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2013/5/12 18:36:10
CRASH when I try to input a video on a wall I tried, and it almost worked.
I covert my video with bink video conventer to a .avi file and when I input it in the wall, I SAW THE IMAGE OF THE VIDEO !
But, the problem is that the video isn't moving, I only see the same image everytime :P

I know it's Sunday, but I really need your help !
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2013/5/12 15:56:45
CRASH when I try to input a video on a wall Ok I will try that
Thank you both
2013/5/12 1:59:00
Save project in different types of file Hi, I have an idea to improve Muvizu

It could be cool if Muvizu could have a button written SAVE COPY AS, that would permit us to save the scene we are creating in different files.

Example : by clicking on SAVE A COPY AS : we could have these options : - save files as the lasted version of Muvizu
- save files as the older version of Muvizu

It could be could to permit us to save our scenes on the older version of Muvizu, because now, it's impossible to do it

Tell me if it's possible to do it

Thank you
2013/5/12 1:53:37
CRASH when I try to input a video on a wall It doesn't work
2013/5/12 0:34:01
CRASH when I try to input a video on a wall I will try to install the k-lite 64 bit and I will restart everything,

Thank you !
2013/5/11 13:30:12
Do you know good .obj conventer ! OK, THANKS Urbanlamb
2013/5/11 3:35:23
CRASH when I try to input a video on a wall Hi all Muvizuers,

When I tried to put a video on a wall, a big fatal error message happend:

I wish so much that you know how to fix that !!!

2013/5/10 22:28:26
Do you know good .obj conventer ! urbanlamb wrote:
You can convert an object file inside blender I created a tutorial to do this. Cad files are usually insanely vertex heavy as they are not designed for use in game engines only visualization work and use cpu power to process them. So I dont know how successful you will be with making objects in such software. Its similar to the issues that sketchup have only worse

This tutorial sort of breezes over optimizing objects for use in muvizu and the paramaters you should be looking for when using objects for muvizu.

I already do this, but I don't know why, but when I'm using Blender, it's not working as good as it should work, and I have invisible parts
2013/5/10 12:55:07
Hello Everyone! Welcome to the community. It's really nice to meet you

I'm dwarf, the coolest young french speaker of the community Cool

I really like to model things for Muvizu and I try to make ''bigger'' the French community on Muvizy : so, if you have advice for me, go ahead

I wish you will pass great moments with Muvizu
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2013/5/10 12:50:15
Do you know good .obj conventer ! Hi all, like you saw, I pretty like to model stuff with Muvizu.
Hi usually use some engineer software like Creo Parametric 2.0 to model everything I saw around me

But the problem is that I dunno how to find a good CAD to .OBJ conventer.
Creo already propose to export set I model in .obj, but like you can see on the DS, it's not perfect. So, I wanna know if you know good free CAD conventer or other free CAD software that can allow to convert in .obj

It's hard, I usually made a lot of research on it and try a lot of software, but the result is never what I espect. So, if you know some, TELL IT TO ME PLS

Thank you Cool
2013/5/7 11:30:53
help, unable to load muvizu.dll Two options

1) Your version isn't up to date, because this crash happened with the older version, so check if you have the lastest version of Muvizu

2) You didn't install the right version of Muvizu : check if your PC is a 32 or a 64 bits, and check if it is the same with your software.
2013/5/6 21:39:29
Character Action Utilise la version antérieure en attendant que ce bug soit réglé. (En plus, vous serez surpris, mais je trouve que l'ancienne version va plus vite que la nouvelle.

C'est le meilleure conseil que je pourrais vous donner pour le moment

Voici le lien de la version antérieure que je préfère particulièrement : http://www.gamershell.com/download_96051.shtml

Et voice le lien de toutes les versions antérieures: http://muvizu.com/Forum/topic318-download-mirrors.aspx

Je vais regarder ce que je peux faire pour votre micro
N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour tout autre problème

PS: désolé pour le délais, j'étais à l'école
2013/5/5 23:02:47
two simple questions... Yes, it's true. Laster version was a lot of time more faster than this one, I don't know why !!!
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2013/5/5 22:20:04
two simple questions... It depends in Packs are comming from Muvizu or comming from users like me. If its from Muvizu, they will warn, if not, you have to go on the Get Assets option (on the wesite and download what you want) PS: Underwear and Color suits are from me, go check them out :P
2013/5/5 20:10:49
Character Action Au pire, veux-tu le lien de l'ancienne version, je viens de tester, et les baguettes pour les femmes sont disponibles ?

2013/5/5 20:03:11
Character Action C'est étrange, moi ça marche avec les autres femmes, c'est seulement avec Rosie que ce n'est pas disponible
2013/5/5 19:58:51
Character Action C'était avec grand plaisir
Je vous souhaite un bon film, et j'ai très hâte de le voir !
2013/5/5 19:54:59
Character Action I'm sorry, I'm a new user like you, I don't know if its a bug

Je crois que je viens d’apercevoir que tu parlais Français, est-ce exact
Si oui, tu peux poser tes questions en Français la prochaine fois, ça sera plus simple
2013/5/5 19:49:40
Character Action Then, I suppose you miss some files.

Go in DLC pack to check for update.
2013/5/5 19:44:36
Character Action Step one : Right Click on you character and press Edit

Step 2 : Go on Instrument

And finally : Click on your sticks

I wish it helped
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