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2010/11/17 15:35:59
Happy Birthday Kerry! Yip happy birthday old yin


2010/11/17 14:03:30
Quick Star Wars joke Here's a quick joke that I remembered this morning for some reason and decided to inflict it on the rest of you all out there in Muvizu land



2010/11/16 20:33:41
Watching muvizu movies on an iphone As you know, we can't watch movies shown on the muvizu home page on an iPhone. As when we click on a movie it takes us to the page for the movie but we can not go any further with it
So would it be possible for a link to be placed on these pages (a button or otherwise)which would link directly to the YouTube page for the relevant movie and would open the YouTube app on an iPhone
These vids are usually quite short and are great timewasters while on the move and such a simple addition to the site would continue interest and feedback in muvizu while maintaining links to the muvizu site its self
2010/11/16 20:01:01
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Neil wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
For smooth camera movement from a to b , the ability to delete the in-between errors made on the way to b was essential and if it was a bug then it was a bloody good one

Cmoan the bugs!

I disagree. I think a properly designed and implemented waypoint system and the ability to create and modify events directly on the timeline is far more useful. But that's just my personal opinion.


Ofcourse it is! I just was under the impression that the waypoint issue was a subject that dare not speak its name!
Give us waypoints everytime!, along with block by block insertion of animations as suggested in a thread I created and ignored by all(grrr!)ahem!

Yip waypoints where do I sign!
2010/11/16 19:42:52
Posting from an iPhone!! When did you all at muvizu change this?
I can now post from my iPhone by clicking on the HTML tab above and creating an entry that way

You kept that one quiet?

There's no escaping me now!

2010/11/16 19:19:34
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn jonbez wrote:
Being able to delete the cameras middle events and it causing a teleport type of effect but with a smooth transition was a good thing IMO. It was super handy for reusing cameras for new shots and doing quick camera movement. Teleporting positions would also be a nice feature for characters too, so u can teleport them to there next shot without having to walk them there or having to make duplicates of characters.
Well said Jon!
For smooth camera movement from a to b , the ability to delete the in-between errors made on the way to b was essential and if it was a bug then it was a bloody good one

Cmoan the bugs!
2010/11/16 10:31:39
Face animations There are no facial animation features yet other than the built in expressions that appear when you change the overall animation mood of a character

It's something that has been asked for before and hopefully will be looked into more closely in a future version although I thing the muvizu gods will have their hands full for a version or two due to work required to update the unreal engine. (so we've been told)


2010/11/16 10:24:04
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Jamie wrote:

As Neil said, thanks for the feedback. The one thing I want to point out about these timeline bugs is that the movement track will always delete anything after the one you want to delete. This is because the character needs to know its position during movement and if you delete one block the rest no longer make sence. Everything else listed are bugs .

We could delete inbetween blocks from the camera movement timeline in the previous version do you count this as one of the" everything else bugs"?
2010/11/16 10:19:33
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Neil wrote:
Thanks for the feedback, guys.

I feel a bit embarrassed about the bug that Dreeko is experiencing with the timeline as I promised him in-person that it would be fixed for the next release. Unfortunately, as you're aware, there are a few known issues with the Bleeding Edge release, particularly with the character animations. Sadly, this is one of them. Honestly Dreeko, it *was* fixed. But now it's broken again.

I fully intend to have the person responsible flogged publicly. Expect to see photos on our news page shortly.

Don't worry about it .Once it's sorted just fling facial animation in aswell and we'll say no more about it


2010/11/13 14:45:31
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn ukBerty wrote:
I can confirm that this is an issue with the new version. I have only seen it apply to movements - both character and objects.

I'm just animating lights - grab a light and move it around like a spotlight. Look at the timeline and see many distinct movements. Delete the first one and they all go.

Better get it right first time then !



and as I said, cameras too!
2010/11/13 11:29:38
Directing animation block by block I'm sure this has been kicked around before but I thought I would try and shove it to the front again, so here goes.

Directing mode as it stands can be a bit of a runaway train experience with the user having to be pretty on the ball with their clicky finger, placing animations down as best they can, moving between animation tab pages and .hopefully clicking on the right animation at the right time.

Now if we had a step by step directing mode (aswell as the mode that already exists!) that placed animation blocks down on the timeline one at a time then we could move to precise points on the timeline and click "waving hand" for instance and bang! waving hand would be placed down and the directing mode would halt until we clicked on another animation, and so on. This would be very helpfull for inserting an animation in a space on the timeline without fear of the directing mode running over the top of what follows, as is the case just now.

Ideally I would like to be able to look at the timeline and say " right I need two waving hands, 4 laughs, and 1 cough" and just go click, click, click until they are all sitting on the line ready for positioning and move them around as I see fit, which would require moving them infront of and behind each other

The directing mode that's in use just now is a good improv type mode and does allow a general animated basis to work from, but it does crreate a lot of post work and I feel a step by step/ block by block directing mode allowing accurate insertion and a timeline that has the flexibility to move the blocks back and forth, infront of and behind each other would take Muvizu another step further.


