The Book (By Matthew Perks)

by Matt


When a bored group of friends find a mysterious book, they get so absorbed into it that the lines between reality and fiction become blurred...

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Starring Katy Humphreys, Alexandra Perks, Jon Gransden, Laurence Fielding, and Matthew Perks.

Sets, editing, and sounds: Matthew Perks
Extra Textures:

Music from, no copyright infringement made.
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This was my submission to a competition held by "Mu vizu" & the Raindance Film Festival, which has won 1st prize! :D

A massive thanks goes to those who lent their voices to this project; it wouldn't be anywhere near as good without the effort you lot put in. :) I'd also like to thank my sister for her valuable input. Again, this film wouldn't have been as good without you, so thanks =)