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2012/4/19 0:48:58
Stop video looping. Workaround it!
Show everything you describe up to the point of impact then cut to a couple of characters looking skyward and scared and use animated lights to show the sudden brightness of the explosion on the characters. You could then have them running out of shot as large pieces of the helicopter suddenly land where the stood.
2012/4/18 21:51:21
Random requests! And now with the improved texture resolutions the bow ties will look really fine and dandy!
2012/4/18 21:48:58
Paint colours Cyndi always looks like she is trying to read something really tiny with that squinty eyed expression.
Put your glasses on woman!
2012/4/18 21:47:12
Stop video looping. Yes, at the moment I agree that your video editor of choice is the answer.
You could also export one Muvizu clip with the explosion backdrop included and the same clip but with no explosion backdrop and then cut between the two clips at the appropriate moments
2012/4/17 22:57:14
Random answers to random questions toonarama wrote:

One of the things that makes your animations stand out is the lighting - a tutorial showing some of the different lighting you have used in your sets and how you achieved them would be really useful!

Lighting... Hmmmn.. Ok, it's on the list!
2012/4/17 22:29:41
You Tube Monetization some guidance please? They seem fine on my vids. Click them and see!
2012/4/16 21:24:01
Random answers to random questions HayManMarc wrote:
Thanks Dreeko. I especially like the part about how to get the TV to work. "First, you plug it in. Then you twiddle around the antenna..." LOL!

Ha ha! Couldn't resist it...

If anyone has any further questions about any of my videos just let me know and I'll make another vid.

2012/4/16 13:58:00
Random answers to random questions Hi Folks,

I received a pm asking me a series of questions about one of my videos so I thought I'd make a video explaining instead of typing it all out, and here it is...

Hope it helps someone!

2012/4/14 14:07:22
Need a model or set made? Sounds like old dylly has lost it again!
I'll get his medication if someone holds him down
2012/4/13 18:53:03
Cowbird Came across this website today

It's a site which celebrates the art of telling a story and users of the site upload their own and a lot of the time they illustrate their yarns with photos and audio most of which is free to use.

Thought it could be a great resource for people who want to animate using Muvizu but don't want to write or perform voices for the audio side of things.

Here's the FAQ for the site


And here is an example story with audio


Hope it's of use to someone.

2012/4/12 12:23:58
Swiming clamtom wrote:
Don't mean to go off-topic, but just wanted to say I hadn't seen this vid before--it's outstanding on all counts, including topnotch writing!

Thanks for this!

2012/4/12 10:00:29
character actions when it sits Some animations are performed while sitting and others are standing animations. It would be great if all upper body animations could performed in both poses, but alas at the mo this is not the case.

On a couple of occasions I have worked round this problem by having the character remain in the standing position and by raising the seat/car etc.(sometimes it's the character that has to be raised or lowered using the floating ground plane method!) you can make it appear that the character is sitting in the camera view. This allows you to use the standing animations which I have found to be more extensive and useful especially when it comes to dialogue.

In this video I used this method for the fire engine (method shown at 6:38 if you can't be bothered watching it all)

Hope this helps
2012/4/11 11:44:16
It's limited Even if you need a video tutorial explaining how to do something (haven't done one of them in a while!)
2012/4/11 11:43:03
It's limited More than happy to help!
2012/4/11 8:58:46
Swiming wizplace wrote:
^This^ We need it. We have a beach set but we can't swim? We need to be able to build ponds and lakes and be able to swim in them.

Making sandcastles. Digging holes, eating ice cream and riding on donkeys are also not included in Muvizu

Considering the imagination and maniacal tendencies of the average muvizu user, the developers cannot possibly create all the character action animations that we can think of.

There are some obvious animations that are always requested on a regular basis (eating, using telephones etc)and I'm sure they will get to them eventualy.

In the absense of your desired animations I'm afraid you are left with trying to work around them using clever camera angles and edits.

I simulated a frantic swim in this video..

Hope this helps

edited by Dreeko on 11/04/2012
2012/4/4 12:32:00
Object movement Haven't tried before with the squash thIngy but I imagine you would have to animate the vertical scale properties in sync with the bounce.
Bricks- yes one at a time I imagine
2012/4/4 10:52:53
Object movement Jamie wrote:
Good luck!

2012/4/4 9:16:31
Object movement No this is not an odd question but the answer may be..

Object animation can be (is!) very tricky. To try and simulate a ball bouncing across screen with the program as it stands just now would try the patience of a saint. I wouldn't attempt it because I know my laptop would be the object bouncing across the room in anger instead of the ball.
Until some kind of waypoints/path system with an easing in and out feature is introduced to Muvizu, your ball bouncing wishes will probably have to wait.

A work around would be to show the ball beginning to move. and then cut to a characters face (who is obviously watching the ball bounce) and animate his/her head moving up and down with the bounces and then cut back to the ball coming to a halt.

Hope this helps

2012/3/31 18:36:42
Muvizu remakes Thanks HayManMark!
2012/3/31 13:04:45
Muvizu remakes Here's the latest Dara animation from myself

Went to see the man himself in Glasgow last night. The show was hilarious a great time was had!
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