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29/09/2011 19:14:40

simonhefferMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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I wanted to have a puddle on the road. So I added a texture to the ground plane, scaled accordingly and placed on the road.
On the road surface the puddle has a shadow. On the environment ground it doesn't.
If I place it on the pavement it sinks through - workaround seems to be to give the ground plane some vertical scale (the puddle doesn't get deeper, it rises) or float it - still have to careful about shadows.

Anyway I still want the puddle on the road - short of making the road the same colour as the shadows I'm not sure what else to try.

I had a suggestion, which might also apply in this case, for a magnetic texture object.
OK, bear with me. This originally came up on Moon Trip - I needed a porthole on the side of the spaceship.
It would have been good to have a flat texture object which you could apply to an objects surface which would assume the shape of the surface. In the case of the spaceship it would follow the curve. Available in circle,rectangle and strawberry.
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Home ? Importing Assets ? Road/ground plane collision