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2014/2/22 1:13:20
Posing when editing character. Oh, yeah I do find that a little annoying, too. Although I wouldn't remove it, (it is kinda neat,) I'd like if they had a pose for when they were sitting so that they didn't stand up. While we're on this subject, I also found a bug where Beefy does his pose, and then his cape disappears. It's happened twice, but only when there's no other character in the room.
2014/2/22 0:46:06
adding video file to background You just select the video like you would normally select a picture when you change what's on the backdrop. Nothing special, it just works like a picture. It plays as soon as you create it though, and it can loop.
If this doesn't work, it might be the type of video file. Oh, and I recommend using the widescreen backdrop for a video, the other sizes distort it.

Good luck, and you can always use green screen

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2014/2/20 15:15:00
classic kirk fights. number 1 Nice job, there! Great resolution on that video, not to mention hilarious. Hope there will be a number two!
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2014/2/18 3:15:52
Missing file? I exported a sketchup model into an ASE using the plugin, and uploaded it in Muvizu, and all was going fine until this happened:
Some kind of missing texture? I've uploaded assets before, with no problems, but this keeps standing out. Does anyone have any helpful advice?

Good luck, and upload the system

2014/2/17 20:01:36
2d tree generator toonarama wrote:
octo-crab wrote:
. By the way, I like your new profile pic.

Thanks Octo - just my little tribute to the world's greatest ever rock and roll band!

The old one was good, too, but who was that cartoon on it? I might recognise him if you tell me.
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2014/2/17 2:01:39
2d tree generator Neat generator, toonarama! Definitely gonna use this marvellous foliage. By the way, I like your new profile pic.
2014/2/15 17:01:05
Batman Texture Does anyone have any kind of Batman texture? I need one for Beefy. I'd make it myself, but I don't have the programs and/or the skills. Wanted to make a video with a Batman cameo. If nobody can help, I'd accept a Batman texture for any other body type.

Good luck, and kill the Joker

2014/2/14 2:19:51
Function Keys not working Good work, there! I should print it and set it on my desk!
2014/2/13 3:41:39
Share the love! I tried to upload mine, but I can't figure out how.
2014/2/13 1:50:41
Function Keys not working You could do the screenshot thing and print it out ;P
I don't think I've seen one. You might actually have to do that, unless Superhero Fazz68 comes in and saves the day! Wave
2014/2/12 3:34:10
Function Keys not working Clicking on the ? opens a menu where you find the keyboard shortcuts.
Good info about the screenshots though.
2014/2/12 2:11:18
Function Keys not working I just went to test that, and like you said, it didn't do anything. Possibly F11 did take a screenshot, buried somewhere, although it's unlikely, considering the fact that F1 didn't open Help. You can get help manually though, and you can take a screenshot always on your computer by using "Print Screen" key. It'll come on your clipboard. But that is strange, though. Hope somebody more official can shed some light on this.

Good luck, and forget those shortcuts

2014/2/11 1:31:41
hang a sign Do you have Muvizu:Play, or Play+?
2014/2/10 20:38:32
A little birthday vid. Good job!
2014/2/10 19:51:12
hang a sign I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say. What do you mean by "hang a sign over the hea?" I'm assuming you mean head, right? If so, what does hanging a sign over your head mean? Do you mean holding a sign? Because in Play+ you can have handheld attachments (so I'm assuming picket signs, too.)

Good luck, and hope you clear things up

2014/2/10 18:13:09
A little birthday vid.
Here's a video I knocked up for a friend, It's her birthday again this year surprisingly so I thought I'd post it here just to show that you only need to animate one character for a crowd. No green screen, all done in one shot from Muvizu.

That's HILARIOUS! Did you use the mirror effects in Muvizu to do that?
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2014/2/10 15:59:58
can i import a minecraft map or characters ? Sounds good!
2014/2/10 14:42:16
What uses Memory most? A lot of the time, too, it's all of them together.
2014/2/9 16:13:02
can i import a minecraft map or characters ? That's a good program. Sorry, it came up while I was typing. I'd do that program.
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2014/2/9 16:11:59
can i import a minecraft map or characters ? Nah, I'd do the green screen if you wanted them to move.
Although I've seen a Sketchup plug-in that animates different components of your model.

Good luck, and mine for diamonds

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