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2011/5/13 12:56:08
Youtube and copyrighted music You could try changing the pitch of the music in audacity and YouTube may not recognise it as a copyrighted track.I didn't have any copyright issues on the latest tutorial I created which included a very well known song by Westlife. The only reason I could put this down to was the fact that I had atered the pitch.

Worth a try if your not too bothered about the change in key
2011/5/12 19:00:18
Coming soon I just wonder what length of time is considered as soon........
2011/5/12 17:26:16
Coming soon looking good

Time to take my feature request muzzle off methinks!
2011/5/7 21:20:12
Textures everywhere Will the ability to add custom textures to characters and objects be a feature coming our way?
We really should be able to add this kind of detail at least to the hair and clothes of characters and object which would obviously have a variety of different textures in reality (eg furniture)
Plastic hair and clothes should be left to Max Headroom


2011/5/7 20:00:35
Characters bottom half won't move I've experienced No.1 but no.2 is a new one on me.

2011/5/5 22:43:44
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Everything we've asked for will be in the next update. Well it was in a dream I had recently, and they always come true.
Just ask my pet dragon
2011/5/3 13:46:34
Pet ewok! pyrrho wrote:
What make of dog is that? I love the punk hairstyle.

The breed is lhaso apso which I think is ewok for mogwai/gremlin
2011/5/3 10:24:27
Terror at Littletown Brilliant!
And a first movie.. Astounding. Great things to come from yourself I feel!!
Well done

2011/5/3 9:36:05
Pet ewok! New arrival to the dreeko household
Small dog/ewok by the name of Tia
Daughter and wife over the moon!
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2011/4/28 14:51:19
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Thanks folks
Toon!.. Camtasia is my screen recorder of choice

2011/4/28 14:25:19
A tutorial vid from Dreeko claireq wrote:
Dreeko wrote:

Yet again, it appears every day is a schoo day

*school* day Dreeko!


I know, it was deliberate. I've done it before ..ask Neil. He will confirm my habitual dyslexia
2011/4/28 14:13:43
A tutorial vid from Dreeko claireq wrote:
Another wee tip Dreeko is if you add 2 cue point markers on to the time line so the user knows when the object animation starts and when it finishes

Yet again, it appears every day is a schoo day
2011/4/28 13:45:48
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Ok, here's the new tutorial!

Animating characters rising using ground planes!

Hope it helps some one, or at least makes you smile!


PS: By the way... I've gone a bit OTTwith the production on this one, but it was fun doing so!
2011/4/27 12:04:24
Move Character 65Radius wrote:
Haarvik , The character stays when you "direct", but behaves as expected when you "play".
Dreeko, the cloud effect is quite impressive!

Yip, especially if you animate the movement of the dry ice aswell!

PS: would it be helpful to anyone if I made a video tutorial of this moving character in a lift/on a cloud effect or foes everyone already know what's going on here?
edited by Dreeko on 27/04/2011
2011/4/26 20:13:06
Move Character ...and if you use a floating texture-less ground plane and put a dry ice effect (or similar) in the same place then you can have them floating on a cloud...
2011/4/26 15:56:49
Gooooooooo Pete! Danimal wrote:
I had not thought of that, but it's an excellent idea! Thanks, I'm going to try it when I get home. Lousy work, always getting in the way...

I agree on both counts!
2011/4/26 9:13:43
Easter Eggs I can't take anymore Easter eggs. Chocolate overload!

2011/4/26 9:10:07
horse jawright3130 wrote:
how do i get the horse that is shown in the tutorial

The horse was imported from google warehouse into google sketchup and then exported as an .ase object and finally imported into Muvizu.
If you are in doubt about this process then check out the tutorials from Glasgowjim in the "your hints and tips'section on objects and sketchup.

Hope this helps
2011/4/23 22:18:44
My latest video not appearing... Neil wrote:
Not much'll get done once we get back to work, either.

On the plus side, I've just finished Portal 2. So at least lunch times will be more productive.

Didn't that only come out two days ago?
2011/4/23 15:00:35
My latest video not appearing... All vids are moderated by the team at Muvizu HQ before they can appear on the Muvizu site. We are into the Easter holiday weekend now so I would imagine that not a lot will be done until they go back to work.

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