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2017/1/15 15:45:02
Rollin', rollin', rollin' Hi All,

As you probably know, when you keyframe an object, you can rotate it on only 2 axes (pan / tilt / no roll). The camera can not roll at all, even if it's not keyframed. There is a trick to do it anyway.

If you insert another (helper)object, the abstract cube or sphere for instance and you make it float in the air and don't keep upright so it can rotate on all axes. You then place this cube/sphere somewhere near the keyframed object or camera you want to roll (make sure the timeline is on the keyframe if you want to animate it). Here I placed it right under the camera.

Hold Ctrl and select both objects, now you can rotate them on all axes!

After you done, you can remove the helper object.

Hope you find it a usefull trick.

2017/1/7 19:00:27
Can I display camera output on a backdrop? Lhey wrote:
Hi guys, i am using Muvizu Play+ and this doesnt work on my project. i select the camera as the texture of a backdrop but no camera appears in the selection. (i have 5 cameras on set)

That happened to me with earlier versions. The cameras are still selectable, but you probably don't see the thumbnail. Try clicking or hovering next to the "None" icon.
2017/1/4 21:16:17
need tutorial on basis dialog Hi Danny,

I agree that the dialog system is awkward. But why do you want to record it inside muvizu? If you can record there, you can record in audacity. I think the record option is only really there for only one talking character, because everything has to be in one take. If you want to record a conversation, you have to record both characters right in one take, if you or the other make a mistake, you have to record it all again. A character can only have one audio track assigned to it. If you record it per character in 2 separate tracks, you need to have the timing right. You cannot adjust timing on the timeline in muvizu.

If you record it in audacity (or any audio recorder) you have much more control over it. You can shift parts, re-record a part, ajust timing, etc.

You can have a conversation in muvizu in 2 ways:
  • one audio file with both characters talking in turn.
  • or a separate file for each character.
With separated files, you still have to keep (record) the silence when the other character talks. It's just what method you prefer.

2016/12/27 10:14:13
BlackMagicDesign Hi,

I didn't see this got mentioned in the forum, but I came across two very interesting free programs for video editing, color correction and (3d) compositing, that I like to share with the rest of you. It is node based, so there is a bit of a learning curve. I have been watching some tutorials on youtube about it and I'm actually stunned at what it can do and that it is totally for free!


2016/12/22 21:11:47
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price Hi,

Can you not reinstall the library via the Download Manager?
2016/12/21 18:42:10
Newbie problem: the Scene Keeps Spinning Hauksbee wrote:
Just got Muvizu (upgraded to Play+) opened it, launched it...and the scene keeps spinning complete 360 degrees. How do I stop this?

Do you have any other controller than a mouse plugged in your computer? That could cause the problem...
2016/12/18 19:10:58
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs If you edit the texture and the screen comes up where you pick or import the texture there is a folder called UV Templates. There you can also find the Asian templates. Select one and click the Edit button.

2016/12/16 16:38:46
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price PatMarrNC wrote:
maybe if we double team it, we can figure it out. Is Renderosity #22 the tutorial you watched?

I watched some tutorials and seminars, but I didn't see that tutorial, thanks for pointing to it. I'll watch it to see if that makes it clearer.

Now that I watch it, I did see this somewhere else...
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2016/12/16 15:10:18
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price What I found disappointing about poser is the slow rendering and the quality of the renders. Also the navigation and the light setup is kind of awkward.
2016/12/16 15:05:40
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price PatMarrNC wrote:
Wow, Ikes! Thanks! Have I told you lately that you're a great source of information? As always, I appreciate your help at overcoming the obstacles that keep me trapped.

Have you tried rigging the base models in the poser environment? My thinking is that if I can take one of Posers existing rigs and apply it to each of the base characters, then they'd be able to use all of the built-in poses that make animation easier. In order to use the built-in poses, the number of bones and their names have to match the poser schema.

It might also be possible to dress them with poser clothing... but if not, the clothes could be painted on, as they are in Muvizu.

Thanks Pat, glad to help you out.
I did check out some rigging tutorials, but it's quite a process to do that. I wanted to rig a basic muvizu character too, that was actually the reason I bought poser three weeks ago, but I got a little stuck halfway and didn't finish it. Maybe if I have the time I will look into it again.
2016/12/16 14:27:19
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price PatMarrNC wrote:
Thanks Ikes... I looked for this last evening and couldn't find the settings you mention. Does it matter what room I'm in? Materials room? Pose room?

It is in the Pose room: