• 2 days ago by mushraf
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    • 1 week ago by coggs
    • Well just brought the license now Muvizu wont start it just crashes
    • 1 week ago by olivesmith
    • Facebook screenshot notifications
    • 3 weeks ago by Tonyboy978
    • I just signed up to be a Muvizu member. Could someone please tell me where to locate the 'Activate licence' window in the Muvizu application? thank you
    • 3 weeks ago by Tonyboy978
    • Hi, I just purchased a Muvizu:Play+ application.
      Will they send me the software, or do I download it? I don't see it. Please help
    • 1 month ago by MarcA
    • Hi, can anybody tell me why when I click on Direct and Character actions the timline doesnt appear.

      Marc A.
      • 6 days ago by raytheman
      • Hi I have the same problem but cannot get any help anywhere did you solve the problem?Thanks
      • 6 days ago by MarcA
      • Yes, I solved it. Minimize the window on the square things at the top right.
      • 6 days ago by raytheman
      • Cool Thanks for that spent ages trying to sort it sort it out can now have some fun with it going to pass this on to another user who posted before you did.