2010/11/12 22:56:28
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn I have tried a few diffent things to see if it was a glitch but every time I try and delete something from the time line, everything that follows it is deleted also. Now this is going to make the whole process a much longer affair than before as in the previous version if I had animated a character and wanted to remove an animation block from somewhere in the middle then "click" "delete" it was gone, leaving all animations blocks before and after exactly where they were after directing. The ability to remove blocks from between the start and the end of a directed sequence was a great feature and was a real necessity when it came to the camera animations as you could click for the start position and muck about until you reached the destination shot and delete everything in between for a smooth camera movement from a to b (Give us way points I cry !)

but for the moment it aint possible

also the ability to move anim blocks in front of and behind other blocks on the timeline doen't work they just snap back into place. If they did have the ability to be moved around on the time line I imagine that I could just move the unwanted blocks to the end of the line and delete them thereby dodging the "in the middle delete" problem outlined above.


AS Barry has said before ... answers on a postcard?

2010/11/10 22:19:28
latest version The ability to scale and move facial features around will pave the way for more original characters which is great!

I thought we had facial animation for a minute, when i discovered the abiliy to move eyebrows around but alas the animated object properties doesn't extend to the character properties yet, ho hum

The animations for all the musical content are brilliant! and will lead to some outstanding music vids I'm sure (staundoone the musical?...Nah!)

The new effects are great and the ability to change the textures for them is wonderful

On the timeline I tried to swap animation blocks (character guitar anims) around as I heard was possible but they just snapped back into their previous position (bug?)

Just tried to change the brightness of a spotlight but it was greyed out.Then I remembered that I had animated it at one point and realise now that once animated, properties must be change through the animated route!.(need to remember that one!)

All in all, it's a great update with some fantastic new content Some of the users here with will go on to create some real beauties I'm sure ( ukberty, jonbez, etc. ) with this new suped up sandbox

Isn't it amazing how if you mix high doses of long island ice teas, Haribo and long walks to Kilimanjaro, you somehow end up with a great animation product unlike any other!

mega thumbs up! Thumbs Up


2010/11/9 16:15:15
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?.. Neil wrote:
Ask us again tomorrow, we're busy. :p

Something's been going on with the home page,.....said it was under going an update!...got me all excited ..and then it appeared !

same as yesterday....boo..hiss!

are we there yet, are we there yet?
2010/11/8 13:20:08
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?.. Are you all still on track for a new release of Muvizu tomorrow?

(fingers crossed)

2010/11/8 13:17:10
Staundoone Episode ! Glad so many of you liked it!

As for the laughter see below.....


2010/11/5 20:10:03
Staundoone Episode ! sirih wrote:
Good work, Dreeko (Could just be me, but I thought the laugh track was distracting. Well, irritating, actually... But the piece is so well done overall that I forgive you!)

Lol! I knew it would get under someone's skin!

I did deliberate on whether the laughter would sit well in a cartoon but then I remembered "wait Till your Father Gets Home" and I thought "bugger it, It's going in!" and after all It's a sitcom set somewhere between the 70s and the 80s and you can;t have that without canned laughter!
Remember Rising Damp, Happy Days, Dads Army etc.

Funnily enough I was watching the Disney channel with my daughter and all the shows that were on were riddled with it, and yes it was getting on my Brad Pitts (rhyming slang!) too!

Didnt you think that some of the scenes benefited from it though?

You can look forward to more of it in the following episodes you'll be pleased to hear!
I will try and be more economic with its use and next time I'll try and match the laughter to the viewing audience

I know there are a few rough edges but I'm pleased with i,t as it's my first original vid with a beginning, middle and end!....anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback!



edited by Dreeko on 11/5/2010
2010/11/5 17:03:00
Staundoone Episode ! Staundoone Episode 1

"The Power" A new telly arrives at the station and Tony discovers he has a power. Staundoone is a comedy series set in a fire station in the not to distant past

This episode took a good long time to complete as I had to battle with codecs, dodgy editing software and general techno twaddle all of which were conspiring against me. The one consistently well behaved piece of technology involved in the process was a laptop loaned to me by the good people of Muvizu (namely Vince) which ran like a dream

Thanks again!


PS: As this episode was based on a real event the names have been changed to protect the stupid
edited by Dreeko on 11/5/2010
2010/11/5 12:51:36
Motion JPEG (Don't overlook it!) claireq wrote:
In the menu video>compression (or CTRL+P) you can change the compression in there.
Once you have done this go to file>save as avi.

Hopefully that should work for you

Thanks you, thanks you

let it rain Haribo upon you for your good deeds madam!


2010/11/5 12:27:01
Motion JPEG (Don't overlook it!) Thanks for the reply

I now have virtualdub infront of me but my brain hurts,

hate to be a noob but what exactly do i need to do here?, am i filtering or exporting there seem to be a lot of things in the menues for this

help im drowning..glug glug!

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