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2010/9/15 14:03:54
Facial animation Emily wrote:
Thanks Dreeko - that's really insightful, it looks like a very good book!

Yes it is, well worth the coppers

So in summary six expressions with sliders for percentages of each....whats the chances of developing something like that for us lot to play with?

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2010/9/15 9:17:03
Simon Evans Thanks folks!

2010/9/14 13:29:16
transparent video glasgowjim wrote:
Hi Dreeko\Berty,

Transparent video files have been looked at in the past but they caused a lot of problems with Muvizu. It's something that might be looked at again in the future but at the moment there are no plans to implement it.

Take care,

albino pigeons....................or fair doos , whatever you prefer

2010/9/14 13:24:38
Facial animation After posting my first post i have rummaged around for my scott mccloud book on making comics to check out the face theory and have since decided that a facial animation system based on the six primary expressions with a slider for the intensity of each might be the best path to follow

here is a couple of pages from the book to better explain

I think if you can put a facial animation system in place that gives us the ability to mix and match between the six expressions above then the sky's the limit
2010/9/14 8:10:09
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Kaynine wrote:
While I work up a spec for a new computer and continue experimenting with some very basic Muvizu tests, I've been watching a lot of examples in the gallery and elsewhere. I've gradually come to the conclusion that refining and considerably extending the range, type and subtlety of movements will be the key to Muvizu's long-term success --- probably more so than the addition of new characters or character-types.

What has struck me over the last couple of weeks is the frequency with which I keep seeing the same moves in diverse animations. After awhile the novelty starts to pall and I start wishing for something a bit different. From my perspective (and this is just a personal feeling), I think that additional subtlety and variety need to be developed within the existing bands of happy/sad/strong etc..

Even though the Muvizu characters are cartoonish in nature, this doesn't always mean that very dramatic or extreme moves are the order of the day. It may well be that existing libraries of movements could be modified to provide an even wider range of choices from the very subtle to the quite extreme within particular categories of movement.

One consequent problem, of course, would necessarily be an enlargement of the menus from which moves can be selected and maybe the associated need to increase the number of movements which can be linked together so as to create less repetitive sequences.

Because Muvizu, by its very nature precludes users from actually drawing their characters or defining and creating their own individual movements, it stands to reason that as wide and graduated a range of options will need to be available if the program is to have a really long shelf-life in the rapidly evolving world of DIY animation.

That's my two penn-orth anyway.

Very well put.

It really seems that most users are hankering after the same things : subtle movements, facial animations, the ability to hold poses, and a wider variety of animations in general.

On a side note, I still cant believe how much response we get from the devs especially considering that this program is free!

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2010/9/14 7:55:19
Facial animation Facial animation is a must for the muvizu to do list i would hope but i was wondering how you might implement it..

Then i remembered a youtube video which shows a way of moving from expression to expression in a way similar to the way that muvizu has for animating the head (ie. dragging a ball around a head shape)

Yes I know its a video for anime studio but I thought the Scott McCloud's face theory and the methods employed could be of interest .

so here it is

Scott McCloud's books are great incidentally


ps check out my Simon Evans movie its my first muvizu by da way!
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2010/9/13 22:27:03
Simon Evans cartoon version of simon evans

my first muvizu attempt!

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2010/9/11 16:28:54
transparent video i know that images that contain transparent areas (eg. windows) can be put on backdrops, but can video with areas that we wish to be invisible be shown on the backdrops with the transparent areas hidden from the scene in a chroma key stylee?

im not sure whether chroma key is the answer in post production or if an alpha channel would work in the rendered video when put o the backdrop?
...any ideas?

2010/9/10 10:45:15
anime studio timeline Can I make a plea for the timeline

When you do get round to creating a decent keyframed based timeline for true animation control can i nudge you all in the direction of Anime Studio .As a very powerfull 2d animation solution with many features which for a long time have surpassed the likes of flash and has grown from a one man band to where it is now it is very worthy of your attention as a model for the future

Yes i know that you want Muvizu to be as accessible to all as you can make it, but i think the majority of people who will create the best work to show case this software are going to be the animation enthusiasts

and they really need more control over whats happening.

