In "The Long Shot", Barry Fenwick has some visitors who've come a long, long way to talk to him.
2021/5/31 22:21:14
There's Always An Exception In my latest cartoon "There's Always An Exception", Zeke and Kyle are barred from the local lake beach.
2021/5/24 22:38:48
Talking With Aliens In my latest cartoon, random aliens are selected to provide their opinions on a selected topic in "Talking With Aliens".
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