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2013/12/3 21:21:52
Dreeko's extra bits chuckles wrote:
How did you get the chin addon to move ?

I didn't.
The chin was not an additional asset. It was the chin of the character beneath (sinister)

And by the way chuckles, that example vid was absolutely mental.
Your vids are definitely my guilty pleasure
2013/12/3 13:38:13
Dreeko's extra bits Thanks for all the comments folks!
2013/12/3 13:32:46
I've been trying something new! What size you need to make objects differs obviously from attachment to attachment and sizes can change when exporting from different software's, also which format you choose changes things again! so I don't have a definitive answer here but....

...What would make all the difference to us when it comes to creating new attachments is having the characters themselves available to us as objects!

If we had this, then we could create them to the correct dimensions directly on the character. After that the only problem left would be scale.

I mentioned this before in the forum to a very minor ripple of interest which is why I created the scrooge example video
to show the potential of customised character assets from users, with the hope that Muvizu HQ may think likewise! (hint HINT!)

The video shows only one character asset. I have further techniques to show at a later date which no one else seems to have discovered to date...

2013/12/2 15:57:37
Dreeko's extra bits Here it is again (with eyes added to the asset!) in a test vid..

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2013/12/2 12:22:18
Dreeko's extra bits Yeah they can still speak. The attachment is added to the nose and positioned so that the mouth is still visible.

Looks like something has spooked Captain Lollypop man though!

2013/12/2 11:51:44
Dreeko's extra bits Here's another FBX import

This time it's an attachment which is used to change the head shape somewhat...

and here it is in use on a few characters..

I'm enjoying this modelling malarky now that I have a system for it!

2013/11/30 11:39:36
Glasgow in mind. Dylly wrote:
Just a thought for the people in Glasgow & Dreeko very much in mind this morning.

Thanks for your concern Dylly, but so you know - I am not involved in this incident at present.

Here's hoping many of the injured fully recover soon.

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2013/11/28 10:33:25
Dreeko's extra bits Ha! Sounds like a good idea!
They can be created fairly quickly so I'm sure that there would be plenty of styles to choose from

2013/11/28 1:33:47
Dreeko's extra bits Custom hairdo FBX style in action...

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2013/11/24 10:34:02
Change to object movement Yeah Berty, it does seem a strange idea to obscure the object of interest. If anything you would think that the opposite would be true ie dull everything else and highlight it, or (if we want to expand the idea) show only the object concerned and also any other additional selected objects which may have a role to play eg final destination for the object.

Or.... They could just give us the waypoints system they have been developing ;-)
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2013/11/11 14:57:07
MUVIZU: PRO toonarama wrote:

Interesting to see that there is talk of an (in development) Muvizu:Pro on the Digimania site


Muvizu:Pro – In developmentA film sound stage for animators - assemble your cast and set, illuminate with light and shoot with on-set cameras. Muvizu:Pro is a standalone 3D real time renderer that slots seamlessly into your production process. Static and skeletal FBX meshes from many different software apps can be imported, previewed in real time, lit by in-engine lights and quickly rendered as footage or frames.
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Oh ho!

Cat out the bag then it seems!
2013/11/4 17:31:47
Make Muvizu objects available for download toonarama wrote:
I would be very surprised if Muvuizu HQ would be willing to make their assets publically available as it would mean anybody could get hold of them and start using them in other software.
I guess if there was/were willing volunteers they make them available to a selected few to convert.

I don't see why they wouldn't share the existing objects. There are 8 pages worth of Muvizu HQ created objects available for download in the 3D assets section of the website already so what makes a shirt collar or a hat any different just because it is in game so to speak?
2013/11/4 10:30:53
Make Muvizu objects available for download Bump!
2013/11/2 9:07:58
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Would importing a small object with 100% transparency not be the answer?
2013/11/1 21:16:15
Make Muvizu objects available for download Hello!

As the new FBX import option is upon us allowing objects with specularity and transparency, can we please have the objects within Muvizu (character accessories included!) available for download to allow us to customize and create new ones with better textures and shiny transparent surfaces? This would enable us to more effectively create objects to the proper scale and dimensions for inclusion and it would help maintain the Muvizu style for those of us who like it.