Maybe some kind of "advanced users" tab that we could click on which would unleash features for more in depth use could be possible

and another tab for dunderheeds which would return it to the on the fly animation which we see just now

2010/9/1 13:33:19
Timeline update There are a few things which prevent me from creating a movie at the moment and those are

1. The speed of my computer (cant be helped!)
2. The lack of flexibility with the timeline

If the timeline had the ability for us to select blocks of animation ( be it camera cuts or character) and copy and paste these blocks into different areas of the time line then I could create a movie with the belief that all will be well when its rendered out to the avi but at the moment all i can do is randomly click when directing hoping that the stuttering playback will be close to what i want when finished

without being able to directly input anims and cuts into the timeline in a keyframe kind of way stops me dead in my tracks and im afraid i cant see myself doing what i want to do with the program until something like this is established

its a bloody shame cos im dying to get stuff out there..grrr!
2010/8/26 15:51:55
Dirty face paint, mask? freakmoomin wrote:
thats exactly what we thought of when we spoke about the face mask


just get the eyes to blink and the mouth to move and we're off and running!
look out for some scary impressions if you do though
2010/8/26 14:39:02
Dirty face paint, mask? glasgowjim wrote:
Hi Ghenrig,

The Photo Face Mask is amongst the other masks in the "Face Masks" section - it's 256x256 pixels in size so any square(ish) image should do.

Take care,

this is a feature i'd like to see developed more

think of the 3d jibjab potential!
2010/8/25 17:57:28
In the Pipeline Kaynine wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
....can we be told what to expect when and in what shape we will see muvizu in in the vision that the developers have for it.

There was a time when I would have agreed, but for awhile I followed the Stykz forum in which the developer published his 'timeline' for feature development and implementation. This rapidly went out of the window which caused a lot of frustration amongst some users. So, no - now I think it's best to wait to be told what WILL definitely be in the next update.

you have a very valid point. Tthe rate of reply to our queries and the effort that they are putting into giving us answers are second to none!
i saw a thread where some one was asking about a suitable graphics card and not only did he get an answer but they actually shopped around for him and found it cheap on amazon to boot!!

anyone who was unfortunate enough to experience lionheads forum for" the movies game" (like myself) will have nothing but praise for this mob!
hope they manage to continue this as muvizu grows!

2010/8/24 12:37:07
In the Pipeline Thanks for the prompt reply!
looks like i'll have to keep quizzing you all then!

will muvizu always be a very cartoony style of animation or will more realistic animations and characters be developed over time

will more customisation of the appearance of the characters facial features become available eg spacing, or reducing thesize of the eyes

will we be give the option to hold poses within animation or move limbs individually similar to the head movement

i'll stop now or i'll be here all day! lol

2010/8/24 11:38:57
In the Pipeline Ive noticed that when we ask about the possibility of certain features being included in the future versions of Muvizu, often we have the "its in the pipeline" phrase given to us which is always better than "no never in a million years". So for that we are very thankful
However it makes me think about what the plans for future versions really are and how "the pipeline" has been planned out for the next 12, 24, 36 months

Rather than asking about individual after individual features can we be told what to expect when and in what shape we will see muvizu in in the vision that the developers have for it.

if we know whats coming then we can make more informed suggestions for muvizu and be less of a pest to the moderators and developers by asking for things which will be happening anyway

cheers again !!

ps. looking forward to the moving cameras in the next version

keep up the good work!
2010/8/19 12:08:52
Fastest fingers in the west of scotland! I would love to see the directing facility with a playback speed option so that we could slow down the action when directing the animations and cameras i as i find things run away with me when trying to change anims and cameras at normal playback speed

even a timeline scrubbing facility would be great for directing.

Aah i can but dream...

ps. been waiting for a program like this to come along for years!

2010/8/19 12:00:27
controlable eyebrows CowsPetYeti wrote:
Sounds cool! I'd use that feature!

roger moore built a whole career on it!

but seriously the ability to raise (or lower) one, both or all eyebrows would change a characters expression completely. i think this is as important as the ability to make the characters look at each other

oh well here's hoping the muvizu gods are listening !
2010/8/14 17:07:53
controlable eyebrows if we could control the raising and lowering of the eyebrows in a similar fashion to the way that we moving the pupils in the eyeball it would greatly enhance the expressions on the characters

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