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2010/12/6 11:46:22
Head movement and smoothing Neil wrote:
Ok, fine!!! You can have a slider to adjust the smoothing / speed of the head movement in the next release!!! But it's gonna impact our dragon development schedule! :p

Good man!

Don't worry about the dragon.
We're holding out for a tap dancing octopus now!
With a twirling bow tie (obviously)


2010/12/5 21:12:20
Christmas Muvizu laptop Ok folks
Christmas is just round the corner and if you could pick a Laptop which would play Muvizu like a dream what would it be?

Yes I'm trying to pick a decent laptop and can't decide on one.


Cheers in advance

2010/12/4 20:56:28
Head movement and smoothing Hello muvizu developers

Yes I'm back with another request
Head movement animation can be too slomo style when trying to move from one pose to another if we could have similar controls put in place for the head movements of a character that are already in place for the cameras eg speed and smoothing then we could have swifter movements for comedic effect. at the moment it's all a bit too slow fr me I can't quite get the rapid head movement of a charater required for the shocked look and the old double take

Thanks again
2010/12/4 15:06:32
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? freakmoomin wrote:
Ive recently made some new animations following some suggestions, hopefully they will be available in the program soon....

cuddle and kiss
some explosion flying through the air death type animations
poison choke death

some lying down poses (these are just static poses but with the lipsync, head and eye movement this should give people some options)

At some stage we MAY do a whole lying down mood but hopefully this will help for now....
edited by freakmoomin on 04/12/2010

Great news!
These will all be very helpful in future animations


PS: Any news on the walking/running on the spot mode?
2010/12/4 8:58:47
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Some fine suggestions in there!
2010/12/2 18:07:20
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Emily wrote:
But Dreeko, we already have a Griffin - he's in the pre-made characters list!

Second from the right on this line up.

Just be careful now...don't let him near the evil animations...

So there is!
Missed that one

Consider my request for a griffon withdrawn!

2010/12/2 17:59:06
New character? artpen wrote:
Since there is a lot of feed back for a Dragon, do you think, a model based on Disneys Petes Dragon, or Toy storys
T-Rex would be cool, I just think they would fit in with muvizus comic look?
I also like these characters big chin, ha ha, funny.

Ps, don't forget about the needed Crypto alien lookalike, hint hint

Cheers artpen


Right let's put this one to bed!
I don't want a dragon
It was a joke. Neither do I want a griffon. That also was a joke. Such requests would require an enormous amount of work from the muvizu team as they would have to create a whole dragon/griffon model, then rig it and texture it and then create animations and accessories for it.
The best chance of new character requests being granted will be the ones based on the two armed, two legged and one headed variety which would utilise existing animations and accessories
But taking all that into account ....Who couldn't use an octopus!


This also is a joke

edited by Dreeko on 02/12/2010
2010/12/1 22:29:53
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn ziggy72 wrote:
And for goodness sakes, give Dreeko his dragon! I think he's earned it! Applause

Dragon shmagon I'm after a griffon now Gotcha!
2010/11/29 20:47:00
log in from software Just tried this with the new download version (v 0.14b) issued today and I also couldn't log in.

just to let yooze know..
2010/11/28 20:38:28
Animated facemask Yip freaky and geeky that's me!
The whole face mask thing if fleshed out properly could draw a lot of users to muvizu.
There are many ways that it could be altered I think an internal crazy talk thing would be great but that is probably a massive undertaking for the muvizu team but an animated texture swapping option which would include avi files also remember would be a good place to start..
2010/11/28 19:26:07
My Musical Project Looks nice so far
Good set!
2010/11/28 17:46:39
Animated facemask I believe that the facemask option in the character creation mode is a feature which could be turned into a major attraction to Muvizu

A number of people that I have told about muvizu
Have said that it would be good if they could put photos of friends, family etc onto the characters. I have replied that yes! This can be done. They then ask "Oh great! And will they be able to move the eyes and have the mouth talking with the audio like the other characters in Muvizu?" I then look at my shoes and mumble "eh.. No"
So could the facemask be changed to be 1: A full headmask so we don't see the other character head underneath. 2: Can we have the ability to change/animate the textures over time in the same way that we can change the animate object textures in the directing mode that way we could load in a number of different expressions to be selected over time 3: Could the facemask be altered to include a moving jaw (I'm thinking ventriloquist dummy/jibjab style mouth here) which would move in relation to the spoken audio and possibly blinking eyes.


Here's something I put together to try and show the facemask feature off.
All comments welcome.



PS: where's my dragon! ... Lol!
2010/11/26 23:29:41
Moviestorm - Let your ideas run freely Moviestorm is clunky and nowhere as easy to make a movie as quickly and as slickly as Muvizu

I've tried both and Muvizu is the only one that I have actually taken ideas through from start to finish.

I think that says it all

Muvizu also has only been in developement for a short length of time with a small team of developers so hang in there. There is plenty more to come! trust me!


2010/11/24 14:25:58
Watching muvizu movies on an iphone freakmoomin wrote:


Another wish granted!

good stuff


2010/11/22 15:00:52
Silence of the Coders Jamie wrote:
Great work Dreeko - did you do all the voices?[/
Yes, all voices were me. Pitch was changed in audacity for the jodie voice
edited by Dreeko on 11/22/2010
2010/11/22 11:23:09
Silence of the Coders mcmillan-ra wrote:
An evil genius I would wager!

My true personality has been exposed again!
"Muhaahaaarrr!!" (evil laugh)

2010/11/21 15:22:27
Silence of the Coders This is a little silence of the lambs parody created as a thank you to the powers that be at Muvizu. For all the patience shown when reading our requests for new features no matter how crazy they are
2010/11/18 14:25:49
Quick Star Wars joke just found this other darth joke

2010/11/18 14:07:42
Facial animation in video games is evolving. Here's a follow up article on LA noire from game informer


good news for gamers, bad for animators

2010/11/18 10:45:46
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn artpen wrote:
Hello, hello, elllllllloww...
To make our muvizu beast savage in all directions, aswell as the much needed (point-click-go) system, would it be
extra super cool to also be able to disable the walking running animation, this way you could have our puppets
moving without using his legs, and if you could make him sit you could get over the link to objects problem?What I mean is, would this be easier for us animating our characters to drive our cars, or planes?

edited by artpen on 11/18/2010

In addition I would like to have a walking/running on the spot mode (I've mentioned this before, I know!) to use the scrolling background without the character walking away from it, I dont know if some kind of treadmill that matches the speed of the characters underfoot is the answer, but whatever it is, it would be awfy handy!

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