Also, the option to make objects invisible during recording could be utilized more (shot one - character reaches for hat object on table, shot 2 - character moves arm with hat object in hand, shot three - character has hat on head)

I'm not asking for Muvizu HQ to create more objects or to change the ones that are there.
The objects are already created so why not make them all available?

It can't take much time to stick them in a zip file for us surely?

So how about it? are you going to open the toy box?

2013/10/30 21:23:49
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Doh!
But of course!..I'm not used to doing it that way!
2013/10/30 18:22:53
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Jamie wrote:
Hi guys,

We've released a small update patch today which fixes the following issues:

* Undo / redo improvements
* Timeline events for animated properties (visible and character textures/decals)
* Tweaks to the Xbox controller inputs
* Video output stability tweaks
* Texture/Material saving on attachments improved. You will need to re-import attachments if you've had Data missing errors with importing attachments.

As ever, feedback and comments welcomed

Where's the link then?
2013/10/25 11:37:04
Dog Character's Teeth ukBerty wrote:
You can attach things to anywhere...

I'm amazed no one has attached naughty bits yet! (oo er missus!) boink
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2013/10/11 19:06:49
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) ukBerty wrote:
Lev_Dynamite wrote:
Unfortunately, it seems a lot of users are either missing the Wiki entirely

Am I allowed to admit I don't think I've ever even been into it ? Sorry about that. I will try and contribute now I know about it.

I think it's to do with the redesign of the website. Others have mentioned they never go to the gallery anymore - neither do I, and this can't be good. I'm sure that the average views for any video that we make has gone down as a result. We're all guilty.

Very true Berty but at least today's discussion has highlighted the fact!

Great website btw!
Really looking froward to your forthcoming epic!
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2013/10/11 16:20:34
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Jamie wrote:

I know you really want to know how to create FBX models and there isn't any sort of Muvizu-produced guide for this yet, but they are out there. The major problem with producing the type of tutorial you are asking for is that it would not be a Muvizu tutorial, it would be a Blender or Maya tutorial trying to teach you how to use those applications to do 3D modelling for games engines.

If you've already paid for Muvizu:Play+ you may not want to spend any more on a 3D modelling package like 3D Studio Max or Maya, so I'd recommend Blender to create your FBXs. The skills you learn in Blender can be transfered over to something like Maya later on, should you decide that those are the packages for you. To use Blender, you'll need version 2.69 RC to get the updated FBX exporter, though the version that comes with 2.68 and earlier works in a basic fashion.

Everything that you would want to do with FBX is not Muvizu specific. It means learning 3D modelling for a games engine. I recommend http://www.youtube.com/user/cgboorman if you want to learn blender.

There are a lot of other tutorials on youtube already that cover the various different 3D modelling packages out there, as well as the techniques, tips and tricks.

To understand the basics of the Blender UI and the basics of 3D modelling I'd recommend watching tutorials 1 - 8 in this playlist


Another great resource is http://cg.tutsplus.com/ which goes into full detail on modelling and animating.

So what are the benifits of FBX?

FBX is just a different format to ASE, however importing static meshes from FBX gives a vastly improved materials system.

I've put up a guide to the material options here and while some of those options were available with ASE, things like transparency on a window never worked properly. The FBX material system allows you to have transparent sections of a model that work as you'd expect, amongst other things. (your trees and bees can finally look as you wanted them to Dylly ).

I've uploaded a sample FBX object that includes all possible materials options (listed below) it's available here http://www.muvizu.com/3D/31493/FBX-Material-example

What can FBX do and what does Muvizu:Play+ support?

Static meshes up 65535 vertices
Collision meshes
Diffuse materials
Specular materials
Normal maps
Specular maps
Emissive materials
Transparent materials
edited by Jamie on 11/10/2013

I took on board the fact that you couldn't possibly instruct us on how to build objects using the myriad of options out there. I did need to know what muvizu was now capable of as far as FBX went and the info you have provided above now tells me that,so thanks Jamie!

..and thanks to lev for your history of the Muvizu wiki and all the people that have made it so thus far
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