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25/12/2013 16:50:16

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I last used Muvizu in 2011. I eventually stopped using it because even though it's a great piece of work, it's also frustrating to work with, specifically in the area of set building (indoor sets), camera animation, character movements, and ASE imports (with textures intact).

I've recently come back, looking to see what improvements, if any, have been made to this application. To help support future development, I puchased the Play+ license, thinking my minor contribution might help in some small way to get additional features and functionality into the application. I still really like the look, and the process as a whole, but there's still some areas that could use some developmental attention.

So I've a couple of questions and suggestions, and hope the developers are already working on, or other great Muvizu users could suggest work arounds for.

1. Snap to Grid/Snap to Object
I feel that a snapping option could really enhance the set building process. Especially with indoor sets. Connecting walls to make a room interior is currenly a figgly and tedious process. Building a room should really be as simple as dropping in some walls and snapping them together.

If anybody has some suggestions for interior set building, I'd sure love to read/see them. I was thinking of building my room in a 3D app and importing, but didn't know if it'd be a bigger hassle or not. If I were to build my room in an external app, say Sketchup or something, what scale would be best?

2. Nudging with Arrow Keys
Currently the arrow keys appear to control camera movements. is there anyway to override this to allow for nudging of objects for more precise positioning?

3. Camera animation with paths/waypoints
As it stands, animating cameras is still via WASD keys, and I know I'm not the only one (or am I?) that would like to see a waypoint or pathing system for camera animations (and character movements as well). Is there any mechanism to keep a certain object or character in view while the camera moves? Such as setting a camera target, and no matter where the targets moves to, the camera is always pointed at it?

Is there any way to attach a camera to something, so when that object or character moves, the camera will move along with it?

Thank you for any feedback or suggestions you may have...
the topic is closed

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