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29/05/2012 13:05:11

bigwallyMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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I haven't unleashed any bug reports for the new releases because they usually don't repeat themselves when I reboot the system. I have to assume that it's my poor 4 year old computer slaving along in the +100 degree weather we get in Arizona in the summertime. (A/C is not always a solution in today's American economy). Just wanted to get that off my chest, lest anyone thinks I'm lazy about it.

I do have one minor problem. One of my characters (Announcer Guy) seems to be unable to move its eyes. Head Movement works but not the eyes. I compromised by moving his head a lot, but it is very curious.
29/05/2012 13:16:57

JamieMuvizu staff
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Have you had the character saved in a set file or favourite from a previous version of Muvizu?

If so, what happens when you make a new character and create the announcer again?

Direct, don't animate!
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Home ? How Do I ...? ? Bug or my machine?