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20/06/2012 00:41:56

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How do you guys create a title sequence? Can you do that with muvizu?
20/06/2012 11:53:54

JamieMuvizu staff
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Hi jubiki,

There are a few ways to make a title sequence.

Part 1 - Making the titles

Option one - make the words in Muvizu

First you can create letter objects (go to create > object and go to the Abstract category, Letters subcategory or use Create > Word to type in what you want to say).

Option two - make your title as an image and import it

You can use Microsoft paint or, if you want transparency in your image, use something like GIMP or Photoshop. Whatever software you decide to use, make the title you want and save it out as an image.

Part 2 - Recording the title sequence

There's a lot you can do here, and this list isn't definitive but hopefully it'll give you some ideas.

1. Point the camera at the words you create, place backdrops or other items in the shot to get the look you want and then use the "Direct camera cuts" option to record the title sequence before changing to another camera to record your movie.

2. Import your title image into Muvizu and place it on a backdrop, follow the steps in idea #1 above.

3. Edit the camera (right click) and import your image as a camera overlay (called image over lay). You can then use the direct object properties option to turn off the image overlay once you've recorded it for the length of time you want.

4. You could use object movement to fly title text into the scene or out of it to start the movie

5. Use camera movement to have the camera look at the title sequence part before moving onto the action in your movie

Hope this helps. Good luck

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